The 2019 Finale, With Pokemon Sword & Shield And The GGSP Game Awards! | Ep 42 | 2019

The 2019 Finale, With Pokemon Sword & Shield And The GGSP Game Awards! | Ep 42 | 2019

Welcome to Good Game Spawn Point
and our final episode for 2019. I’m Gem.
I’m Will. And I’m Rad. (SNIFFS)
Yep, and I can smell those holidays. But first, Pocket Monsters assemble. We’ve got a full review
of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Plus, we’re gonna hand out
our GGSP 2019 Game Awards. Because everyone likes
different sorts of games, I’ve devised a foolproof way to pick
the one best game of the year. OK, what’s that? It’s just this. You press this
button and it’ll give you an answer. It’s science. DARREN: Processing… Processing… It’ll take a while. Processing Best Game of 2019. Estimated time to completion –
4.62 million years. You know, I’ve got a dartboard. Yep, OK. Everyone’s favourite
pocketable monsters are back to ask the question,
which is better – a dog with a sword
or a dog with a shield? Boatmeal. Boatmeal is better. Oh, yeah. That’s a given. (BRIGHT, UPBEAT GAME MUSIC) Set in the Galar region, Pokemon Sword and Shield
is the eighth generation of the beloved series. Other than a few exclusive Pokemon
and different gyms, there’s not too much difference
between the two versions. As always,
you play a hopeful young trainer who wants to be the very best,
like no-one ever was. It’s wholesome and cheesy with
the story told through cut scenes and fun Pokemon battles. The great personality
in the cut scenes, though, made it feel a little weird that
they weren’t also voice acted. I know that would be a huge leap
for the series and I get why they didn’t do it –
the game is enormous. But I just kind of wish they did. Even if it was voice acted, though,
I don’t think that would have been enough to get me on board
with these story moments. I know that’s super unlike me
but I just didn’t really enjoy them. They’re sudden and stilted
and made the pacing feel off, and I felt like all the talking got
in the way of what I really wanted – battling. Yes. Didn’t I just talk to you two? Yeah. Boring! Yeah, they game does make you
read a lot, but I’m not sure that anyone ever
plays Pokemon for the story anyway. The good news is that
the battles are stunning, thanks largely to
the addition of Dynamax. Activating this power super-sizes
your Pokemon, increasing their stats and giving them powerful Max moves. Dynamaxing looks really impressive and it’s funny to see your
enormous Pokemon go toe to toe with tiny, regular Pokemon. Oh, it’s so small.
What are you doing there, buddy? Ah, doesn’t even stand a chance. You can also battle while Dynamax
Pokemon by activating a Pokemon den. These appear in the wild area, which is a new expansive open area
teeming with wild Pokemon. In these Dynamax battles, you can
choose to Dynamax your own Pokemon which lasts for three turns,
and if you defeat the wild Pokemon you have the opportunity
to catch it. It kind of mixes in elements
of the raids from Pokemon GO as you can take on these battles
with friends. Yeah, but I never felt I needed to because every wild Dynamax battle
I did was disappointingly easy. They do look amazing, though. In fact, the whole game does. Instead of the classic
top-down look, Sword and Shield uses a third person
view similar to more mature RPGs. It’s a big move for the series
and it took me a little while to get used to,
but I think it pays off. Yeah, it really shows off
the environment design. There’s great variety and it doesn’t feel like
anything overstays its welcome. Vast, open areas allow the game
to show off, while dynamic time of day and weather
keeps things fresh in the wild area. I really like the wild area
in general because it made it easier
to farm Pokemon. Which you’ll need to do because grinding is still
a huge part of these games. Like Pokemon Let’s Go, you can see wild Pokemon
wandering about the grass. There’s also impressively large
Pokemon who are extra strong. I love being able to see Pokemon
before entering battle. It feels like it really
streamlines the game. What doesn’t streamline the game,
though, is the need to have a well-balanced
team of different Pokemon types. Did you try to just level up
two Pokemon and win the whole game like that? I was doing that
and it was going so well! Until it wasn’t going so well. In Sword and Shield,
you need to pay attention to which types are effective
at attacking or defending against other types. You also need a handle
on how abilities work and how best to exploit them. It can make all the difference.
