Testing Gracie Academy knife-defence – does BJJ work for knife-defence?

Testing Gracie Academy knife-defence – does BJJ work for knife-defence?

Now the Gracies are definitely a powerhouse when it comes to grappling but the question is do those skills transfer over to knife-defence? they put out a video teaching knife-defence a while ago and today I’m going to look at that video and test that technique out with real resistance to see if it works here’s the video 1, 2 at the same time and I step forward and then my hand protecting the vital organs right here as I pull this my hand overlaps my own hand and then I roll him forward my hand in front of his chest so he can’t lean forward if I bend over now I can accomodate the pressure I can also hold right here I lift up my elbow and he drops the knife now to show that I understand how to do the technique and I’m not failing because I have no idea what I’m doing I’m going to do it a couple of times successfully let’s go now let’s try it while he’s trying to kill me I could not get that to work at all by the time I’ve like got my hand around that elbow you’re already pulling back yeah alright – take 2 this time, even though it’s what you would do try not to grab the back of my head cause they might be like “if they do that we have a different technique” take #3, this time he can’t grab the back of my neck aaaaaaand it’s bullshit you think “these guys aren’t knife specialists” but we are (giggling like a pet rock on heat) unfortunately no one has the answer to knife defence if you end up coming head-to-head with someone that has a knife you’re probably gonna end up in the hospital the best thing you can do is train as realistically as possible and to see a video on how to do that click this one up here should be a little “i” thing goin’ on so click on that – video will be there and as usual if you want to see my own training videos check out my instagram which is here and thank you to everyone from patreon who helps to make these videos possible and that’s it, I gues I will see you next week

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  1. In order to survive knife attack, all you need is gambeson and riveted chain mail. Only hammer and modern crossbow capable penetrating those gambeson and riveted chainmail

  2. One technique for one situation applied to a varied attack will obviously result in failure. If the attacker behaves as yours did the response should be completely different than the technique demonstrated. Next video: I'll show you how a jab counter is bad because it doesn't work against a cross or an upper cut.

  3. Great video. Basically, 99% of knife defense techniques on the internet are bull shit and will get you killed. From my limited experience training in my garage with my friend, the best and only defense against a knife is to maintain space and throwing jabs.

  4. In fairness the only defense that might actually work against a knife is, Run like fuck

  5. Why didn't that work!? Everything works in a demo. Nest defense in a knife attack is runfu and superior foot speed! Or shoot the bad guy in the face.

  6. 1. You will always get wounded from a knife attack.
    2. Knife defense rarely work realistically
    3. They're BJJ, their course is decent. But BJJ isn't for against weapons. They should stick to kissing and humping people on the floor.

  7. The short answer? The rate is low. Really low… Also you'd have to be expecting it just to even stand any percent of a chance.

  8. Thanks for this.

    I trained Doce Pares Escrima, which aside from the primary rattan stick weapon, also had a good deal of knife fighting. I was blessed with an instructor who, while teaching us the curriculum's unarmed knife defense techniques, acknowledged that they really don't work.

    As everyone with half a brain knows, unarmed against a knife attacker, you'd better hope you can run faster, and hope you can dodge if your attacker knows how to throw the knife.

  9. Ryron does some basic training in Eskrima.

  10. Knife defense 101: ALWAYS CARRY A LOADED GUN!

  11. Lmfao, I used to train Muay Thai and Muay Thai has way better chance of surviving a knife attack than bjj and even Muay Thai fighter won't be able to defend knife easily. Only thing useful from Muay Thai is a push kick to keep the distance away and a perfect boxing punch or perfect round house kick to the attacker's face to knock them out and chance of that happening under a dangerous situation is very slim due to amount of pressure and fear. But trying to get close and grapple and arm lock? Hahahahahahahaha, what a joke.

  12. You just proved you DON'T know how to do the technique by doing it INCORRECTLY. You're not going to learn this one from a non-instructional video. You also don't understand the context in which this technique is taught at the academy. Which is sad, because it's actually covered to some extent even in the non-instructional video. Go watch it again. Or better yet, go to the Academy, have them teach it to you. Come back and try again in the proper context.

  13. not a good demonstration . If the attacker knows your defense he'll counter it . With your logic no bjj techniques work because they can all be countered.

  14. I dont do bjj and wont defend it, but does the original vid explain what to transition to if you dont nail the teq demonstrated? This vid's methodology was like trying to beat up a guy with only a jab then sayin jabs are bs.

  15. Self defense with knife is very danger. Very good your explanation about reality self defence. The people like of the thing magics and situation real are difference. The man want to kill you. He not stop of attack. Go have blood to full sides.

