The 2019 Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team Training Camp

The 2019 Specialized Zwift Academy Tri Team Training Camp

For many swimming 2.4 miles riding 112 and running a marathon in a single day. Sounds crazy. These eight athletes from
all over the world. Are living the dream. Members of the best supported amateur
tri team in the world A single goal unites them. A strong finish at the Ironman World
Championships in Kona Picking up Justin. Coming in from New
Hampshire. Nice to finally meet you! I mean it’s great to put faces to the
names and when the athletes got through
to the last round of the Zwift Academy. And I Skyped
a few of the guys to let them know
and they were I think a bit like. Oh wow! But I don’t
think it really sunk in Just the enormity at what’s to come
this year. Leading up to Kona. Hey how you doing?
What’s up Todd. [Back and forth joking] Are you Todd? I think I might be. For me going into Ironman, I know
that I just had this laundry list of questions. And I had to
reach out to other professionals. Now I can fulfill
that role. I’m able to give back to the sport. New shoe day is always a good day. Yeah, I do feel like a pro now. The pressures on. I think you
know I’m definitely feeling it. From kind of being injured at the
moment. It’s a bit like oh you know, I don’t feel
that I can kind of go to the races that I’ve got coming up and do
what I want to do. I do feel pressure but it’s pressure
I put on myself. It’s just I know how badly I want this I mean Ruth is a really good athlete
she’s world champion in my age group so I look up to her. Just gonna follow Sarah True. Better off
to follow what she’s doing rather than try make up my own stuff. So take the
opportunity Are you swimming with me? Awesome! Yeah! So what’s great is you have
no concept of pace, since it’s yards. Perfect! Iroman scared me for a long long
time. So I was racing short course triathlon. Doing 70.3’s but I always
knew Iroman was where it’s at. And I love endurance. Like I always trained long but was
scared to race it and when I was 30. I thought it was time to do it.
So I went to Busselton. And moved to Ironman and had
a really really good day. I got hooked from there. How was it Ruth? Horrendous! Trying to keep up with Maggie. She doesn’t look like she’s trying. I’m there like puffing and huffing. And she’s not even out of breath! I come from an ultra running
background. So the longest ultra race I’ve done
is 100 miles. I had to have surgery in September of
2017. And it was going to lay me up for like six
to eight months of no running. So at point I decided to not get down
about it but to take on some other challenge. And I grew up swimming so I have a
fairly intensive swimming background I just picked up the bike and just started
riding. In probably like January of 2018 And just went all in on the Ironman. She’s probably one of the best age group
swimmers there’s ever been. You know she’s done one Ironman which
she won outright. Low 9 hours. I think she’s level 462 on Zwift. She loves the indoor riding. But then I
rode with her and I couldn’t bloody drop her on the descent! We were going about 75-80 kilometers
an hour. Justin is the young lad of the group.
Who has something to prove. I just. I just like having fun. I’m gonna do my first Ironman
in July. July 14th.
Nine weeks, only nine weeks! Because I wanna go to Kona. It’s the World Championships! I think Iroman is a beast. You know
having gone from you know juniors Through to ITU, Olympics, 70.3, and
then Ironman. You know there’s a big step and the
younger you are, you don’t have much to call on in terms of experience All I know is it’s hot and it’s windy. I ask
people all the time how’s Kona? It’s hot. It’s great to see Justin you know.
Absolutely full of beans and confidence. And full of that passion that you know
we all had when we were that age. But you know I think he’s under no
illusion the task a hand Not only is he looking to do his first
Ironman but he’s looking to get on the podium This is where I’m gonna be at Kona.