Yeah. I don’t feel like I had to be as on
top of it in previous Pokemon games, but here it ups the ante
of the strategy. It made things feel
a little extra grindy to me. But I don’t mind zoning out
and battling away. That’s just classic Pokemon. And all in all,
this is classic Pokemon, updated for the latest generation. And that’s exactly what I wanted. Training up your team and battling
against gyms is as fun as ever. And the new wild area makes this
all the more easy and fun. I’m giving Pokemon Sword and Shield
4.5 out of 5 rubber chickens. I just loved getting into fights with
all my silly nicknamed Pokemon. In fact, you could strip the story
right back here and I’d be very happy. So I’m giving it 4.5 rubber chickens. So Rad, I thought we agreed to
dress as our starter Pokemon. You know, I’m Scorbunny. So what’s with Ball Guy? Well, what better costume
for your mate Raddles than your mate Ball Guy? Good spawning, Australia. It’s time for The Scoop, with me, DARREN! This week one of GGSP’s fabulous
human presenters, please welcome Rad! Oh, hi, everyone. I can’t believe it’s the last Scoop
of the year already. Haha!
Time flies when you’re having fun. Now, usually we’d kick off
with DARREN’s Challenge! But I have something special planned
for the end of The Scoop instead. So without delay,
let’s dive straight into some news. First up, the brain-baffling puzzle
game Baba Is You will be getting a level editor next year. Not only will you be able
to try your hand at creating your own
crafty Baba puzzles, there will also be an online
level sharing feature. Oh, cool! Baba Is You is great,
and I do love a good puzzle. Let the mind-boggling recommence. Haha! Confusing humans with puzzles
is such fun. In other news, an Undertale live show
is coming to the US next year. Orchestral versions of Undertale’s
iconic music will take centre stage, along with story segments and arrangements of some
unreleased tracks. An interactive storyline will be
voted on by the live crowd too. A little out of our hemisphere,
but who knows? Maybe one day it’ll travel
to Australia. Oh, they could call it
Down Undertale. Haha! Speaking of live performances,
for this final Scoop of the year, I’ve arranged
a special musical guest. Oh, cool! Who is it? Is it Farnsey? Or 5SOS? Even better. It’s me! Hit it, Boats! # Is this the real life? # Is this an RPG? # Caught in the headset,
caught in virtual reality # Open your browser # Look up how to build PCs # I’m just a poor bot # I need more memory # Because it’s easy… # What’s that noise? I think that’s all we have time for,
DARREN. Wait, wait. At least just let me
skip to the best part. (CLEARS THROAT) # Mumbot, I’ve lasered noobs # Charge my lasers every day # Zap the noobery away… # We need to cut the music. Boatmeal! Pull the plug. Oh! I was just getting into it. OK. Come now, DARREN.
That’s enough. # Oh, mumbot mia, mumbot mia,
let me go Well,
that’s it for The Scoop this year. Until next time,
goodnight, Australia. (CHUCKLES) # Any way the noobs go. # (SWEEPING AWARDS CEREMONY MUSIC) Hello, and welcome to
the 2019 GGSP Game Awards, the most prestigious and respected
game awards event on ABC ME. That’s right, Gem. Here at the GGSP Game Awards
for 2019, we award excellence in family
friendly gaming entertainment. It’s a G and PG affair
here on GGSP. Indeed. But before we get
to the major awards, we’d like to hand out
our honourable mentions for outstanding achievement in
various fields of video gamery. (UPLIFTING, DRAMATIC MUSIC) Congratulations to all of those. So much honourableness
worth mentioning. Indeed. But now let’s go
to our first major award for the game with the most
outstanding audible assets. You know, games that have great music
and sound effects. Yes. The nominees for
our Best Sound are… Outer Wilds, Untitled Goose Game, Cadence of Hyrule, and Beat Saber. And the winner is… ..Outer Wilds. Yes, Outer Wilds featured truly
excellent sound design which perfectly captured
the often lonely and at times frightening journey through this intriguing
solar system. Not to mention a beautiful
and catchy soundtrack which was woven expertly into the
gameplay with various instruments and music playing a key role
in solving the many riddles throughout this mysterious adventure. Yes. Outer Wilds was truly
out of this world. Congratulations to the team
