Teamfight Tactics in 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics in 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

Hey everyone, I’m Dax
the producer for Teamfight Tactics. and I’m Mort,
TFT’s game design lead. This past year was pretty busy
for the Teamfight Tactics team. We started working on TFT last February since then we’ve built the game, launched it, and made tons of iterations and improvements then delivered our first big overhaul
with Rise of the Elements. It’s because of your passion and
feedback that we are inspired to continue pushing TFT forward and make it the
strategy game that you want to play for years to come. Thanks to all of your feedback, we’ve already
made some big improvements to the game. While TFT is all about adapting to your
situation, we’ve pulled out some of the more extreme random mechanics. That way,
the player with the better strategy will win more often. We’ve also focused on making sure that
building up your team and unleashing them is as satisfying as ever by removing some
of the more frustrating disables like Hextech and Demons. Getting to see your champions cast their
ultimates and fight the enemy team is an exciting part of the game and we want to
make sure everyone gets the chance to do that. Finally, we’ve made sure that there are
less hard counters that make your whole team feel shut down, and instead offer
some softer counters to help enhance your team in the right situation at the
right time to get that winning edge. Of course, we’ve still got a lot more coming. Over the next couple of months, you’ll continue
to see new champions and origins get added to Set 2 as well as some pretty key item reworks
that will help you out in the right situation. We’re looking forward to what’s to come,
so please keep giving us feedback, as we love hearing from you. With the recent release of Rise of the Elements, you’ve
now seen what we mean when we talk about Sets and we’ve already started working on the next one. It’s a pretty large PROJECT but with so many STAR champions in the League Universe it’s been a BLAST trying to figure out how to
make SPACE for all of them, especially now that we’re getting
our finger on the PULSE of what makes a good Set. Our hope is that you’ll find the
next Set to be out of this world. All right, Mort, I think they get it. Set 3 is currently slated to go live in mid-March,
but we’ll let you know if anything changes. That’s not all we have planned for March, though. that’s also when we’re aiming to bring TFT
to mobile in most countries. While we’ve been busy working on PC,
we’ve also been pouring over how to bring TFT from PC to mobile in a way that feels
intentionally built for the platform. So you can play lounging on the couch taking the bus to work or sitting on the John. There’s a lot coming in the next year for TFT we’re thankful for all the support
you’ve given us so far and we hope you keep coming back to TFT for years to come.

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  2. Ah Middle East server?


  4. Please make TFT mobile available in Asian countries such as Mongolia.

  5. Its january 14 why wild rift is so long……

  6. You ask us what we really want and what we really need so we want league of legends on the mobile iOS and android phones that will be epic I'm waiting Riot we all waiting 😂❤

  7. I hate it when a enemy has 3 tanks 1 mage 2 dude in the back

  8. Dear riot developer and Riot as a whole.

    Today is the day that you should release the Lol wildrift complying with PLAYSTORES terms and conditions (the 90 days rules) upon releasing at a preregistration of such game.

    So what's this? Another useless hype of yours? Or for your publicity? How DISAPPOINTING

  9. 뭐라는거야 ㅡㅡ

  10. So next set we get Project, Star Guardian, Odyssey and Pulsefire as Origins? Nice

  11. Omg I was hoping your next would be a cosmic set I'm excited!!!

  12. Is it just me or does it feel just off-sync with the voice to mouth movement to make it feel uncanny?

  13. When will set 2 get changed tho, pretty much left tft because of that

  14. God I can't wait for mobile!! My current mobile game looks like it is about to be pay-to-win so I need a new game.

  15. March? Nah need it on the phone now.Thanks.

  16. Imagine playing mobile games

  17. lunch boy needs to sleep

  18. Wild Rift pleaseeeeeeee i can't wait 🙁

  19. when it will relese come in india

  20. Moonton the dev of Mobile Legend always copying League Of Legend.
    No action towards them?

  21. you have to admit hextech was to op.

  22. sand wraith pyke on tft plssssss

  23. Great, probably gonna be a pulsefire riven… I can't wait to be one shotted in tft by her as well <3

  24. se liga no kami loiro XD

  25. >Project
    >Star Guardians
    No arcade 🙁

  26. Better strategy wins they say , nope better RNG wins

  27. Where is Domination??? Return it back. The best mode ever.

  28. I swear, dude on the left didnt blink xD

  29. When you're guys released lol mobile

  30. I think Phreak helped write this lol

  31. His eyes are pretty far away

  32. Need a feature when you kill a player, you'll get all of their items.

  33. Hey Riot WE NEED LOL WILD RIFT REALESE!!!!!! 😫😫😫😫

  34. Where my lol wild rift

  35. Phreak has taught him well.

  36. Bro guy is looking like a school shooter dam.

  37. Bro guy is looking like a school shooter dam.

  38. The only concern I have for TFT is when too many champions are within the game. This lowers the chance of getting certain champions since the available champions are too much which then again makes it harder if you want to create certain teams. For now it's still relatively balanced but I sure do hope not too many champions are getting added to the game, unless there is a way to tackle this (for example, only certain champions will occur during the whole game or once you've picked certain champions, others will be left out).

