Terror in Demacia | League of Legends

Terror in Demacia | League of Legends

A full tankard and a warm tavern was the plan… …not extra watch. Whole countryside is on edge after Fossbarrow. Yeah… Filthy mages. They show up here- They show up here, and I’ll cut- Tedric? Hey, Tedric? Help me… Help me! T-Tedric! HELP ME! Fiddle…. Sticks!

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  2. A 700 personas les vino un paro cardiaco

  3. when wild rift release ?

  4. That's an SCP and a half. SCP-3512 Fiddledicks

  5. I love that they waited until a friday 13 to show this

  6. Would have been perfect if they did this around Halloween and made a new harrowing rift map/event

  7. Riot was probably constantly asking themselves if this is scary enough when they were making this.


  9. Q: fear W:fear E:fear R:fear
    AA: fear

  10. Who dafuq recruit him as a soldier, not carrying a sword being ready for emergency like this

  11. Riot that was not needed no one ask or wanted that for god sake I a grown man have just peed on my self and I am expecting you to clean it.

  12. Fckinh scary stick

  13. I swear at the end i heard fidleeeee stickssss

  14. It would be nice if that video had a choice VR

  15. It's fiddle stick

  16. My eyes are open now thanks

  17. Fiddle me timbers

  18. Me: oh a new cinematic trailer
    Me after watching it: There goes my plans on camping

  19. So a Fiddlesticks, Malzahar, Morgana, and Soraka sit in a bush…

  20. Here goes another buff and nerf extravaganza.

  21. congratualation Its more scary than half of the modern horror movies.I was full hate agaist the bad an childish previous champions design this one looks pretty decent.

  22. nice now he is scary


  24. Pyke nocturne get forgotten as the og horror champs. Press f


  26. That's Fantastic!

  27. so its fiddlesticks?

  28. 2 minions in the enemy jungle get the scare of their life

  29. fiddle after killing Annie and Her tibbers "Tedric"

  30. So helmet bro's name is tedric

  31. I watch this in 3 am and this freak me out, holy Jesus, is this outlast 3 or something?

  32. So where's the extended version?

  33. 0:50 in the German version you actually hear Fiddle'svoice behind the fake one

  34. The biggest mistake in my life: watch this at 4 AM

  35. Where is it league of legends mobile ???????

  36. I swear, at 0:37 when he called "T-tedric?", and Fiddlesticks mocks him in his true voice. What I thought I heard him say is "Tedrick we killed" Not sure if I am the only one who heard that.

  37. Bro wtf they were vibin smh

  38. You guys should make a horror movie

  39. "Whole countryside's on edge after Fossbarrow."

    Guess Nocturne is still giving people nightmares, hm?

  40. Now that's a real spooky boi right there

  41. Allez vous abonné à ma chaîne stp 😘

  42. I screamed. Gj riot 😂

  43. Where is Voli ? Hope he's gonna arrive right after fiddle.

  44. Best video for tonight

  45. Rengar: i have given the most jump scares in the entire game
    Fiddle: hold my beer

    : >

  46. I guess he used his drain ability on the first guy.

  47. They should make a horror game with fiddle on it

  48. That's too early for Halloween

  49. Nice! My sleep paralysis demon is in league now!

  50. Tedric and Helmet Bro discovering A Scarecrow.

  51. Soooo hook ability and has a creepy version of Olaf r 🤠

  52. I think Fiddle took Jhin's master class on killing people & took this line to heart
    "People scare better when they're dying."
    1. One getting the timing right to get their friend leave the helmet
    2. Fiddle placed a lantern in the dude's hand with a raised arm so that it would go out like their life
    3. 0:51 you see fiddle take a peek at the new arrival so on cue his crows could start chipping leading into that dramatic arm fall + tongue like he going to sing
    4. Then goes to seal the deal, you know the thing Penniwise forgets to do. This is a glorious audition tape!

  53. I imagining a demo type PT or Outlast where you have to escape in 1st person from this "demon" as fiddlesticks, high fear

  54. New champ or fiddlesticks rework??

  55. Fear the stocks? Thank you Financial Investor Fiddlesticks.

  56. no sleep for me tonight

  57. 0:58 when my uncle is in my room pretending to be a lamp and he notices me noticing him

  58. Fiddle with predator be like: 1:03

  59. LOL: we feature short films once in a while
    FORTNITE: but do u have fashion show in gameplay?

  60. Fiddle is him and his friends getting ready to raid your bag of takis

  61. Whatever it is, nerf it

  62. Doooooou el fiddle apareció se armó la podrida

  63. Avengers League of Legends

  64. Welcome to champion spotlight, featuring Fiddlesticks, the fast boi. As a spooky scarecrow one of the crucial early game core items is mobility boots…

  65. How I imagine playing with fiddlesticks

  66. Deuzulivre esse bixo, avemaria

  67. 1:02 when i find out who turned off the wifi

  68. NOPE NOEE NOPE!!!!!

  69. the creepiest part was when fiddle said help me using the dead dude voice some chills runned down my spine

  70. Why you make me cryy😭😭😭

  71. fiddlesticks rework lets go

  72. They should have kept his voice lines for the meme… and for my little heart :'(

  73. True Fear is back on the menu boys.

  74. I'm scared and excited at same time.

  75. fiddlestick sit on my face pls

  76. This teaser was like ww but scarier

  77. I think I'll let you suffer for a while

  78. Who got JumpScare in the ending like if you did

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