  16. Actually it could work but after some hundreds of hours of training, I don't think the gracies can do it.

  17. Escrima and silat has a lot of counter to knife because they also use knife techniques.

  18. if this video was released 2 years ago, it would get tons of dislikes because everybody were riding BJJ/Gracie/Brazilian dick. now that many brazilian MMA fighters flopped as soon as drug tests came into play, and bjj guys are getting owned by wrestlers, people can actually see this video more objectively. now all the big gutted americans that trained with the gracies in brazil, took their shit and flew to train with khabib in the mountains Lol. now we learn to grab legs together. this is just too funny

  19. Does a video about how grabbing the arm doesn’t work. Recommends a video on knife combative course which involves grabbing the arm.

  20. Even a gun vs knife gets you cut. Only one good knife defense: RUN AWAY!!!!

  21. Here's the one element that you didn't truly look at and that is the element of surprise so you practice on somebody and then you pull a completely new person in and have them really try to hurt you it's the element of surprise in any self-defense situation. Show your test is Fallas

  22. (Added a PS.)
    Nope. That's not what they were showing. They were showing a guy that attacks with one thrust. Not all people intend to repeat their attempts to stab. You can even find many videos where the attacker just attempts one stab, or one stab and jumps around trying to get a second clean shot. Some attackers do think that they are going to get the job done with one attempt, and it is very possible, so it is to them that this move may be used; they don't think of retracting cause their mind is fixed on applying enough force behind the knife for a deeper entry. This move needs alot of practice even for that case, so yes it's not worth it, but saying it's not realistic is not exactly accurate, since this senario can take place FOR REAL, even if rarely. It's all about the attacker's mentality and perfect timing form the defender.
    (This in fact was "a reality check" for YOU.)
    PS. I just your video with pressure testing a knife attack which is a good way of training. BUT no solution is given there. Having said that, any solution you provide will – by your own terms- BE PROVEN WRONG. It will be prevented, it won't work even when you try it with the same partner in the video, but again, in some rare case it may work. That's how things are when it comes to knives.

  23. I like this ju jitsu system better overall and its knife defenses seem better

  24. Great video brother, I'll be uploading mine soon. Would love to collaborate in the future.

  25. I've been training in martial arts for over 54 years and I have NEVER seen a knife defence that I think would work 100% in reality. You "might" get lucky and be able to damage the attacker enough so that you can escape but you'd more than likely still get cut.

  26. Simple solution if he's gonna have a gun bring a gun also but a better one, fire arm and stay away from knife range you will be successful

  27. Great video. As a practitioner of multiple martial arts, self defence and fighting style disciplines, with over 30 years of experience, let me assure you there are only 2 sports that are truly effective against knife attacks: sprinting and shooting.

  28. Shit head killed me ??????

  29. What a fucking shitty vid…

  30. Most IBJJF approved BJJ systems don't teach knife defence or real world self defence. It is a sport-based system and doesn't claim to be anything else. In my opinion trainers marketing it as a bulletproof all circumstances self defence system aren't being honest. Most sensible BJJ trainers I met tell you to just get out of there if someone pulls a knife. If you're really interested in knife defence look for a martial art that teaches it (not aikido).

  31. First and best rule is don't be a hero. Run from any fight if you can and have no one to protect or nothing critical on the line.

  32. Yeah best defence against a knofe is to use whatever you have handy. Amazes me that none of these self proclaimed experts call to that… for instance a rock, handful of dirt spit in his face, a belt, a shoe etc . Its as if the inly thing you have is your empty hand.

  33. Where did you get that "Animals Are Not" shirt?!

  34. OK so this is the biggest thing that you need to do I think with somebody has a knife you need to make as much space as possible. You also can grab other things like I don’t know what chair! I think I can grab a table and throw It! I can use that as a shield, or different things or I can actually grab a shirt or coat the main thing that I believe you need to learn about knife defense is how not to get hurt as badly so you do will get cut for sure but it’s about not getting cut that kills you!

  35. The only can save against a knife is a gun and better be trained in arms also batton can e helo, only legit and realistic training and fma maybe have a change, MAYBE

  36. I don't know about that. I guess it could (big emphasis in "could ") work if you drill it hard every single day. Knife attacks are the most difficult to defend (almost impossible I dare say for regular people) Unless you have a weapon, if you see it, run. That's what I would do.

