Talking Tom and Friends – Angie Fierce | Season 2 Episode 22

Talking Tom and Friends – Angie Fierce | Season 2 Episode 22

Ladies and gentleman, the next winner
of the Talent Stars TV show… Angela! -Woo-hoo!
-♪ Da da-da da! ♪ -Yeah, I’m not going.
-♪ Da da-da– You’ve been preparing for this show
all year. I don’t have a choice. I just found out
that one of the judges is Ricky de Luna. Ricky de Luna! A-herm. I mean, yeah,
I think I might’ve heard of him. Give me a break. That guy’s just– The most amazing singer
in the entire world? I know! I don’t know what’s wrong with me,
but when I see him I completely freeze. Like, literally, I completely freeze. There’s no way
I can perform in front of him. Oh, come on. I know that you can find
a way to get over your fear and unfreeze for one audition. Ha-ha. Unfreeze. Get it? That’s easy for you to say –
you’re not me. True. I’m not you. [gasp] But what if you weren’t you either? Too late. I am so me. I’m even on all my official documents.
See my gym card? So Angela. But what if you weren’t you -just for this audition?
-Huh? Hank, do you still have your box
of emergency disguises? You mean… this one? We’ll change your look, your name,
your attitude. And if you don’t feel like Angela,
you won’t freeze like Angela. Huh? Well… Hey, can I borrow Angela’s gym membership
card? This Hank guy let his expire. -Yeah. No.
-Aw. ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ [Angela] Oh, come on! You really think
a disguise will give me confidence? Actually, people take on alter egos
all the time. Like superheroes, or hackers,
or you know, that weird voice Ginger uses
when he wants something. [gruff] Hey, Hank.
Can I use your skateboard? -Absolutely sir.
-Thank you. See? It works. Just try a few things on
and see how they make you feel. Fine. Cue the montage. [whimsical pop music playing] ♪ You’re still sad ♪ Aagh! A sea monster! [gasps for air] Uh? Never mind. [gasp] Whoa! What. Is. This? -Uh, a wig?
-Try it on. Huh. Wow, I don’t look like Angela at all! -I don’t feel like her either. I feel–
-[Tom] Boisterous? Obstreperous?
I, uh, found a thesaurus in the box. [Southern accent] I feel fierce.
I kind of like this. [gruff] Hey, Hank.
Can I use your skate ramp? I don’t see why not. ♪ I feel fierce
I kinda like this ♪ I’m all right! -Welcome to Talent Star!
-These people are so talented. Ah! Did you see the guy who twisted up
his body so he could walk on his butt! -That guy’s such a genius.
-I can’t think about butt-walkers now. I have to practice, so I don’t freeze
when I see Ricky de Luna. Ah! Ricky de Luna! He’s not that talented. Not as talented as the brick– Seriously!
How did that butt-walker do that? Angela? ♪ Ohhhh ♪ ♪ La la-la-la la la la la ♪ ♪ I love me, I love me ♪ [Angela] He has the voice
of a man-angel. I. Can’t. Move. Oh. Pardon me, señorita. -Uh-huh.
-You must move. Otherwise, my angelic glow and I
cannot get past you. [whimpers] ♪ La la-la-la la la la la ♪ Ah. See? I froze.
I couldn’t even breathe in front of him. -[audience cheering]
-That’s why we brought the wig. I sure hope it works. [rock music] Oh, it works. Whoa, what just happened
to you, Angela? Oh! [southern accent] Who’s Angela?
I’m Angie Fierce. Welcome to Talent Stars! If you’ve got talent,
we’ll m-m-make you a star! Not a guarantee of stardom and cannot be
construed as such in a court of law. A court of law, y’all! Ah, I recognize you, no? You are the lovely señorita who forgot
how to speak when you saw me. Ha. I hope you do not freeze on stage…
er, Angela. Oh, there’s no Angela.
I’m Angie, Ricky baby. Angie Fierce. Hit it! ♪ The sky is full of stars ♪ ♪ At least a hundred ♪ ♪ But the brightest one is me ♪
[audience cheering] ♪ The forest is full of trees ♪ ♪ Some have bark and some have leaves ♪ ♪ But the bravest tree
The bravest tree is me ♪ Woah!
Now, that is what I am talking about. For me, it is a gigante sí. I agree! Sí. Uh. Tres estrellas! Three stars, Angela. Angie Fierce! Say my name! Woah! We will see you at the Talent Stars
