Talking Tom and Friends – Poker Face (Season 1 Episode 46)

Talking Tom and Friends – Poker Face (Season 1 Episode 46)

(ominous music) – I’ll bet one tortellini
and one teaspoon to start. – Mhm I think Tom’s kettle
is too spicy for me. I am out. – Oh Tom’s on a
roll, I’m out too. – Oh! You’re playing
Noodle Spoons . I wanna play! I wanna play! – Sorry Ginger you’re
too young for this game. (cat gasps) – Ben raises it two spoons. – You have two burnt
noodles showing, Tom. To win, you need at least a
wild fettuccine in your kettle. The odds of that are 300 to one. – Ha ha I’m not playing
the odds, I’m playing you. – [Angela] Looks like
Ben’s going all in too. – Oh, I can’t do it! – Ben folds! Noodle Spoons goin’ to Tom. (Tom sings) (light music) – Show me what you had, Tom. I have to know. – Eh, you were right. I was bluffing. – Ah (screams)! – I knew it! I didn’t know it. (Hank imitates a horn) – All hail the lord of
the land, the land– – Silence! I warned you once
about being loud. Nothing. I warned you twice then nothing. Do you know what happens now? – Uh, third times
the charm, right? – You’re all evicted. – [Everyone] Huh (gasps)! (bright music) – I beg of thee. Do not cast us from your
lands, your landlordship. – We were playing Noodle
Spoons and we got carried away. We’re sorry. – Hm, Noodle Spoons. What a novel game. I’ve never heard of it. – Never played Noodle Spoons! Oh man, sit down. – It looks fun, is it fun? – You gotta let me show
you how fun this is. Okay, boil me in. (harmonica music) – [Angela] Well, the landlord’s
triple linguine beats Tom’s pair of ramen noodles. – Ha ha, you won. Again. Geh I can’t believe it. – This is a fun game. Teaching me this fun game. How ’bout we say you
no longer evicted. – [Everyone] Yeah! – Everyone friends again. – Thank thee your landlordship. – Look at all these
noodles and these spoons. Too bad we weren’t playing for
something more valuable, aye? – We could do that. If you want. – Oh no, what do you suggest? – How about this? If I win this next game, we get free rent for one month. Huh? – Okay. And if I win, I get to
be CEO of your company for a month. – Huh, what? – All I heard was okay. Let’s do this. (harmonica music) – Oh goodness. Molly me. I should have quit
when I had the chance. I never even heard of this. – Gentlemen, your final noodle. Okay Tom, show us your noodles. Woah, pretty impressive. Tom has a full pot. Linguine high and
macaroni on the shelf. Gonna be tough to beat that. – All the same color,
all the same size. No one wants that. Right? [Both] Huh (gasp)? – No. – No! You have a spinach noodle flush. – Spinach noodle flush? – You win. – I win this game? No, ah that means I am your
CEO for a month (laughs). Weep them and read it. – No, no, no, no. This is not happening. We’re playing again. – Don’t do this Tom. – Ben’s right. You should quit. You’re not on a roll anymore. – It’s up to the players to
decide if they want to quit and I don’t. One more game. – Sure this is fun. Yeah, but I pick the bet. If you win, everything
is back to normal but if I win, I get
to be the CEO of Tom and Ben Enterprises forever. (ominous piano music) – What? – Huh! – Yeah whatever. It’s a deal. – It’s a deal! Tom, what are you thinking– – Silence! (mysterious guitar music) – A lasagna straight. See Ben I told you I
know what I’m doing. Ha! – And the landlord, also has a lasagna straight. But wait, it’s gluten free. The landlord wins! – Oh come on. – Oh! – Oh, and you know that means. Landlord is now your new boss. New boss (echoes). Weep them and read it. Company meeting
outside, five minutes. Do not be late. – Man talk about
beginner’s luck. – Beginner, yeah right. I am no beginner. No sir dippy dandy. I wrote the book on how to
be a Noodle Spoon hustler. – Soon to be a major
motion picture. Hey can I borrow that? (Angela sighs) – The landlord wrote the
book on Noodle Spoons. I wonder why he
never said anything. – Because he was hustling you. So obvious. – [Everyone] Huh! – These are for
cleaning Mr. Genius. ‘Cause we’re a cleaning
company now (laughs). Do you understand this? – Uh I don’t actually
work for the company so good luck with ehm everything. Bye! (piano music) (squeaking) (spider screams) – Ah, achoo. Oh. – A long dart. Long dart! – Duck and cover! – [Ginger] I found my
dad’s old long dart! Come on down so we
can play with them! – Cool! I’ll be right down. – Sorry Ginger, we can’t
play long darts until we finish all our
cleaning assignments. – What? (soft piano music) But but but– – Nope. (door slams) – What took so long? – We need a break. – Oh yeah? You know what I need? I need workers who
don’t complain about
a little hard work. – What have you done
with my computer? – I removed all this
say useless clutter. – Useless clutter! I see it. It’s in there. Give me back my computer now! – You will get one hour of
computer time, maybe (laughs). (door slams) – What do you want? – I want my friends back! Which means you have
to quit as CEO of Tom and Ben Enterprises. Now! – Oh, I see. Tell you what. Landlord has better idea. – Woah, erh. – (Laughs) What the hey. – You don’t know me that well, so I’ll just tell you. When I’m bored I
get into mischief. And as long as your CEO,
I’m going to be very bored. – Okay small annoying one. Let’s work something out. I will give you a chance
to take my place as CEO if you can win it from me. – Fine. How ’bout a game of Floppy Tom? – What you think I was
born in this morning? Come on now. You are Floppy Tom expert. Pick another game. Alright, what about
Noodle Spoons? – Noodle Spoons? Let’s boil the kettle. (harmonica music) – What is going on here? – Noodle Spoons, one game only. If the landlord wins,
Ginger can never step foot in this building again. But if Ginger wins, then– – Then I am the new CEO of
Tom and Ben Enterprises. – Yeah that. – Ginger, a CEO? That would be even worse. No matter who wins, we lose. – Ginger what are you thinking? Even Tom couldn’t beat the
landlord at Noodle Spoons. – Don’t worry Hank. I never enter a
Noodle Spoons battle unless I know the outcome. – Oh, a line from
my book (laughs). So you know how to read, huh? (epic music) – Time to say goodbye to
this garage forever (laughs). (epic music) (landlord laughs) (bell sounds) – Okay here is the key
to my protection cage. – If you thought that
landlord was tough, wait until you see me (laughs). – Oh no. – Now what? – Now for my first order. I command you to make everything
back to how it was before the landlord hustled Tom. – Huh, but you weren’t
our boss back then. – Wait, are you giving
us our company back? – Yep, I missed you guys. – [Everyone] Yeah! (screams) – Ginger! – [Ginger] Sorry not sorry! (upbeat music)

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