Table tennis tactics | Serve and Attack

Table tennis tactics | Serve and Attack

Hello everybody, welcome to EmRatThich gaming
channel. Today, I want to show you “table tennis tactics,
serve and attack”. In fact, most of us, amateur table tennis
player, we don’t know much about table tennis tactics. But the table tennis tactics is very very
important. Do you know that why the Chinese team is very
strong? Because they have a very good head coach,
Liu Guoliang. He is the genius in table tennis tactics. And he has saved many matches for his players
in the big tournament. And for you, the amateur table tennis player,
you should understand your playing style. You must know what is the strength, and what
is the weakness of your playing style. Today, I will show you, the most effective
tactics “serve and attack” and how to serve and how to attack. It’s very important. Table tennis tactics will help you understand
the mechanism of the game. So I think you should watch this video carefully. In general, there are 2 types of service. You should use your serve to setup your attack. The attack is the “winning condition”. So the service is based on your attack. You must understand that serve is the set-up
tool. In general, there are 2 types of winning conditions:
Forehand attack (pivot) and quick backhand attack. First, if you are the forehand favorite attacker. If you are the forehand attacker, your winning
conditions are: – Powerful forehand attack to the opponent
Backhand corner (80%). – And powerful forehand attack to wide Forehand
or to the middle of the table (20% for variation, to surprise). And powerful attack (mostly pivot). Pivot is when you attack at your backhand
corner. This style is Ma Long’s style. Ma Long is the Forehand favorite attacker. You should think like that: 1) Use your service
to setup the forehand attack. 2) and think about the tactics before doing
your serve. It’s very important when you think about it. You will understand more of your playing style. You will see it affects the opponent style,
and you will control the match. I will analyze the situation. You have a strong forehand attack, you pivot
at the backhand corner. If your opponent prefers to return your service
with his backhand (to push, or to flip the ball). You should serve mi-long or long to his backhand
corner. Because if you serve long, 80% the ball will
be returned to your backhand side. And now, you know that the ball is long, and
the ball will go to your backhand corner, and you are ready to use your favorite forehand
to attack. That’s the way you will set up your game:
serve mi-long or long to the backhand corner of the opponent side. The Chinese team has mastered these tactics. The Chinese players always find the solution
in the difficult situation. THe coach is very important in table tennis. 2. And if your opponent prefers return your service
with his forehand. Don’t serve long because if you serve long,
they will attack. Change your serve, 80%short ball to his backhand,
and 20% long ball to his far forehand to surprise him, to catch him out of his position. Now, the ball will be returned mostly at the
middle and at your forehand side. Now, prepare yourself to counter this long
ball. Serve mostly to his elbow, and the ball will
be returned to the middle of the table. These tactics is used when the opponent has
very weak backhand. And now, if you are the backhand quick attacker
playing style. You prefer using your backhand as the winning
condition. Your forehand maybe is strong too, but your
backhand is more stable, consistent. If that is your case, you must understand
your winning condition. Your winning conditions are:
– quick backhand attack to the opponent backhand corner. – you win with the variation of placement
and rotation of the ball. – you will hit the ball 80% to the backhand,
and 20% to the middle of the table and wide forehand on the opponent side. – Steady and quick backhand attack close to
the middle, that’s your style. For example, quick attack over the table like
Zhang Jike’s playing style. If you
use the backhand, you can’t generate much power as the forehand. So your winning condition is steadiness, consistency. You should remember this, don’t make error
with this playing style. 1. If the opponent prefers return your serve
with his backhand (push, or flick). Your opponent has a strong backhand. You must serve long, sometimes topspin, sometime
nospin for variation to their backhand corner. Because you want to play backhand-backhand
system. That’s why you want to serve long ball to
the opponent’s backhand. So 80% the ball is returned to your backhand
side. Now you can attack with your favorite quick
backhand. Attack to his backhand, to his elbow (middle
table) to surprise him. Consistency is the key. Because your opponent will not pivot, and
attack with his forehand. So you can serve long, and you can use backhand-backhand. This is your game, this is your plan. If you understand the system, you will control
the match. 20% variation, you can serve short to his
forehand to surprise him. And now, if the opponent prefers return your
serve with his forehand. They love pivot at his backhand corner. Your opponent is the forehand player. Now you shouldn’t serve long because he will
kill the ball. Now, you serve mostly short to his elbow and
his wide forehand. If you serve like this, the opponent will
move, they will go out of their favorite positions. You serve underspin and sidespin and variation
with no spin. Now, the ball will mostly returned to your
backhand side because you use the side spin. You serve to the wide forehand, and it’s difficult
to flick the ball. The ball will be returned by his forehand. Now you can use your favorite backhand to
loop, topspin or flick the ball. Advanced technique: you can serve reversed
pendulum serve as Zhang Jike for more effect. Sidespin will make the ball mostly go to your
backhand. And it’s hard to keep the ball short. Because the ball with sidespin has energy. This is the good tactics in table tennis. You should master and understand your playing
style. Have fun and enjoy. EmRatThich Gaming Channel. I will show you other tactics which are very
important in table tennis.

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    Recently, i watched Fan Zhendong vs Liam Pitchforld match, World Team Cup In the first set, FZD lost. From the second game, he switched to Reverse Pendulum Serves, instead of the Pendulum Serves. And, he could crack Liam down. I think, because of Liam's extraordinary Backhand, Fan changed to the Plan B. He played with the Serve and Attack Plan B(Reverse Pendulum Serves). Now, the question is, how many Serve and Attack Plans should a player have? I have only Plan A (Pendulum Serves and Attacks), but I am looking forward for the Plan B, like FZD, after watching the match. I do know that there may never be too many Serves and Attack Plans, which may create a mess, in a given situation and dilemma may cover the mind. I never have seen a player who does variety of serves and win, because of it, too.
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