Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers highlights Thursday night football

Thursday Night Football Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers
what a great Thursday night week 2 football game both teams want the win who will be 1-1 and who will be 0-2 its 17-12 as of this moment Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 Carolina Panther 12

Stats as of 4th quarter start
JAMEIS WINSTON 1 touchdown 180 yards 13-20
CAM NEWTON 272 yards 19-36 what’s up everybody its week two gonna
start off like week one did on Thursday Night Football but at least it’s more
entertaining right it’s a 17 12 game right now with Tampa Bay Buccaneers
that’s right ludo get there looking mighty good they got a 74 point nine
seventy four point nine percent chance right now of winning the game right now
well I’m watching it’s just wrapping up the end of the
third quarter it’s 17 to 12 Tampa Bay had just scored a touchdown Carolina’s
got the ball back and then they fumbled it now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are
first and ten on the Carolina 32 woo and they just went up as we’re talking
now it is a seventy seven point nine percent chance that the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers are gonna win if Carolina wants to get this game and win doggy
they better have a hell a fourth-quarter a hell of a fourth-quarter because right
now it’s all Tampa Bay it’s all Tampa Bay damn that is just a proven reason
right there when everybody takes one of the main teams like it seems like if you
look around everywhere Carolina was the most favorite pick across the boards all
week too when you see that plan on an upset plan on an upset the ones that did
take Tampa Bay good job good job good job because you know what the beast sin
take Tampa Bay the Beast took Carolina Panthers that’s right even the minute
the Minnesota the Minnesota beast who was he talking about himself that’s
right I’m talking about myself while I scratch my nuts it’s Thursday night at
10 o’clock oh and I’m just getting ready to watch a movie that’s right because
this game it’s on the computer and I’m watching a movie on the computer yeah
The Lincoln Lawyer The Lincoln Lawyer The Lincoln Lawyer
with Matt The Lincoln Lawyer that’s rad check it out if you don’t
have woo well it sucks to be you but Hulu is what it is it’s what it is
judo has sports now who doesn’t but you know the bad thing about Hulu I can’t
watch myself on Hulu but you know what nobody wants to watch this beast woo
yeah let’s just see what’s gonna happen drive scratch the old notes seventy nine
point seven chance is Tampa Bay Buccaneers gonna score while we’re
talking are they gonna score it second and ten on Carolina’s 21 like I said
it’s 17 to 12 right now 54 seconds go in the third quarter
well Tampa Bay Buccaneers score well Tampa Bay Buccaneers score wow they got
pushed back a little bit they got pushed back a little bit they got pushed back a
little bit is this entertaining is this entertaining man I don’t think so
I don’t think so man oh man I think I’m gonna go back to the start
of my movie that’s right the Lincoln Lawyer The Lincoln Lawyer it looks like
it’s gonna be a pretty damn good movie it’s an old movie it’s an old movie I
was recommended Matthew McConaughey whatever you say ever say his damn name
he plays a lawyer out of a Lincoln CAW that’s right out of Lincoln call he’s
one hell of a mad ass lawyer I guess money man money man how you like my
insulated ceiling woo all right come on now come on come on we’re in the dungeon
we’re in the dungeon of this fixer-upper house as looks like square and be going
into fourth quarter I’m gonna get off here they’re gonna at least square our
field goal it looks like and Wow fourth quarter better be a lot more
entertaining for everybody I took Carolina but if you did take Tampa Bay
or if you’re a Buccaneers fan ooh the Beast goes woo for you
lucky good job Then NFL 2019-2020
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Superbowl 2019-2020
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