Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 233

Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 233

In today’s episode, we’ll be asking for your opinion on
the Best Tanki Video of the Year. We’ll also be giving you
an update on the Ares hull, and reviewing the details
of the Christmas war. Hello tankers! The year is almost over. A lot has happened in
these twelve months, and Youtubers have been
there every step of the way, telling the story through their videos. So now that we’re wrapping up the year, we’d like to hear from you which
Tanki video you’ve enjoyed the most. We’re not talking about a V-LOG episode. It has to be a community-made video. So here’s how this is gonna work. In the comments below, put a link to your favorite
video from this year. Then, go through the comments, find the videos that other
players have shared, and upvote your favorites. Remember, nominations are ONLY for
community-created videos about Tanki Online, released in 2019. Of course, if you wanna tell us about a V-LOG
episode that you really enjoyed, we’d be happy to hear that. Plus, it will help us to find out
what your favorite topics are, so we can make more of them. Last episode, we told you
about the upcoming Siege mode. Now, we can confirm that this new mode will
be released before the end of the new year. But there’s more news
on the topic of modes. Solo Deathmatch will soon become
available in PRO exclusively. Here’s why. When was the last time you clicked the Play
button and were put in a solo deathmatch? Right. You probably don’t remember. And that’s because it was never there. The reason is that In multiplayer games,
team and solo modes are never mixed. When playing solo, you have only one instinct
– shoot everything that moves. But in team modes, a completely different
set of principles apply. And randomly switching from one
mindset to another can get very confusing. Imagine you’ve been playing
a team mode for a while, capturing flags or points,
or scoring goals. Suddenly, you find
yourself in solo deathmatch, so you need to switch your approach. Then, after a few minutes, you’re back into a team mode,
trying to cooperate with your mates. Very disruptive. Additionally, if you’re in
a group with friends, you’re literally unable
to join solo deathmatch. So, what happened
was that solo deathmatch has become exclusively the realm
of a small group of specialised players. Which is why we’ve decided
to make it a PRO-only mode. Here’s another important point. Whereas Solo Juggernaut makes the
occasional appearance for special events, Solo Deathmatch will not. It will remain exclusively in PRO. “HAZEL… THE HULL… WE WANT IT… NOW!” Right, so devs promised us
the Ares hull for Summer. And it’s not here yet. This futuristic, hovering hull has been a hot topic of discussion ever since
we showed it at the beginning of the year. We even showed you renders
of all the modifications. But it’s STILL not in the game. Here’s why. As you know, Tanki Online
is moving to HTML5. Flash —once a breakthrough technology— is now an outdated, clumsy, resource-hungry
dinosaur that will soon become extinct. Problem is, we can’t just copy/paste
the game from Flash to HTML5. We literally had to rewrite
the game from the ground up. And it was NOT easy. This transition opened up
lots of opportunities for optimizing performance
and porting to other platforms. But it also brings two disadvantages. First, we have to support TWO
versions of the game at the same time. This means we have to either
spend twice as many resources, or develop both projects at half speed. Second, every new piece of content now
needs to be made in two versions — flash and HTML5. And that is VERY costly. So Ares is waiting for us to
make the full switch to HTML5. Look, we get it. Some of you are fond
of the Flash version, and aren’t happy with the change. But the truth is that there’s
no future for Flash technology. And if you move on
to the HTML5 version, you’ll be helping Ares to
finally make it into the game. Are you playing Tanki on a
laptop with a discrete graphics card? Then we’ve got good news. But first, some context. Laptops mainly use a video
core that is integrated in the CPU. This reduces energy consumption, so your laptop runs much
longer on battery power, and produces less heat. But when you need to run resource-
intensive applications or games, then a discrete video card will
take care of all the heavy lifting, giving you a much higher performance. Here’s the issue. When you run Tanki
Online on your laptop, the video card drivers think,
“Oh yeah, that’s a browser”, and run it on integrated graphics. This is what causes the
common complaints of low FPS and restrictions
on graphics settings. But the new downloadable HTML5
game client will fix this problem, allowing your laptop’s video
card to function as it should. So, expect 60fps and maxed-out graphics
settings on your laptops very soon. The Christmas war that we
