TERMINATOR NEWS: The Terminator Los Angeles Resistance FAN Made GAME

TERMINATOR NEWS: The Terminator Los Angeles Resistance FAN Made GAME

Welcome to
Terminator Fan and game developer James Towne has been creating an
unofficial The Terminator 1984 fan service video game titled ‘The
Terminator: Los Angeles resistance’, which will be free to play on PC. The following
screenshots show the passion project that will feature a playable Kyle Reese
in the future war of 2029. The game will be an FPS (first person shooter) which has
been in development since 2017; you can find out more about the game by clicking
on the link in the description (below) which will take you to a full interview about
the game, and what prospective players can expect when the game is eventually
released. Are you looking forward to playing this fan-created game? Let us
know in the comments below. Comment, like and subscribe. Thank you for watching

Comments (22)

  1. We need an AAA terminator game !!

  2. I wonder if I could download on my Switch in the future and Terminate anywhere?

  3. Oh god YES please!! The screen shots look gorgeous!

  4. It’s like something I have always wanted

  5. A Dream Coming True… Ohhh! My.God…

  6. We need a real game sooo bad

  7. OMG your voice is beautiful! It's about time a terminator game was made and I can't wait to play it ?

  8. T2 arcade game still the best

  9. I don't play video games at all, but I would definitely play this. Screenshots look really good

  10. I want a AAA Terminator Game for consoles and PC this would be bad ass. But a fan made game I guess I can do with it as long as it is a good one that isn’t rushed or short.

  11. first i have heard of this game and yes if it is good love to play it i need to go learn more about it ty.

  12. That radio call looks like a metal gear codec call

  13. The last thing we need is a AAA terminator game. If the past few AAA are anything to go on it will swiftly kill the series. We need a game made by fans who understand what made the movies good and the games bad, an experienced team in several aspects of game development that understand show, not tell. It's a game not an interactive movie. Some of the values a lot of AAA game publishers forget. If this game fails is just one more in the long list of terminator failures but if its success it could be the start of something huge, bringing people into the franchise again instead of pushing them away. A lot of pressure on this team but I'll give it a try.

  14. 3d out of the box please so i don’t have to a fix.

  15. Can't Wait !!!!!!!

  16. I've been screaming for a game like this for a couple years, with its original, true-to the-film- sound effects and atmosphere! I'm excited and can't wait for official release date!

  17. Is this the same game than Terminator Resistance? Or it's a different project? Thanks for answering!

  18. I'm Playing Terminator: Resistance now but this looks way more true to the lore! Would be awesome if most of the game is in the future war then when you think you reach the end and go through the time displacement device you keep playing and have to escape police in the alley , find those Nike Vandals , steal the cops shotgun then go find sarah connor lol.

    My biggest dream would be a game covering The Terminator 1984. Third Person semi open world like the levels in Hitmans , with the odd future war flashback mission just like the film. Just imagine walking through Tech Noir to find Sarah then waiting for the T-800 to zero in on her! The gunfight! The on foot chase! Then an awesome car level where you need to outrun the T-800 and get to the nearest car park followed by another chase where you have to nail the t800 while aiming out of the car before you crash. Cut scene you get arrested etc, then you have to do a QTE to nail the guard and get his keys, then you have to avoid the T-800 who's blowing cops away sneaking around the burning station to find Sarah before it does. Would be so sick! But like I said it's my dream game. Think of the potential of T2, that would be fucking insane!

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