Table Tennis Short Pips Penholder (New Successor of Liu Guoliang)

Table Tennis Short Pips Penholder (New Successor of Liu Guoliang)

The new ball is bigger and slower. Now, it’s much more difficult to win just
with spin. Athletes need to increase the power to win
the point or orientate more to Speed. Will the new ball open an opportunity to a
short pimple on the Forehand? Let’s feel the game between Fan Zhendong and
Yan Sheng. Maybe, Yan Sheng can be considered as the
successor of Liu Guoliang (Penholder with Short pimple Forehand Attack playing style).

Comments (24)

  1. How old is Yan Sheng?

  2. take a look at Sun Chen also

  3. see fan forced yan to moved away from the table…..a death sentence to short pip player

  4. which side are the pips on? don't understand how he can lift backspin so easily…

  5. greetings from portugal, love your videos. very good player!! nice backhand , love is style! is blade looks like clipper cr, can some one tell me what rubbers he uses. is there some chinese shakehand player apart from zhan jian that uses short pips on the forehand? teng yi from the 80s and begining of 90s was a very good player!

  6. sp mp lp dont matter. fzd will still eat their ass

  7. his playing style differs from Liu as he uses much more rpb than liu

  8. He needs work on his forehand

  9. Love the short-pips game. I'm glad some of the Chinese are letting young people still develop their talents whichever way they go.

  10. ITTF should raise the ban of spinpips already, it was politically motivated and disgusting. If they really care about unpredictability of LP's spin reversal just make a regulation to limit the length of the pips, but they just want the old age of Waldner and Persson while the whole TT world has move on. Plastic ball has shown to have less spin (expected) and actually bounce HIGHER so defensive players are nerved even more. They clearly pushed it only so slower attacking swing has a chance, but in the end pro player just get more athletic and make the game to be more one dimensional AND more expensive: everyone now faster sponge to compensate since the bounce is higher you kind of not need to compensate for spin compared to speed.

  11. What are the advantages to short pips?

  12. does anyone know what pips is he using ?

  13. That picture u used for the thumbnail is my racket lol

  14. Can you make a new video regarding short pimps with shakehands please?
    That would be so awesome and thanks for the videos, keep up the good work Mr Coach!

  15. curious what short pips Yang Sheng is using

  16. plz tell me what yan sheng equipments ? Thank u so much

  17. Прошу перевод возможности русский

  18. Whats rubber used mr Liu Guoliang ? tell me please

  19. Liu Guoliang can't have a succesor… He used to be or maybe is still a beast penholder.

  20. why not kill the light under the table , it obstructs watching.

  21. Can anyone recommend a good short pip rubber with good deception?

  22. Too bad Yan Sheng was not in Budapest to train with Ma Long before the final game with Falck. So Lin Guoliang by himself had to step in to train with Ma Long. But it was succesful 🙂

  23. 严升正胶打的太漂亮了

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