Table Tennis Trick Shots I Pongfinity

Table Tennis Trick Shots I Pongfinity

Otto,你能把球傳給我嗎? 謝謝

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  1. Hope y'all enjoy these trick shots!! Check us out on Instagram for more content! 🙂

  2. Do a intro with million ping pong balls fall from up


  4. I LOVE yours video

  5. Otto is a cute name

  6. This is my favorite channel!

  7. I love your video ??????

  8. 0:12 look at all of those missed attempts

  9. 0:24 size soesn't matter.It matters to do what your'e best at…very good video and also very entertaining love your channel with love from cyprus❤????.????????❤❤❤

  10. 0:02 Otto is me when a players ball gets on the match table in the middle of a point.

  11. this is what i call fluke !

  12. Begin and finish your video with a Filipino language.

  13. За 56 лайк

  14. you guys have a good teamwork…
    and are the best…

  15. This obviously required a lot of talent that’s amazing

  16. That synchro with the music 0:36

  17. 5.2k like I just subscribe

  18. Hi pong finite you guys reach 500k try to reach 600k before 2020

  19. wow this is really old now

  20. I see you good at chopping!

  21. Throw a ball and break a wood would

  22. otto shoes is different

  23. I'm watching this when it has 666 views

  24. Yesterday I plaay ping pong again and I felt more pro than everyone because I used your tactics

  25. Have water in tie mouth and Play pingpong

  26. guy you can hit 5 ball by smash 1 ball

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