  37. Note. Being stabbed (back/head) myself, I know the reality of the threat. People making knife defense videos, pretending it’s a “matter of technique” or “skill”, make me sick. In no real scenario is there a realistic advantage of you defending yourself of a person wilding a knife, dedicated to inflict harm. People teaching this should remind the students to always consider escaping the situation. Understand, that running away (if possible), is ALWAYS a better option than to prove yourself. Now, I’m not saying that knowing techniques is useless, just don’t put your life on it. Also, most attacks happen at night, under the influence of alcohol or drugs. So your awareness is compromised, visually and mentally. Train awareness, and always having a escape route. There is no need to defend, if you can avoid it from the beginning 😉
    Thanks for your video. It really shows how a more realistic scenario would look like

  38. Props for your shirt

  39. The closest I've seen was the defense by the SBG guy Karl Tanswell (rip) with his S.T.A.B. defense. But you are right this is BS.

  40. You are limited to the technique you can use while the other person is not. ?

  41. If you think defending against one knife attacker was bad imagine what Julius Ceasar was thinking.

    Eh tutu Brutus?

  42. I do BJJ, I wouldn't fight someome with a knife unless I a weapon or had no choice but to try and disarm. I've caught plenty of people in Americanas and Kimuras and it's a basic and widely known knife defense. I could grab a knife and do the same video to diss your knife disarm techniques.

    Remember, BJJ was developed in the ghettos of Brazil where stabbings were common. I don't know any "self defense" guy that has won any street fights, it's typically martial artists lol

  43. That’s the most beat male shirt I’ve seen today

  44. hello, can you test the technics in this video?

  45. This is the first time I am watching your videos (came here from Ramsey Dewey channel (very interesting guy), dude they are hilarious! you must definitely make more material .. cheers

  46. I practice aikido, so I'm not an expert with knives. I'm starting practicing a little of kali, but just once a week, so again, I'm not an expert.

    In my humble opinion, you can't focus on one single disarm technique. I mean, you should take the better techniques that are out there and make a personal collage.

    It's a concept that is worthy not only in knife disarm, but in all kinds of fighting. You can't insist on a technique that, at one point, becomes pointless (not intended pun).

    I know, this particular technique is not a good one and it could come out one time out of one hundred.

    If you didn't do it yet, why don't you make a video where you have more disarm techniques to try and you can choose which one to use ? It would make more sense.

  47. I can’t believe you don’t have way more subs! This is great! I work in a prison and you would be great at like a seminar for correctional officers. What about lock in a sock defense?

  48. That's why the gun because so popular ..

  49. Just had to mention … he has a tatto on his wrist saying non-voilense

  50. what kind of martial art you do? or system of defense you do?

  51. sorry my english is very poor

  52. Um, we all miss you. Are you only on Patreon or Instagram or something? People around the world (hi! from the US!) miss your vids.

  53. Bjj v knife = death

  54. gracie= pussy! bjj= PUSSY. See Sakuraba as he proved laying on your back like a turtle in heat will not save you. gracie = scammers and PUSSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. And for those so called great bjjjj scammers that have personally threatened me, well come to my house, lay on your back like a turtle in heat and find out what a 308Win will do to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumbasses!

  56. @Reality Check Self Defense
    You are very bad at managing distance and just fighting in general, like literally a beginner and you're really bad at this technique so for you to be that confident and make fun of the Gracie's is disrespect towards something you have no knowledge about, so go ahead and close your "self defense" channel down because you don't know anything about it lol

  57. You are so loose on his arms nothing is practiced, and you aren't couping your own hand; your just doing it completely wrong and wondering why your so bad at it

  58. A plastic chair and good knowledge of kendo is more suitable against a knife attack.

  59. Just found your channel, loving the vids, realistic stuff. Nice shirts too. Vegan Power!

  60. Knife lol u will run even if u are the best fighter in the ring . Knife dont care who u are and spacialy one who can use knife or sword lol game over against knife u must use longer weapon and be fast thats it

  61. If this was a legit self defense technique, people would never let an uppercut work.

    If even a fraction of the BS knife disarms like this one were effective, boxing would be useless in MMA, and every fight would end in a joint lock.

  62. There's one thing you're ignoring here. Thanks to their Gracie genes, it is physically impossible for them not to nail any sort of armbar in any situation in the first attempt. Obviously it doesn't work for you, you're not a Gracie.

  63. I noticed you havent been active on youtube for a few months. but if you ever want to do a podcast with me and some other guys from the martial arts community let me know. we'd like to have you for a chat!

  64. This is the second video Im now watching and my first thoughts are :
    You look normal (probably a trick :D)
    VERY acurate decent reality checks 10/10

    Im very happy to subscribe . Stay healthy bless you all 😀

  65. Try going to the philipines and try their painted knife fights

  66. not saying that gracie technique will work, but this is what happens if you take 1 technique from 1 video and apply it without context.

