Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 235

Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 235

In today’s episode, we’ll be having a quick look through what
has happened in the past 12 months. We’ll also be looking at which
update you voted as your favorite, and wrapping up the War for Christmas. Hello tankers! This year’s highlight was probably
Tanki Online’s 10th anniversary. But so much more has happened
throughout the past 12 months. Let’s have a look at
interesting information about how we’ve all spent
this year in the game. You played one hundred and twenty-five
thousand battles… PER DAY, and hit almost five
BILLION frags this year. Collectively, you have played for
more than seven THOUSAND years! One player spent one hundred
and sixteen days in Tanki. That’s practically one third of the year. Man, we’re a little worried about you. Throughout the year, you must have seen quite
a few Railguns around. And that’s probably because this
was the most popular turret this year. And you wanna guess which
turret was the least popular this year? Let’s see… one, two, three. Who said magnum? WRONG. It was Vulcan. Now the most interesting part. Altogether, you’ve received three and a
half MILLION rare items from containers. If you’re one of those who complain
about never getting any cool drops, your luck must REALLY suck. As the old saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed,
then skydiving is NOT for you”. Thankfully, opening containers isn’t
as dangerous as jumping out of a plane. So hang in there buddy. We’re sure you’ll have better luck next
year Our end of the year celebrations always
bring with them our traditional quest “The Game”. This year, we’ve pushed
ourselves extra hard to give you a truly special
and demanding challenge. Let’s have a look at what you can expect. The Game will last five days. Each one will feature a riddle
and require a specific answer. The player who can guess all five answers
correctly in the least amount of time, wins. But be warned. This edition is going to be super challenging. Only the smartest, most attentive players
will be able to get all the answers. The Game kicks off in late January, so you have some time to
warm up your mental muscles. Last time, we asked you to name which of the updates in 2019 you felt brought
the most valuable contribution to the game. From your responses, it looks like Overdrives was your favorite. And that’s understandable too. Overdrives were a radical change
in game mechanics and strategy. And best of all, it brought equal benefit to EVERYONE
both buyers AND non-buyers. In second and third place,
we have two other innovations. First, team juggernaut A new mode with two uber tanks
on the map at the same time What’s not to like? Next, the appearance of
a new turret in the game Gauss — a powerful long-range turret
with an alternative shooting mode that has brought a breath of
fresh air for experienced players. Yes, there’s quite a learning curve to it, but in skilled hands, Gauss
is a fearsome weapon. An honorable mention goes to
the HTML5 version of the game. True, the first version had some issues, but despite these initial hiccups, many of you are finally enjoying the
benefits of the new engine and interface. Some time ago, we explained about how
Flash has become redundant, and why it will soon be necessary for
everyone to switch to the new HTML5 version. Of course, some of
you have reservations, and are planning on making the switch only
when the HTML5 client is properly launched. Well, we’ve got good news. The client is already
in the final stage of testing, and if all goes as planned, it should become available to
everyone at the beginning of next year. We also remind you
that the HTML5 client will support hardware acceleration
on discrete graphics cards, which will significantly increase
ingame performance on your laptop. That’s one more reason to give
2020 an enthusiastic welcome! For two weeks, Santa,
the Snowman and the Elves pushed their faithful tankers on in an effort
to decide the fate of the festive season. Santa’s faction had a weak start, but within a few days they had recovered
and ripped all their opposition to pieces. Then, an unexpected turn of events. Santas went from a secure
first place with 83 points, down to last place with
26 points in just three turns. They were completely crushed
by the Elves AND the Snowmen who quadrupled their points in just
two days, moving up to second place. But the surprises weren’t over. In one final sneaky blow, the Snowman managed to overtake the
Elves and bring his evil plan to fruition. So, this holiday event is officially
cancelled. Sorry. Ok ok, just kidding. Additionally, last Wednesday
we had a special stream where we gave away a
smartphone to three lucky players one from every faction. If you missed the event, the link to the recording
is in the video description. eSports news. We have our finalists for
the Clan Championship. Now, these 4 teams will compete for
the title of best clan in tanki online. By the way, last episode, we mentioned a special surprise
that we have prepared for you. And now, we’re ready
to tell you all about it. On December 28th, 4 fan paints will become available to buy. Choose the paint of the
Clan that you want to support. Then, start collecting Stars
in matchmaking battles in honor of your favorite team and
follow the match livestreams. If the team you’re supporting wins,
AND you get enough Stars, you will get a whole bunch of containers. And the paints that you buy
will remain with you as a keepsake. Youtuber Digest. Here’s the last batch of our
favorite YouTube videos for this year. What will they be about? Let’s find out. When you see a Juggernaut your reaction is
usually like OMG I need to hide somewhere. Espoir’s reaction is like
“Who does he think himself to be”. Watch the amazing footage of destroying
Juggernaut with all turrets of the game. 2020 is coming! Jumper wants to remind
you how 2019 was. And that’s all for today…
and for this year. See you in 2020. The next episode will be
on Friday 17th January. In the meantime, give your best wishes to your fellow tankers
and to Tanki Online in the comments. See ya. Last time, you had to guess who
would remain on their tracks. And the correct answer is… A — Viking Rail. Here are our winners. And that was the last
question for this year. The next one will arrive in 2020. Bye!

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