Table Tennis – Pulse® – Landscape Structures

Table Tennis – Pulse® – Landscape Structures

[ding ding ding] [ding ding ding] [ding ding ding] [laughing] [ding ding ding] So you know how you win you get… your thing, bar goes up to five of these things. Okay two two. Okay. Get it. [ding ding ding] [ding ding ding]

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  1. This is the problem, children go to the park to be ACTIVE not play some basically video game. This is help ing the problem that children are too attached to technology! The playground/park is for active play! Pushing buttons didn't really count!

  2. This was uploaded in 2014, yet all the comments on it are from today.

  3. It is a bit dumb but kids can just use this as an excuse when their parents tell them to be active

  4. How this video became boosted? I mean 3 years ago this video was uploaded an it's still stuck with 1,610 views 12 likes but 16 dislikes (soon it will be 17 when I press that) and all the comments are from 21-Feb-2018. WHY & HOW?

  5. Kinderarbeit unterstütze ich nicht

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