Tall Girl Cast Charm Battle ft. Ava, Griffin, Sabrina and Luke | Netflix

Tall Girl Cast Charm Battle  ft. Ava, Griffin, Sabrina and Luke | Netflix

– Are you a loan? Because you’ve got my interest. – What? – That’s weird. (acoustic pop music) – Hi, I’m Ava. – I’m Sabrina. – I’m Griffin. – And I’m Luke. – And we are the cast of Tall Girl. – In the movie, these
two are all about Jodi. – And today, we are
going to see who is the most charming in real life. – And Sabrina and I will be the judges. – This is Charm Battle. – Before I start, I just have to say that I felt like I just had
to come talk to you guys Cause um– – Why are you looking at me? (laughing) – Shut up, dude! I’m trying to do something here. – See, its the relationship, you know we– – All right, c’mon. – Go on? Okay cool. No, I was just saying, I
came in here and I was like, I just felt like I had
to talk to you guys. ‘Cause sweetness is my weakness. (crickets chirping) – That is a solid five, though. – The fedora is what ties it all together. – Yeah, it really does.
– Okay, Luke, ready? – Wait, I think I’ve seen
your picture somewhere. Right, it was in the dictionary under the definition of shabam! (laughing) – What?! Is that a real word in the dictionary? – Shabam! I’ll give you a three. If there was another word, the
delivery would’ve been okay. – This next one is hot. This next one is actually real hot. I’m getting hot just thinking about it. – It is hot in here.
– That’s gross. – I was just wondering
if you like spiders. I was wondering ’cause
if you were a spider you’d be a mommy long legs. – (laughing) Oh god– – That’s actually kind of terrifying. I’m gonna say a three. – The mommy– a three? – A three. – The stare before, I can’t! Okay, I’m sorry. – Go on, flip your hair a little bit. – No, I don’t need to. You remind me of my chapstick. – Hm? – ‘Cause you’re the balm! (laughs) – That was convincing,
I will give you that. – I give him like a- – Like it was sad but it was- – A five or a six, maybe? – Somewhere between a five and a six. Like a 5.5 – A six, good, we’re rounding up. – Those legs must be tired ’cause you been runnin’
through my mind all day. – That is actually kind of pretty good- – I would say like a seven.
– I’d say like a seven, yeah. – Geez. Wow. You must
be a high test score. (snorts) – Wanna know why?
– Why? – Cause I would love to take you home and show you to my mother. – Aww! That’s cute! – Wow. – I’m melting. – Kinda crying. – I’ll say an 8.5. Round up, Tall Girls, nine. Here we go. – Wait, do you have an extra heart ’cause mine was just stolen? – Aside from being beautiful what do you do for a living? (laughs) – Are you a loan? Because you’ve got my interest. – What? (all laughing) – You know honestly, I think
we should be lab partners ’cause we have such great chemistry. – Shut up. You are a tall drink of water. – Oh shoot, I’ve heard that one. – And I’m thirsty. – You’re so sweet you put
Hershey’s out of business. (Sabrina stammers) Finally someone else- – Are you from Utah ’cause
I want you tah date me! (laughs) – Let’s make like fabric
softener and Snuggle. – Oh goodness! – How’s the weather up there ’cause it looks nice from down here. – Oh. – They both made me laugh a lot. – I know! – Which one was less bad? – Less bad? Ava, Imma need you to- – I don’t know, I feel like there were a couple of really bad
cards in there, but- – Why do I care about this game so much? Like I wanna win it. – Oh crap, I don’t know! Um! – I think you’re both talented (scoffs)
(laughs) – This is the worst breakup I’ve ever had. (drum roll) – Oh, okay! – Hey man, well, it’s a gentleman’s game. – Thanks, good game. – You didn’t guess who
won so it’s a nice job. – I’ll pick you up at 8, I’ll pick you up at 8:05. – Thanks for watching, and be sure to like, comment, and
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  1. Why is ava like the same in real life like the movie

  2. is he actually 6”1??

  3. Casually watching all these interviews just for Griffin because he is so damn attractive !!

  4. Ava


  5. Why is everyone shipping griffin with sabrina. Your shipping an affair. his acting was so good i really felt that he might like ava in real life but obviously we can see he got it bad for sabrina. i want to see griffin in more movies. petition for that please

  6. Idk why, but for some reason Griffon reminds me of Billie Eilish. Pls help. Idk why lol

  7. Griffin is fittttt ?

  8. 01:50 wtf, and Why is Sabrina giving cocky vibes?

  9. so in the movie luke has to have a swedish accent but hes not swedish right?
    sorry im confused ignore me

  10. Hey Griffin, I'm from Utah??

  11. Ava is from Dance Moms ?

  12. I love griffin so much!!

  13. “Flip your hair a little bit”

    “ I don’t need to”

    For some reason that had me dead ?

  14. ???? I’ll pick u up at 8 and I’ll pick u up at 8:05!!! ????????????

  15. What is Ava’s hair clip doing to her lol

  16. Let me just say that the final scene with Luke flippin' broke my mind

  17. The movie was really good but two day later I got called tall girl too tall.

  18. Everyone thinks shes so tall and she was in highschool. This guy in my class is in grade 6 and is 6 foot 3

  19. That giggle Sabrina did at 2:55 reminded me of Maya when Lucas wouldn’t let her teasing get to him and she’ll get mad??

  20. This movie was so bad.

  21. Griffin looks like zach Herron lol

  22. Fun fact no.8764589965223442124567008644325668909753:

    You were too lazy to read that number

  23. are u from utah ? because i want utah date me lmao i love him

  24. everyone here keeps talking about how beautiful Sabrina is, let me just say that AVA YOU ARE SO CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL AND SPECTACULAR I LOVE YOU MUAH PLS STAY HAPPI

  25. Eu amei essa série ❤❤❤

  26. It’s just a bunch of cheesy pick up lines?

  27. “If you were a spider you’d be a mami long legs ?”
    -griffin 2k19

  28. Ava me representa totalmente al tener que bajar su mirada cuando le hablan sus compañeros mas bajos kajq

  29. I love Tallgirl sooo much I watched it like 20 times. I am literlly obsessed?❤️❤️❤️

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  31. That was a hilarious disaster… I liked it tho

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  34. Cute cast, trash movie

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  38. Griffen is the loml after Zach Herron

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  41. Now, make a version for Short Boy casting a 5'3 guy. That's right no one will watch it, cuz no one actually give a shit about a short guy. Sadly, society now already see 5'7 male as short. (which is the height of Griffin Gluck in this video). 5'7 is actually pretty decent height around the world. Taller than average female (5'4 – 5'5).

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  47. Tall Girl was a cool film. Enjoyed it! Sequel?

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  54. I think ur both talented

  55. Oh my god!!!! Sabrina and Griffin should be a thing!!!!!!!!! They’re so cute!!! ❤️??? Why is this not happening?!?!?

  56. They made her look taller in the movie

  57. I would want to be griffin gluck’s bff, I want Sabrina as my big sister, Ava as a best friend. That’s it, sorry Luke. xD

  58. Guys is no one talking about the fact that Ava is from dance moms

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  89. for a whole 1 month since I’ve first watched this video i went around saying, “are you alone ? because you’ve got my interest” bEcAUSE i THOUGHT THAT WAS WHAT GRIFFIN SAID (and it was shocking funny, not literally chill out) BUT HE SAID ‘LOAN’ HOly craP I messed up.

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