at Mobius Digital. But now for our next award, we’ll be recognising games
with the most glorious graphics. Games that just look great. The nominees for Best Graphics are… ..Planet Zoo, Concrete Genie, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. And the winner is… ..Kingdom Hearts 3. Oh, that’s easy! While the story may be complicated, it’s easy to see how beautiful
this game is. ALL: Humans! With gorgeous lighting, effects
and character models, it was a true showcase
of modern graphics. Sure is! Not to mention the fact that it
managed to convincingly capture the look and feel
of so many classic movies… Put ‘er there. ..rivalling even Pixar-level
animation in real-time. Tigger! Yes, Kingdom Hearts 3
is certainly a visual feast fit for a king. Congratulations to the team
at Square Enix. Now it’s time to recognise the games
that helped bring friends together, and also tear them apart. The nominees for
Best Multiplayer Game are… Crash Team Racing, Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Update, Team Sonic Racing, and Plants vs. Zombies:
Battle for Neighborville. And the winner is… ..Plants vs. Zombies:
Battle for Neighborville. This was one of the year’s
more pleasant surprises. Becoming available to play
as soon as it was announced, we were treated to
a delightful smorgasbord of undead versus plant-based
multiplayer mayhem. Yes, its bright designs,
clever character classes and multitude of multiplayer modes made for a brilliant team-based
shooter that kept us coming back for just one more game,
game after game. Congratulations to the team
at PopCap Games. But now it’s time
to award our winner for the game that told
the best tale. Yes, the nominations
for Best Story are… Concrete Genie, Knights and Bikes, A Short Hike, and Outer Wilds. And the winner is… ..Outer Wilds. Outer Wilds told a story almost
unlike any we’ve seen before, giving us a solar system
full of clues and mysteries and leaving it up to us
to unravel it all. All of which was set within
a very clever mechanic that had us reliving
the last moments of a dying star over and over again. It truly captured a magical sense
of discovery as we pieced it all together
bit by bit, discovering new tales and figuring out what happened
with each play through. Not to mention it delivered
one of the most memorable, profound and mind-bending finales
in gaming history. Congratulations again to the team
at Mobius Digital for nabbing your second award. But now it’s time for
the biggest award of all. The big kahuna. The grand poohbah. The…other big thing. It’s time for our Game of the Year. And the nominees for
Game of the Year are… ..Outer Wilds, Untitled Goose Game, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Luigi’s Mansion 3. Hello? And the winner of the Golden Rubber
Chicken for Best Game is… Ooh, wait, can we do it together? Oh, OK, yeah. And the winner is…
(DRUMROLL) ALL: Untitled Goose Game! This charming game about a goose
stealing people’s stuff and being a feathered nuisance
was quick to steal our hearts and steal our Game of the Year award. (HONK!) Genius in its concept,
perfect in its simplicity and elegant in its execution, this game more than any other
this year captured the hearts and minds of gamers around the world, even capturing
mainstream media attention for its absurdly adorable premise. From its whimsical waddle,
hilarious honk and those cold, emotionless eyes, we all took a ridiculous
amount of joy out of embodying this cheeky goose as it made its way through
its to-do list of trivial terror. Why!? (LAUGHS) All set to that amazingly responsive
and playful soundtrack that made us feel like
we were running wild through the set of Play School. A pure joy from start to finish. And it was made right here
in Australia too. Indeed. A huge congratulations
to the team at House House in Melbourne. And congratulations,
Untitled Goose Game. We now bestow upon you the title of
the GGSP Game of the Year for 2019. So many great winners! But that’s all the awards
we have for this year. I can’t wait to see who wins
the Golden Rubber Chicken next year. Untitled Chicken Game.
I’m calling it now. Hmm, this is weird. My laptop screen is frozen
and there’s just an image of DARREN. What is he up to? (TYRES SCREECH)
Greetings! Haha! Ah, hi, DARREN.
