table tennis timing | Perfect your stroke

table tennis timing | Perfect your stroke

Welcome to the channel of coach EmRatThich. The biggest difference between
professional players and amateurs players is timing. Timing is the key to
consistency and proper stroke. Almost every amateur players want to make
a fast forehand topspin or smash. But the speed of the shot often has more to
do with proper technique than physical strength. They want their shots faster but don’t know
the correct timing !
The best way to present the element of “speed” is to discuss about timing. A
stroke that is too early is no better than one that is too late. As a coach, I see
many new players is over-hitting and accelerating too soon on their looping
strokes. To hit a ball at full power, you must be in
perfect position and perfect timing to make a strong shot. If your loops are not consistent, SLOW DOWN
& LEARN THE RIGHT TIMING ! You might be surprised to find that when you
slow down, your strong shots (loop kill, smash) start landing much more
often. I’ve explained to you the tip number 3 “Fix
the position of the ball”. Timing is extremely important in table tennis. Slowing down is more helpful
than rushing. Most strokes should be controlled until the
point of contact with the ball, at which time you should accelerate
in to the ball (a half of second before the contact point). I will show you the optimal timing for each
type of strokes !
The research of Bootsma et al. about “timing an attacking forehand drive in
Table Tennis” of male top players shows some interesting results. Making the contact at exactly the preplanned
position. That’s the principle
of my tips “fix the position of the ball before hitting”. The timing of the top players is very precise. The precision is very high, less
than 5ms for these 5 players (1/200th of a second). The
timing will definitely affect the consistency. The optimal timing for each type of strokes
Backhand flip: You don’t have much time for this shot because you must hit
when the ball is still on the table and you can miss the ball. So you should flip
the ball at its highest position. At this position, the ball “stops” traveling. The
chance that you miss the ball therefore decreases. Backhand push: You should push the ball early,
near it’s highest point. If you
push too late, the ball can jump up high and is easy to be attacked. If you
don’t want to miss the ball, you can push very hard at it’s highest position. Chop: You should chop the ball late, at the
position around your hips. If you
chop too soon, the ball is still high and it’s difficult to “chop downward”
correctly, and your ball is not spinny and can be very high. So wait and chop at
low position. FH loop: Loop topspin ball, you should loop
and counter loop the topspin ball after the highest position. Normally, the ball’s coming with a lot of
speed and spin. This position gives you more time, and the
speed and spin are reduced. If
you want to loop the backspin ball, hit at it’s highest position. It’s the safest
position to avoid the ball goes to the net due to its backspin. BH loop: Loop the topspin ball, you should
hit just after the highest position when the ball start to falling down. Because of the nature of the BH stroke, you
must “lift” the ball, make the ball goes “upward” and “forward”. So wait for a
little, hit by spinning the ball “upward”. BH counter loop or BH block: For this stroke,
you need to close your racket to counter the topspin ball. So hit the ball before the highest position. Don’t
hit too late, you can’t close your racket when the ball has dropped down. Hit
earlier, you can also borrow the opponent’s force. You can separate the 5 positions of hitting
on the trajectory of the ball. From 1
to 5. The position 3 is the highest position. I have summarized the optimal timing for several
types of stroke in table tennis in this table. So please remember: You have MORE time than
you think; but, you may still not have enough time (tip
number 18 of lenisms). LEARN
See you next Sunday ! Let me know which is your best timing stroke by
commenting below. EmRatThich.

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