  67. Animals are not properly objects?! Lolol of course they are. Dogs, in particular, seem to love the affection for doggie treats arrangement! Lol

  68. Minimum amount of cuts! keep it like this.

  69. Googles guys! It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye. Tut tut

  70. Smith & Wesson have knife defense pretty well figured out.

  71. Love your videos! Please would you pressure test the techniques shown in this video

  72. BJJ is NOT a self-defense system. I'm sorry…but learning how to fight and shoot in general can be.

  73. What would fiore dei liberi do?

  74. The only way that could work is if the dude holding the knife was scared and didn’t actually want to stab you

  75. I have 1 knife defense technique. Run as fast as I can in the other direction.

  76. The only form of self-defense that works against a knife attack is parkour and good cardio… lol

  77. Brother your videos are great and deserve more views and subscribers. Try using some keywords and hashtags to increase them. Love you. Keep it up. ????

  78. why did you stop doing videos? They are great!

  79. Fuck dude put some fucking goggles on or something, he's gonna have your eyes one day

  80. There's isn't enough diss in this world for what the Gracies have done "for" self-protection. Bunch of greedy fakes scamming sports fan bois.

  81. I've trained FMA weapon-based systems for nearly 20 years. I think they're fun and energetic, but even I know what the best knife defense is: Walk away.
    You have enough things to worry about in life without having to deal with stab wounds or slashed tendons.

  82. Are you anti.. having a pet?

  83. Sad that you seem to be done uplaoding… really enjoy your content

  84. I'm a BJJ brown belt and I love BJJ great grappling system. but the whole self defence thing never settle with me. it's flaws are obvious, like most self defence techs are.

  85. I find it kinda funny when you tried it with the background music.

  86. It's like telling someone how to survive a zombie apocalypse. The odds are FAR from in your favor, but, IF you survive, you'll forever be a badass.

    In all honesty, knives, spears, guns, bows were made to give that person wielding them an ADVANTAGE.

  87. I always say, you want to learn to defend a knife, you need to do knife oriented martial art styles. You want to learn about grappling, do grappling styles. You put the two together, you can come to a real good conclusion. 🙂

  88. Please wear eyes protection while doing knife drills! You will need your eyes in the future.

  89. One thing that greatly affects the outcome of the experiment: the attacker already knew how you were going to neutralize the attack.

  90. Still laughing of when poops heads showed up, with the noise…
    About the technics, the only way I can think of is to, at the moment of the attack, change the angle like in boxing (45°) and move the upper body at 180° in the same time – front arm in philly shell protection which hits the attacking arm (hopefuly you see what I mean) then strike for ko (shots to the head with a right hook left hook right hook, eventually sweep the oponent front leg, then kick his head like a soccer ball) without focusing on the knife. In my opinion, legs kicks can also be used to keep distance if what I've just said did not work at firts, at least, now he has a doubt. I would not try to disarm the opponent unless he is ko. When done, take the knife and slowly, calmly, cut his face so that he will remember the day. oh, if he tries to say something like "I'll find you and k… you", please FINISH him (if nobody see you of course). Does someone agree with this ?

  91. I think this technique is a good 'finisher' AFTER you managed to soften your opponent with some strikes to the head and stabilize their arm. So basically it's something you can do after successful '360 defense'.

  92. Love it calling Gracies out on thier shit.

  93. The only best way to defend against knife (and such weapons) is strike the attacker, don't bother to grab or doing any techniques, just strike the attacker, no matter using punch or kick or elbow, whatever suit you in such situation. It is a matter of who is faster win.

  94. Why the gay shirt?

  95. Let me say that your execution of the techniques was an embarrassment. No attempt to close distance. It made me cringe.

  96. The serious assassination attempt aka the Folsom prison grab-n-stab like a singer sowing machine is pretty difficult to defend against. The internet knife guru's live in a dojo. The guy who grew up in a broken home and did 10 years in prison and lived in a violent hell would be the person to give someone knife advice. I had a guy at a gas station pull a box cutter on me while I was pumping gas and my wife and son were in the gas station. I distracted him and then used the car as a shield between me and him. Thankfully the gas station owner ran out with a phone calling the cops during this and I made it uncut. I don't think I would have been so lucky if I hadn't noticed the tweaker creeping up behind my car.

  97. Great video..when he first attacked, and you were able to create distance…why not run?

  98. Instead of saying knife defense, one should say defense against a low stab.

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