What are you doing down here? Oh, I thought considering
it’s the last Ask SP of the year, I’d come down and help in person. Or in robot. Haha! Oh, how thoughtful of you. Now, let’s take a look at a video
question while I get all settled in. Oh, look,
here’s a video from King Wario! Waha! Hi, GGSP. It’s Wario here. I have a couple
of questions for you all. One, am I evil or good
in the Mario franchise? And two, is Waluigi and I brothers? I’m curious. Thank you. But before I go, Gem, do these. (GRUNTS) (CACKLES) Thank you. Catch you later. Thanks for your video, King Wario. Everyone, remember to bow now. ALL: Wahhhh! Yeah, thanks, King Wario. In answer to your first question
about whether Wario is good or evil, well… Wario has traditionally been cast
as a villain in the Mario games, ever since his first appearance
in Super Mario Land 2 for the Game Boy. His name is derived
from a combination of Mario’s name and the Japanese word ‘warui’,
which means bad. Because of this and his depiction
as greedy and a bit gross, Wario has long been considered
to be evil Mario. Although, DARREN,
I think it’s worth mentioning that in the Wario Land series
and Wario World, Wario is the main playable character and is portrayed more ambiguously. So not really 100% good or evil. Good point, Will. Now on to whether Wario
and Waluigi are brothers. Well, first off, I find it a little
worrying that Wario himself doesn’t know if Waluigi
is his own brother. Well, there is some conflicting
information out there about this, actually, Gem. While Mario and Luigi are brothers, Waluigi is known as Luigi’s
evil counterpart and rival and it’s not 100% clear that Waluigi
is in fact the brother of Wario. Some confusion may have arisen back
when Waluigi was introduced as a character in Mario Tennis 64. At this time Wario was
reportedly referred to as Waluigi’s big brother. But some suggest this could have
been a translation issue as the Japanese word
for ‘big brother’ can also mean a superior
or a person with seniority. Charles Martinet, the voice actor
for Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi has said he isn’t sure if
Wario and Waluigi are brothers and that he simply imagined them to be just two nice, evil guys
who found each other. “Nice, evil guys”? That’s a bit
of a contradiction, isn’t it? Yeah, I guess it is. I’m pretty sure I have heard
other theories that Wario and Waluigi are cousins,
friends, or that Waluigi is Wario’s sidekick. So, come to think of it, I guess I don’t blame King Wario
for not being sure about this one. Affirmative. Sometimes questions like this
simply raise more questions. Oh, speaking of which,
we should have another question. (LAUGHS) This is so much fun. I wish we could answer questions
forever! Oh, but would you look at that? I think we only have time for one
more, so why not have another video? And this one comes from Ollie. Hi, GGSP. I’m Ollie, I love your show, and
I’ve got three questions for you. One, will Subnautica: Below Zero
come to any other platforms? Two, what’s your favourite weapon
in Splatoon 2? And three, in Splatoon 2
there’s bubbles above people’s heads and I don’t like it because
they’ve said some rude words. Can you turn those bubbles off? Oh, and my dog has
a question for DARREN. (BARKS/HOWLS) Thanks, Ollie. If you’re wondering
if Subnautica: Below Zero will come to any other platforms, well, while it is currently in
early access for PC and Mac, the plan is for it to come to
Xbox One and PS4 eventually as well. It’s possible it might be available
for Microsoft’s game preview, the early access equivalent
for Xbox One, at some stage before
an official launch. But the developers are reluctant to
confirm those official launch dates before they have all their pen wings
in a row, so to speak. Good one, DARREN. As for our favourite
Splatoon 2 weapons, well, I usually go with the
Tentatek Splattershot. It’s just a great,
versatile all-rounder. What about you, Gem? Well, it depends. I kinda like the dual wielding fun
of the Splat Dualies. But for turf wars,
I like to go with the rollers to really lay down some ink
for the team. As for whether you can turn off
the Splatoon 2 speech bubbles, you should be able to disable
the ones that show up in Inkopolis by going to your menu,
then options and then other, where you can turn off post display. Then just press the plus button
to open your equip menu and when you return
post should be hidden. Now, DARREN, what do you say
in answer to Ollie’s dog’s question, whatever it was? Hmm. You know, I might need to update
my canine language modules. I don’t seem to understand
that particular dog dialect. I’m sure Boatmeal could help you out
with that one. But I think that’s all the time
we have for Ask SP this week, and for this year. And what a year of Ask SP it was. If you sent us a video that
didn’t make it onto the show, there’s still a chance
we might get to it next year. Or better yet, go here… ..and send us a fresh one for when we return in 2020! Haha! How exhilarating to do
the website swishy thing. I feel so alive. I should come to the desk more
often, shouldn’t I? Huh? Huh? (LAUGHS) Well, GGS-peeps,
that’s all we have for you in 2019, because we’re gonna take a break
over the summer holidays. Yay! Holidays! I’ve got to say, though, thanks to
all of you for making me feel so welcome as the new guy this year. It’s great to have you
as part of the team, Will, and I can’t wait to see what games
we get to play together in 2020. Indeed. With new consoles like the PS5
and the next Xbox on the way, oh, it’s going to be an exciting
new year! I can’t wait, DARREN. And of course, Good Game Spawn Point will be
back on your screens in February, so keep an eye out for our return. In the meantime, have a
great summer break, happy Christmas and we’ll see you all in 2020. Will out.
Gem out. Rad out.
DARREN out. # Deck the halls
with gaming consoles # Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la # Give the noob the bad controller # Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Captions by Red Bee Media Copyright Australian
Broadcasting Corporation

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