Tennis Equipment : How to Restring a Tennis Racket

Tennis Equipment : How to Restring a Tennis Racket

Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I am the director
of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas as well as a USPTA certified teaching
pro. Today we’re going to talk about how to restring your tennis racket. Unfortunately
there’s no way you could do it without a machine, either a manual machine or an electrical machine
will work for you. When you’re restringing the racket, the first thing you want to do
is cut out the strings, your old strings you have in your racket. You cannot reuse the
same set of strings unfortunately. As soon as, once you cut out your strings, you’re
going to start stringing the mains, which are the strings that run vertically along
your tennis racket either from the top or the bottom depending on the type of racket
you’re using. You’re going to string it keeping constant pressure with the machine and the
clamps on each string so it is a constant pressure. Most rackets you string between
50 and 70 pounds of pressure on each string. As soon as you’ve done the mains, you move
to the cross strings. On the cross strings, you’re going to zigzag, not zigzag but weave
in and out of the mains across into the grommets on the opposite side. You go back and forth
back and forth until you get to the end or where you have a particular knot to tie off.
On this particular racket we have two different strings on this racket. You can string one
constant string or you can have two different strings on the racket and that’s mainly dependent
on the racket and the type of string you’re going to use. The tie offs are the most important
part because that’s how the, that keeps the rackets from losing tension and keeps the
string in the racket. This particular racket has again, four tie offs since there’s two
different strings in there. That’s how to restring your racket.

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  1. woots the diff between manual and or electrical stringing machine? whose machine is user friendly for a guy like me who wants to buy (a machine)and start to string my own racket? how much is (average) a stringing machine?

    Thanks for this informative vids.

  2. @hapkidodude12 thank you soo very much for the info.

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