hi everyone and welcome to Marcus’s Kate’s channel today’s tutorial will be a tennis themed cake let’s begin first of all we need to carve the cake using our template I will leave the link on the description box down below [Music] you see offcuts of the cake to make the handle [Music] [Applause] separate the top layer of the cake the cover with chocolate buttercream for the rats you check out a block that will also be listed down below [Music] cut the other layer on top and give this cake the crumb coat draw the inner line of the racket using a template as a guide well Tomika home coupe we have dinner plan for some very special guests [Music] once you have the inner man draw the card back how’s the centimeter of the cake [Music] [Music] once you finish carving roll out some red fondant and cut strips of about $0.02 week stripe to make the handle [Music] [Music] cut out any remaining corners [Music] roll up a long snake of black fondant and place it on the edge to give the racket a 3d look start covering the Cape with the colors that you like make sure you cover all the edges cover the inside of the cake using some green fondant to make it look like it’s resting on grass use some yellows on them to make the tennis balls and use a chopstick to make some indents using royal icing draw straight lines to create the strengths of the back [Music] [Music] fill the tents of the tennis balls with the royal icing [Music] [Applause] make a stitch line around the racket [Music] repeat the process horizontally for the grass I’ve used to Wilton 233 tip and a leave green coloring this is the final result I wish to you added some details which are optional in tinnitus tutorial make sure you subscribe if you have the suggestions please leave a comment down below thanks for watching enjoy

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  1. Genial… !!!!!

  2. Thnx!! I hope I can also make a cake like this.

  3. how did you bake the cake so thin?

  4. Can you make a softball cake

  5. How big is thecake you bake? I printed the template out on a DIN-A4 Sheet?!

  6. How to restring a racket with icing sugar 🙂

  7. Hello,
    unfortunately i can not speak english. So I translate the text in the google. The cake looks great! How did you make the meadow

  8. I realized the background song's 'Popular' by MIKA im-

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