Tap to Throw a Knife Game App! Get $20 Free Paypal Money!

For the proof of payout, let’s proceed now with my paypal account now we already have this proof of payout i can say that this app is legit and yeah we can earn free paypal money just by playing and throwing a knife! Hello everyone, it’s your girl Payaman Aiza Mercado and welcome back again to Earn Money with Aiza! Christmas is over but still, let’s make it in our hearts every day! Before we proceed with our video tutorial i would like to make a shout out so let’s check what happened to read my bitsonar… Ok shout out to all investors here. Coz you can get cash back up to 10% if you invested starting from $500! Alright this is a limited time offer only and it will end on December 31. Question: is it good to invest here? Yes, its still legit and pays. The advantage of this limited time offer only is that you can get 10% cashback when you invested more than $500. Plus, invest without fees and without limits. This is my short video update with Bitsonar and now, let’s proceed with this video tutorial. In this, video you need to download 2 applications. The first one is this Knife Dash and of course our Paypal app. Visit your google play store and search for Knife Dash. Once you opened the app, just click this claim button and first things first, you need to add referral code to unlock all the features of this app! Simply tap this + button and select this envelope option. Tap be invited + 300 diamonds. Input my ref code, and our comment section is open so you can enter your invitational codes down below! Congratulations! You just got 300 diamonds! This is the new feature of this app, click this santa icon and as you can see, you can exchange your daily log ins to Paypal. As you can see here, 7 days continue login and of course you need to earn cane points and of course you need to reach a specific score! Before we proceed to the actual game play let’s check out what else can we see here in this option… With this diamond, we can wake up our friends to get 20% more rewards. Next, cash rewards. Here you can see your diamonds exchange to cash or you can redeem it and convert it to paypal cash. Next, you can invite friends and every successful invitation you can earn $0.04! In this raffle draw, to get the ticket you need to watch ads let’s see Once you have the ticket you wait for the lottery progress and when it becomes 100% they will start to raffle their grand prize draw. And for the last one, you can see here your activities… Like, rewards activity to invite friends followed their facebook fanpage followed instagram Follow twitter and subscribe to their youtube channel! We will now proceed to the actual game play of this app! Just tap to play and as you can see you need to tap the screen! Just avoid throwing your knife into another knife. Just don’t throw it with the another knife. All cash will go straight here and also the diamonds, which we can exchange it to Paypal Money. This is how easy to use Knife Dash just simply play the game and tap to throw the knife. Once you collected points and diamonds Simply proceed here in the + button then proceed here. With your diamonds, you can use amazon and google play cash out. You can see here paypal cash and minimum payout here is $5 and maximum of course is $100! Then redeem, here you can convert your daily diamonds into paypal cash! For the proof of payout, let’s proceed now with my paypal account and as you can see i already cash out a $20 it says here, payment from knife dash. Okay, this is a basic gaming app and i hope this video helps you earn money online. Do not forget to hit the like button and please subscribe to our youtube channel earn money with aiza and aizamer 2.0 for more apps and sites where we can earn extra money online! Thanks again for watching! Belated merry christmas stay cool, stay payaman this is you girl Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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