Tennis Ping Pong (epic serve)

Tennis Ping Pong (epic serve)

Hello everybody! We are Pongfinity Today we will make a new episode of Challenge Pongfintiy Let’s see what kind of challenges you have come up with this time! Thank you! Now it’s time to play with the silver play button! Almost! Oh look at that! Beautiful! And guys remember to subscribe So we can reach 1 million And turn this one gold This is such a dangerous job! Ok, so this is table tennis tennis Tennis tennis table? Alright, bring it on! Jackpot! Emil, I’m not playing against you anymore! Nice! Ok so we have added length So we can hit hard I know what you’re trying! Wow! That’s nice! Thanks for watching guys! Remember to subscribe here And watch our previous episodes from there Thank you!

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  1. 1:38痛そう❗

  2. say you're intro in swedish

  3. 今度は逆でお願いします。

  4. Пидорасы

  5. Play with your head

  6. Do your intro in korean

  7. Play with To notebooks

  8. Speak in Cantonese

  9. 銀の再生ボタンタンは草

  10. 日本語上手!!

  11. Do your intro in urdu

  12. 日本語上手ですね!!

  13. do your intro in italian please

  14. ラケット投げるな

  15. Challenge :try intro in nepali language

  16. who else subscribed to see them play with a gold play button???

  17. Real table tennis

  18. Do you intro in punjabi

  19. Do the intro in Hebrew ?? or Danish ??

  20. Do you intro in Turkish

  21. That's cool bro I'm also a table tennis player
    Palarong pa bansa here

  22. 日本語上手すぎじゃね

  23. Please speak Korean, too.

  24. do intro in korean!! plz!!

  25. I was surprised at you are speaking Japanese well!
    Where did you learn how to pronounce Japanese?

  26. 日本語上手ですね!凄い面白い?

  27. Play table tenis with cricket bat

  28. 2:08 JACKPOT! ????

  29. 2:08 OOOOOOOOOOoooooooFFFffffff!

  30. ヨーロッパ系の人って結構フォームが独特ってイメージがある(偏見すみまへん。)

  31. Did the intro in spanish

  32. Turn it in Greek

  33. Play with nun chunks then I’ll be impressed

  34. It's done again Emil???


  35. 1:17 That is the Stan Wawrinka of pingpong ??

  36. この人たちほとんどのスポーツ上級者なのほんとすごいw

  37. Make video on sync on three tables

  38. Do your intro in Russian

  39. Play with one toll

  40. ドライブ上手すぎ

  41. テニステーブルテニス

  42. スポーツは世界共通。

  43. Play with gold play button

  44. Like si estas viendo este video en 2020 ahre jajajaja

  45. Make your intro in Filipino

  46. 日本語お上手ですね!

  47. 何で日本語やんww
    What's the point of speaking Japanese XD
    Not that I care cuz I understand both

  48. それはテーブル「で」テニスや

  49. Into in Urdu plz….

  50. 2:07 omg I’m dead

  51. Do 100 backhand around the net

  52. which camera are you guys using

  53. Intro your self in marathi

  54. Do your into in Russian

  55. My Playbotton is broken
    Youtube:What happened
    Me:Its kinda difficult

  56. After reaching 700k subscribers play ping pong while swimming in water

  57. てにすてーぶるてにす笑笑

  58. 選曲 momentは神

  59. Can u speak indian intro

  60. See my channel and help j want to check if do u have a helping nature

  61. Pq os videos estao escritos em br se vcs falam inglês? Kk é marketing?

  62. Plz teach how to playback smashes

  63. Play table tennis ? with your head

  64. Play with a marble

  65. 日本語頑張って下さいね!
    Japanese Please do your best

  66. Try to play table tennis in badminton or tennis court

  67. Play against wall and win it

  68. Play with cricket bat and ball dare for you

  69. Play with the paddle in your mouth

  70. Play on only one side of the table.

  71. Do around the net with tennis ball

  72. use the hockey racket to play

  73. Make your intro tagalog or filipino

  74. Start the next video in Brazilian portuguese

  75. Do your intro in korean……??

  76. Do your intro in hindi

  77. Do your intro on Croatian

  78. Try 10 round the net shots closed eyed

  79. Do your intro in thai

  80. 卓球芸人の上位互換かも

  81. Do the introduction in hindi

  82. 日本語すげぇ!
    Great Japanese!!

  83. Google翻訳でくさ

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