  39. Does TFT give you account exp yet?

  40. "specially now that we're getting our finger on the PULSE of what makes a good SETT" did they really meant sett ig soon as well in new set? or am i just confused


  42. Please make TfT available for Slovakia, I mean we are from Middle Europe, not some 3-rd world country

  43. New set already? :O

  44. John unzips his pants…..

  45. Give back my Yordles!!!

  46. First season was fun

    2nd season sucked

  47. Soooo… Will teemo join tft maybe? Pls?

  48. Ok, but when you fix the client bugs and connection instability ?

  49. Get rid of the elements part of tft and you win me back

  50. 1st one was way better IMO. This set is just a rush to see who gets Singed/Amumu/Lux Lvl 2 1st. Just a bunch of stat sticks fighting each other.

  51. When wild rift is coming

  52. I stopped playing this when Hextech was added

  53. my birthday 2-march-1990 😀 give me gift tft on mobile 😀 we are waiting ….

  54. Anyone else come to the comments looking for WILD RIFT news? 😅😅

  55. "the strategy game" that focuses more on RNG than anything else…. So much strategy getting the good rolls, the good items, etc

  56. Tft is amazing my only complain is its to hard to get and evolve the miniLegends, de need some no paying way to get then more often

  57. WAIT! XD Did Dax just tell people to play their game while "ON THE CLOCK". People gonna start losing their jobs! XD

  58. So y'all actually balanced the game okay nice sounds more balanced then the real game

  59. They look like sans and papyrus.
    So the puns were perfect.

  60. "We removed some of the more random mechanics so that the player with the better strategy wins, and removed some of the more annoying disables like hextech and demon"
    Lunar, Mystic, Summoner, Alchemist classes: "we heard there was some space on the 'annoying mechanics' table mind if we take a seat?"

  61. Android welcomes you

  62. It is a mistake to stir TFT increasingly away from summoner rift's Teamfights. What would be permanently engaging, coherent, and useful, would be a TFT that is a perfect counterpart to ARAM, and a valuable training for the rift, a 5v5 Teamfight engine in which mechanics are automated by an AI, but where cou can design your teamfight with real LoL champs, with real abilities, and updated to current patches. Yes, that's a lot of AI work, but would not believe that Riot (or some partner) is/are not doing it already.

  63. League of Legends PLEASE UNBANNING optaé4 he is very good streamer and player League of Legends! my english 4%

  64. Make season 10 jg better

  65. The mobile tft better be available in Latvia😤😆

  66. Here's an unpopular opinion just use ocean mages to get up until diamond, I have done this up to moderate success since I don't like exploiting op comps and from time to time I decide to do some dumb comp finishing in 8th compared to ocean mages, now here's my main complain who thought that it would be a good idea to make and element centered to mages and put two wardens in it, unless you forgot two wardens already make a synergy, and then ocean is the only one that gets this treatment you imagine if there was 2 rangers on light, or 2 blademasters on desert?, I'm completely annoyed with this season as the only thing I have to do is play ocean mages and I get anywhere from 1st to 4th.

  67. so yeah when is it coming for phone?

  68. There better be a Metal origin in the next set. Give me my Pentakill.

  69. Croatia won't get tft mobile I can already tell, we never get anything

  70. What is with the ranked rewards in tft?!

  71. Can we give Illaoi some love? Make her an ocean summoner!

  72. In MOST countries???

  73. Calling it rn,
    TFT wont be available in germany for mobil

  74. Could we have a TFT title on Rito Forge? I would love a story mode kinda like games such as advanced wars and wargrove. Where you play as demacia or ionia on a quest of some kind as a general. a Command and Conquer like title could also be fun.

  75. Ông này nói j z anh em. Dịch lại giùm mik vs

  76. Where dah f***** is Phreakkkkkkkkkk ?????

  77. Hope Garena accout won’t be a problem.

  78. Fix glacial and pred please

  79. Please show the level stars on top of our champions. Above head

  80. Guy with eyebags and looks stressed:
    Past year has been very busy for TFT…

    Thanks for your sacrifices bro haha

  81. God i hate and love this company and their games so much

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