Tennis Trick Shots

Tennis Trick Shots

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity Today we will be doing tennis trick shots. With us here we have got the Finnish tennis pro Otto Virtanen Thank you for having me! Let’s do some fun tricks! Alright, let’s see how well the Pongfinity guys can return my serves. First serve now! I’m ready! What!? No chance I wonder if you can do a cartwheel shot in tennis? I got a point! Let’s go upstairs! The upstairs winner! Okay, I’m pretty confident that I will do a bit better than Emil. Nice one! One! I touched it! Not an ace! Okay, that was difficult. What was that? Okay, let’s see if a side change is possible in tennis. In this case, the rules don’t matter! Nice! I’m going to smash the ball! Out. Out. It was a good try! I’m not going to run for that. Let’s see if Otto can do the double. Now let’s see how well Otto can receive my serve. No… he didn’t really seem to have any trouble with that one! Alright, thanks for coming over Otto! We wish you the best of luck for Wimbledon! Thank you! I hope to use some tricks also there! Remember to hit subscribe Watch our previous videos there. Until next time!

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  1. It's time for tennis! ? Ever since we made the badminton video, we have got a lot of requests from you guys to make a tennis video as well. So here we go! ?

  2. 卓球もできて テニスも出来るなんて とてもすごいですね!!

  3. Make your intro on Russian

  4. Why not to play some badminton ??

  5. Algum brasileiro assistindo esse video?

  6. この人テニスもできて草

  7. Play table tennis at tennis court

  8. Play table tennis at full dark with glowing stick in your mouth

  9. Lisää tennistä

  10. 1:05 when u see the first question of the exam that you studied none ?

  11. Ryuga ichizen is that you

  12. Make tenis trick shots 2

  13. 1:17 is my favorite so far

  14. Who’s behind the camera with a gun

  15. my favourite pongfinity video!

  16. mikka's hair thow

  17. Go for more tennis videos! Tricks are so cool)

  18. 3:04私はボールを粉砕するつもりです!は草

  19. 1 mln view Bang Bang wow
    Please like

  20. Is that the real sound of the ball!?!?

  21. Eeey 1 millionst viewer

  22. Before-ping pong
    After- tennis pong
    Yo wtf

  23. Can you do a around the net shot with jumping ball

  24. Is pongfinity going to become dude perfect now … ??

  25. The only hard one was returning his serve

    But the “Trick shots” were easy

  26. ชื่อเพลงทำคลิปชื่อเพลงไรคับ

  27. i played this court in HVS

  28. 3:16 ,,out’’?

  29. the ''upstairs winner'' was out 2:03

  30. 日本語ありがたい

  31. 3:44 bottle cap challenge??

  32. Is that serve Svitolina trick?

  33. 日本語字幕
    out→出る になってて草

  34. Otto Virtanen in the now Pls

  35. 2:05 HE MISSED!! He hit the tram line

  36. Do another tennis video plzzzz

  37. Is Simona Halep training you guys? because you play very good

  38. 日本人の身体能力じゃできねぇわ

  39. 0:03 go to 0.50 speed it hits the handle

  40. imitaram o federer

  41. Dude Perfect – Finnish Style

  42. Do your intro n Vietnamese

  43. Virtanen has otto’s name, Emil’s face and Miika’s body

  44. We love Roger Federer

  45. 1:37
    That’s not a trick shot. He just hit the target

  46. Do intro in Spanish

  47. You guys are so good

  48. 4:02: cameraman almost died

  49. Pretty sure the upstairs winner was out

  50. Who saw a pongfinity guy in the back at 1:48

  51. それルール的にありなの?wって部分が多々

  52. Tennis tournament between you three?

  53. I am giving 100000 $ away. Like this comment to participate.

  54. Can you guys make a second part??
    Like if you want it too

  55. Continue tennis videos I love them

  56. The upstairs winner was out

  57. pongfinityさんの謎の日本向けローカライズ最高

  58. 1:40 i did that thing where you knock down a bottle in a tennis camp but i knocked it over after at least 200 to 250 tries

  59. Are you from Finland

  60. Im just laughing about the stiffness of their arms

  61. Next is Volleyball

  62. 2:05 out? i think

  63. ik hou van je video's en blij dat je otto hebt, hij is een van mijn favorieten

  64. Is the second trick allowed

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  66. Can you play table tennis with a tennis ball

  67. Winning the orange bowl is huge for junior players. Many greats have won it like federer, nishikori, sharapova etc. Good luck to this guy. Please tell him I said this once you see this comment.

  68. I have a challenge for you: Do the intro in romanian!

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  70. 3:10 raises index finger

  71. I had a game of quiet tennis today.

    It’s just like regular tennis but without the racket

  72. this vid was 4mins?? it felt like 10.. really good vid

  73. Otto : will you play tennis against me Otto:ya sure Otto no prob

  74. More badminton plz

  75. Muistan ku teil oli sillo joskus viel 10k tilaajia

  76. Suomi Finland PERKELE!

  77. 最初のやつ当たらんかったらめっちゃダサいなww

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  80. Wanna be dude perfectt

  81. Good video!
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    Please watch some of my videos and subscribe if you want!

  82. That hair cut tho

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