announced last episode, has already kicked off. There’s quite a bit of information to digest, and some of you even joked
about the massive announcement. So, Sasha is here to help us review
the details in a more user-friendly way. All tactical decisions are
made on a dedicated website, which you can reach from a
special button in the game menu. To participate in the war, and track how many stars you’ve earned,
you must be logged into this special page. One turn lasts 23 hours, from 7am UTC, to 6am UTC the next day. A special timer shows you the countdown
till the end of the current turn. Each faction begins the
war from its capital. You can vote for a region
at any time during the turn, but in order for your vote to be valid,
you need to earn at least 5 stars. You’ll need to choose two territories
— one to attack, and one to defend. You may only attack regions that are
adjacent to the ones owned by your faction. But you may choose to protect
any one of your faction’s regions. When you hover over the region,
the corresponding icon will appear. If several factions are
fighting over the same region, then it will be captured by the one whose participants score the most
stars during the course of that turn. The task of each faction is to capture
and hold as many territories as possible. Every region rewards your faction
with a certain number of points. The faction with the most points
at the end of the war, wins. Regions on the map may award
a different number of points. Regions around the perimeter
of the map award one point. Those closer to the middle
and Vaults will grant three points. Central regions and capitals are worth five. There are also special
regions on the war map. Vaults. They are marked with chests. When a vault is captured
for the first time, the members of the faction that captured it
will receive a special reward of up to 9 containers. So, spread your forces wisely! We’ve also added faction chats to the game, and created special “military
sections” on the forum where you can coordinate and
choose the most effective strategy. But the rewards don’t end here. You will also receive containers for
participating in turns in the War. The size of the reward depends on the
number of stars you have accumulated. Five stars give you one container, twenty stars – two containers,
forty stars – three containers. If you have a premium OR a battle pass,
you will receive twice as many containers, and if you have both,
then three times as many. For the full details, check
out the official announcement. The link is in the description. Have you ever, trained, played and
earned crystals in a tournament before? Then you’ll love ESL tournaments. Besides being a ton of fun, they could reward you with crystals,
premium account and tankoins!! ESL organizes clan tournaments
and ranking cups every Sunday, with big in-game prizes for each cup. There are also monthly prizes based
on the clan points in the ranking page. Cool! Where do I sign up? It’s easy. Visit the ESL site and register by clicking on the register button at the
top right of the page. Fill in your information,
and click on ‘Create account’. Next, open your email,
confirm your registration, and boom, you’re ready to create your team. Now, go to the Tanki
Online section on ESL, and open any cup
from the upcoming list On the right side in the widget section, click register and enter
your “Tanki Online Nickname” Click on ‘Select team’ In the ‘Team Name’ field, write the name of your team and click
on ‘Create team’ to complete the process. Now, return to the cup
that you want to take part in. Click on “Select team” and choose yours. Congratulations. Your team is now officially
registered to participate in that cup. There’s just one, very
importing step left for you to do. You MUST confirm your team’s
participation in the tournament, in the 30 minutes leading up
to the beginning of the event. Oh, and good luck! The group stage of the
SandStorm tournament has ended. In the playoffs, we’ll also be seeing several teams that
are participating in tournaments for the first
time – a bright start from newcomers! So far, “Respect forever” have not lost
a single battle in their group. Will they be able to keep up this streak
during the second stage and remain undefeated? We’ll see! But it won’t be easy, because
there are 16 clans in the playoffs, and everyone wants to become the
undisputed champion of the Sandbox. Participate in eSports
– it’s a ton of excitement! Youtube Digest. Here’s this week’s cut. Watch Shibe as he makes a compilation
of the best Tanki videos of 2019. And here’s a compilation of
goldbox captures from Mr Leef! And that’s all for today. See you in the game. But first, like, subscribe,
and ding that bell. Bye! Last time you had to guess
where the tank would reach. And the correct answer is, F. Here are our winners. And here’s the new question: Which tank will get critical damage?

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