Tango Squad FC vs F2FC | The Finale

So we’re back again at Carrington, and we’re
training, getting ready for the big game at Old Trafford when we play the F2 squad. Possibly the biggest thing we could ever ask
for. Playing at Carrington has always been one
of my dreams because I support Man United and growing up you’ve
always wanted to play at the best facilities. I’ve been with Tango Squad for a little while. We’ve put in a lot effort together as a team
and everyone is here to play. Here to win. We do have very good forwards and very good
defenders. But the most important thing will be our state
of mind Because we’re playing against a serious team
tomorrow I think the most important factor in order
to win tomorrow is the team plays as one The one thing that will help us win is hunger
because, you have to be hungry out here. I’ll just check the rest of your foot and
ankle. The
team’s been going through a few injury problems and Mickael is one of the recent ones. There’s a possible chance he might not play,
but I wanna make sure that he’s aware that this one injury is just temporary. The big opportunity is for you to play at
a great stadium, don’t worry about that. You got the chance to play there anyway because
you’re already at that level. Remember that! You’re already at that level. I promise you that. Win for me bro. Bro! You already know we got this one baby, c’mon,
let’s get up. Hearing about the F2 squad, it means nothing
to me. F2 squad is F2 squad. I only care about Tango Squad. It doesn’t matter if Messi or Pogba are playing. The most important thing is what happens on the pitch. You have to respect that, that’s all. It doesn’t matter who scores or how we score
the most important thing is to win. This is a final game together, we’ve got to
make this matter. We’ve got to make it count. I’m really happy with the guys. For what they have done during this season. And tonight is their game to enjoy. And to show what they have learnt. And what they can achieve. Welcome, for us tonight it’s a very big night. For the guys it’s going to be fantastic to
play at Old Trafford We are expecting a passionate game and hopefully
they will enjoy it and show their skills Xabi, can you talk to me about the midfielders
and forwards? Ehsan, he’s done great, he’s an all-round
midfielder. The engine of the team. I chose this guy in Russia, man of the match. For me, he’s a very important player, left-footed. Tonight, he’s playing on the right. And Blatov, in the box he’s able to hold the ball
and able to activate the players around him. We try to mix the quality of the players. Have you got good defenders? Yeah Chinz, great leader, great passion. He’s able to communicate with the players
to show them and to bring everyone really active for the game. How do you feel bro? Surreal Guys, I need you for the second half. Ricky, your position in the hole, get the
balls. You love Old Trafford. You’ve played great games here. And Álvaro, tonight you’re playing centre-back. You have the experience, so I fully trust
you, no problem. Look who’s next to me, Kaka? Wait wait wait what?! I’m gassed!! Ok guys I want you to welcome my friends Ricky (Kaka), Alonso, and Álvaro, World Cup Winner
and Champions League They are coming to play with us. They are going to help us. You have done really well, but tonight is
a big night. Are you ready? Always! Are you excited? Come on! Yes! You can make it! Bringing Kaka it’s great news for sure. He’s got the experience, he’s got the quality. I think that
It will motivate the players even more. We need Álvaro on defense, for sure. He’s got that composure to control the back
four. I think for me that’s really important. I hope that we will play today really well. Let’s do it, that’s the Paris style! I want you to welcome George, Lee and Nish. They play Manchester United Academy U-18’s,
so they are coming to help us. Well boys, we’re here. It’s the final we gotta get this win and trust me, enjoy it! Tango! On three. One. Two. Three. TANGO! We want to play an intense game. You need it to be an active game, not wait
for things, go for them. And to, to have that control. For me, that’s how I want my team to play. Get in! Get in. Mickael, Mickael. Ehsan! Ehsan. Good ball. Relax, relax. Chinz. Chinz! Back, back! At the back! Chinz we talk in the changing room
okay?! We don’t talk here. Chinz! Chinz! Sit down – sit down. At the beginning, we didn’t know very well
what to do. After ten, fifteen minutes we had our composure. Mickael, Carlos, run behind… Made them run back. Make them run back, okay!? Carlos sometimes Brice goes and you come in
the middle. But not every time . Not every time. Stay out Carlos. Chinz. You’re staying. Álvaro, you’re coming. We have started here and we have finished
like this. Now we start here, to go up. Okay?! Get ready! Let’s go! Come on guys, let’s go. Tango! Yes Carlos. Good! It’s a football boys, let’s go. Let’s get that goal now. Who’s there? Blatov wants that. Put it in. Whip that in. Whip! Ricky. Come on, come on, come on! Keep going Basi! Keep going. Come on bro, keep your head up! Congratulations to everyone it’s been a great
experience. I’m sure that we are going to learn from everything. We did very well, so I am really proud. Well done guys!! I’m very happy, I
have to congratulate them because they put so much in, it’s a great experience for them. Obviously it’s disappointing for the result but
I feel really proud of the Tango Squad FC boys. At the end of the day we are here at Old Trafford,
travelling across Europe competing and had a great time with the lads. It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I have seen the progress of the team. This is just the beginning of Tango Squad FC. I’m sure that in the coming seasons there are bigger things to come and for sure, they’ll get better and better.

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