season premiere… Angie Fierce! [Tom] Yeah! All right! You were great, Angie Fierce.
Uh… The wig totally works. When I put it on, it’s like
I’m so confident I could do anything. [Angie Fierce] Fierce… Estrellas… Gigante… I kinda wish I could wear it
when I’m not on stage. [Tom] This is a great afternoon, guys. Just a bunch of guys being dudes
and being bros. [Hank] Ben, could you move to your left?
You’re really harshing my vibe. [Ben] Stop talking.
You’re ruining my concentration. What are you little boys doing? Handstand contest for the last cupcake. We can start over
if you want to get in on this action. -Oof!
-Mama’s hungry. Mm, yum! Hey! Agh! [Hank] Hey, no fair!
You didn’t even do the game! -Hey, why would you do that?
-Ahh. Let me see if I can explain. I wanted it, so I took it. [laughs] What has she become? ♪ I’m Angie Fierce
and I take what I want ♪ ♪ I’m Angie Fierce
and I take what I want ♪ ♪ That’s not even my stuff
I just took it ♪ ♪ And I don’t care
if this song even rhymes ♪ ♪ I’m Angie Fierce and I do what I want ♪ Yeah! [fish] ♪ Pajama, pajama
Pajamajamapals… ♪ This is getting out of hand. I thought
I’d get used to Angie Fierce, but– -[stops singing]
-[Hank] Real Angela loved that fish. -She would never do anything to hurt it.
-What are we going to do? I can fix this. All I have to do
is grab that stupid wig off of her head. [laughs] Okay. New plan.
What is a wig’s greatest weakness? -Pride.
-No, it’s wind. A wig’s greatest weakness is wind. I’m gonna say it again
for emphasis – wind. Now watch this. [Angie Fierce] What’re you doing
with that fan? We want the old Angela back. Angela’s gone. Angie calls the shots now. Okay.
I didn’t want to have to say this, but until you start acting like yourself,
we can’t support you. So, we won’t be at your show tomorrow. Wow, I guess for the sake
of our friendship, I should stop being Angie Fierce, right? Ah! I really didn’t want to pull the whole
“won’t be at your show” thing, but it’s really great to have you back! Awww. Bring it in for the real thing, huh? Or maybe I should keep being
Angie Fierce, get super famous,
make lots of money, -and get better friends.
-What? I don’t even want you at my show. ♪ I’m Angie Fierce
and I leave when I want ♪ ♪ Which is now ♪ Ah, perfect.
I don’t even know why I checked. -Oh!
-Look what you’ve become, Angie. You’ve driven all your friends away.
You can’t keep doing this. Oh, really? I’m gonna go out there,
Angela, and the crowd is going to love me. -Leave this to the professionals.
-I’m a professional. You’re nothing.
You’re not even wearing a wig. Oh. I’m not nothing.
I wrote the song you’re about to sing. And I got this audition.
And I developed our good grooming habits. But you froze
because you didn’t have the confidence to sing in front of Ricky de Luna
without me. You’re right.
I didn’t have the confidence. Huh. You’re my confidence! -Huh! You’re just my confidence.
-Wait, don’t be so confident. -I’m an amazing singer.
-Give it back! -And a great song writer!
-Lies! -But I was afraid!
-No! Stop it! -And you taught me to not be afraid.
-Get off me! -So now… I…
-Don’t touch that hair! don’t…need…you! [wails] No! No! What’s happening? Thank you, Angie Fierce.
You were a great, but terrible, teacher. Agh! No! Oh! I gotta go.
Angela has a song to sing… confidently. I hope nobody heard me talking to myself. -[crowd cheering]
-[Ricky] Please welcome… the fearless Angie Fierce! Uh, Angie? Hello? -Come on! Let’s go!
-Sing already! -You’re what we came here for!
-Bring back the butt-walker! -Actually, Ricky, my name is Angela.
-[crowd] Oooh! You are confusing. I like this. I want to dedicate this song
to all my friends. [gentle melody] ♪ The sky is full of stars ♪ ♪ At least a hundred ♪ [crowd cheers] ♪ But the brightest one is me ♪ ♪ The forest is full of trees ♪ -♪ Some have bark and some have leaves ♪
-Wow! That’s Angela. -She’s back.
-♪ But the bravest tree ♪ ♪ The bravest tree is me. ♪ [huge cheer] [Angie Fierce yelling] Wa-ha-ha-ha!

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