Table Tennis Training I Pongfinity

Table Tennis Training I Pongfinity

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity – and first of all – Happy New Year! We would like to start the year off with a
video of our training session since we have had a lot of requests from you guys. And if you have any exercises, any ideas that
you want us to make in the next video just put them in the comment-section below. Hope you enjoy! Hope you guys enjoyed our training session! And if you want to see more videos like this,
let us know that in the comments! And if you have any exercises, anything that
you want us to do in our training sessions let us know. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to leave
it a thumbs up. And if you are new to the channel subscribe
right here. And watch the previous episodes here! Until next time!

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  1. Kicking off 2018 with a new type of video! Many of you wanted to see us play some "real" table tennis so we decided to record a normal kind of training session! Do you guys want to see more training videos – some specific exercises or maybe tutorials? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

  2. I love this sport

  3. What equipment you guys use? Which blade and rubber?

  4. Can you please post a video in long hard attack … from the long distance

  5. Algum TenisMesista BR por aí?

  6. U win all of you guys

  7. A altura não atrapalha no tênis de mesa?

  8. Plss reply me. Iwant A treinor and i love thes page…plss add me in fb Frances tizon plssss trein me. Which messger ..Ty plss reply

  9. why is it that they are so good but they are not international players

  10. Play table tennis with tennis ball

  11. Best video you are perfect how are you doing this

  12. serve and serve return training would be awesome

  13. I want you to start your episode with your pets.

  14. I also want to play with you pongfinty

  15. what is the best racquet for attackers at a low cost

  16. Which ball do you use

  17. You really have good technique…but what is your equipment(blade and rubbers)? Just curious. 🙂 #EJ

  18. If u like PONGFINITY like here ?

  19. which racket do you use please tell


  21. сыграйте турнир кто из вас выграет и бородатого возьмите

  22. Play with your left hand

  23. I would like to see a match with real points with any of you..nicu from Romania

  24. Make a footwork training

  25. Los reto a hacer puros tomping 50 golpes de larga distancia

  26. Those forehands ar cleeeeeeaaaan

  27. Hi Guys
    Can you please make video on training leg movement other than 3 point forehand drill.

  28. Honestly who doesn't play table tennis but still loves the sport?

  29. Play with a badminton racket

  30. can you play 100 forehand with your hand

  31. But the falkenberg

  32. you play with dustbin

  33. Who us watching in 2019 Jan 1?

  34. please play ping pong with a figet spinner

  35. I wish this channel becomes no. 1 channel

  36. 2:37
    Finally! i saw Emil does the Around the net!

  37. do you speak French

  38. Please share more tips about serves

  39. make an intro in Turkish #Pongfinitychallenge

  40. Service techniques please

  41. do more of these practice videos ..mostly starting from beginners

  42. What kind paddle,rubber are u use?

  43. Emil has a great forehand that can generate Much spin

  44. how can i get a racket like yours

  45. Play with cricket bat or football

  46. Mitkä teidän mailoijen speed, spin ja control on?

  47. I got a really good forehand but my backhnad is not upto mark so how to make an backhand up to mark

  48. Good keep giving this type of vedio and also give tip to improve footwork

  49. The guy in yellow reminds me of liam pitchford

  50. Look at Miikka at 1:14, up , down, up, down ?

  51. This should be a category on pornhub

  52. it’s sooo satisfying to watch

  53. U guys play very well. Give us some advice on shot improvement and skills acquired for beginner and intermediate players.
    Give us some tips on ur next video. ?

  54. That squeezing is making me suffer, but otherwise very good video!

  55. صلو على النبي

  56. idk Mikka had a beard >:)

  57. When you doing spin did you break your carpus

  58. Can you show us your equipment?

  59. How many points do you guys have?

  60. صلو على النبي

  61. Can you do ghost service

  62. The sounds made by the balls can create a whole new tune ???

  63. Make a video on how you train

  64. 1.Forehand warmup
    2.Backhand warmup
    3.Top sip relies
    4.3-point forehand
    6.2-point forehand

  65. Hey what are you classements guys?

  66. How do these balls not break. They're hitting it so hard.

  67. Play with a portable pc

  68. TT looks so easy when you play

  69. Where is Otto sir

  70. you should make video of teaching ping pong

  71. Great video Sir, I am from India

  72. 0:46 how many dabs was here

  73. What is your racket name

  74. What table is that?

  75. Play match and upload if you like. ?

  76. احة هوا كلو انجليزي مفيش عربي

  77. Miika has some thighs on him

  78. Can you guys teaches how to serve a easier kind of spin for beginners in next viedo

  79. you are amazing guys great video

  80. What racket use your

  81. What Kind of rubber do you guys use

  82. This is so satisfying to watch

  83. So miika doesnt need backhand

  84. footwork so much easier for the small guy

  85. Otto doesn't need training
    He's ready to go anytime?

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