Right here. For 26.1 miles. It’s always great to have supporters
try and run with me Biggest fear just how I’ll handle stepping
up the distance. The longest run I’ve ever done
was 20 miles. And that was like four years ago. Then you got Paul. Whose granddad. Man that boy can run! I did my first triathlon in 2009. It was bit
of a bet with a friend really. And I didn’t actually know
Ironman existed back then when we did the first one. So you know I thought a sprint was a
long way For him and Philipp and Levi you know
they really just absorbing everything And I think they’re really seeing this
as an opportunity to really you know take that one step up in Kona. Levi and I, we just found out that
we’re in the same age group. Because I’m going to turn 30
this year. I think he was shocked a bit A little anxious. But I said I’ll wait for him
in Kona at the finish line. And we cross it together. To be surrounded by such gifted athletes,
a couple of them are deciding to go pro next year and the hardest part
for me was I know what they can do when it’s
game time. Triathletes generally know better than
others but fit is like foundation Once you’re fit on the bike you
can maintain a aero position for longer and that is always speed and better
efficiency. So actually going through metabloic tests
and our human performance laboratory Specifically looking at trunk position,
looking at the sensitivity in terms of how the engines works then we’re correlating
that relative to their wind tunnel position. I’ve done 5 Ironman races to try and
qualify. And I’ve literally missed it with one spot
every single time. It’s just my Dad was podium in Kona. My Mom was South Africa’s best
Ironman athlete in her time. So it’s just. It’ll mean the world to me. I was in South Africa and I was there
on the run when Natia flying. And you know it’s amazing
to see her get on the podium in a home race. But for there
to be only one spot in her age group. It’s heartbreaking. How is the tunnel? It’s windy. I’m going to Hawaii 70.3. That’s my
goal race to try and qualify. My biggest weakness is myself. I doubt
myself. My coach, he just shakes his
head. But I am my biggest enemy. I think out of everyone. My position, I think they had the most trouble. Just because my crank size has changed
and I’ve never really been in a aero position on my bike. So hopefully I didn’t cause them
too much grief. Pressure getting to you? Yes. I’m supposed to be the oldest
and the wisest Yeah. And I don’t want to let the team
down. You know sometimes athletes have this
public persona that’s all happy-go-lucky. You know just a rabble rouser.
But then to be this good. You also have to have the other side
which is focused dedication. Do you miss me? I always miss you Justin. And I look forward to you coming home. Growing up I was a loud kid. Because I’m a small
guy physically so to compensate I had to be little louder and a little
more vocal. Well people will walk all over you
if you’re small and quiet. So I stand up for myself. There’s pressure in the race to like
qualify and do well. Like Zwift obviously picked me for the
team because they think I can do well. So I have to you know, live up
to that. What will happen if you don’t qualify? I haven’t really thought about it. I guess
I’ll have to do another race. If I can find one. The trainings going well? Yeah, trainings going well. Like if you ever have self-doubt or ever,
who do you speak to? I usually just talk to my coach I guess. And then he always says, don’t worry.
We’ll get there. Okay. My biggest strength? is when the gun goes off. That’s my biggest strength. Things just turn around and I go forward
and I am driven. Love hills. Yeah it was a good ride And today was a better day. She beat me by 2 seconds! Watch out Kona. She’s coming to get us. Yeah, where’s the hill in Hawi. You’ll
already be back in transition. How many throphies did you get
today? Sixteen! Woohoo Strava trophies! Almost as good as Zwift jerseys. But
not quite. The lady that does all of her riding inside
is a much better descender than I am! It’s alot of fun I just hung on when I could. Feeling competitive? Very Watching the girls, they’re very
impressive. Pushing some massive watts. That’s nearly as much as I do on some
of my training rides. Ruth to see her on Zwift. Doing a race I think everyone was blown away at
the number she was putting out Which is great but she does
that in races. Putting the pressure on early. Starting the little rivalry. No more friends from now on I beat him yesterday on the road,
up the hill. There’s no mountains in Kona. I mean Levi’s a great guy and to be
honest I’d rather see him on the podium. than somebody else if it’s not me. Paul I’m back in the Brits. We’re gonna dominate today. Come on Paul! Go! Go! Go! Go! There was a surprise. I sort of,
I gave them some false security I think at the start. Great group of people and the camp
Dad, Richard is a hoot. Just hilarious. Craig. Just everyone the whole crew
has been nothing but accommodating I mean I’m as prepared as I could be. I think. What was the face for? Well, there’s only 8 weeks left. My sixth race to qualify. Ahhh I’m not planning on being
runner up again. It’s just been like a dream come true. See you in Kona. Road to Kona 2019. Levi, Maggie, and Ruth Are sitting pretty with their Kona slots
secured. But what about the rest of the team. Will Natia shake off her second place
finish? That didn’t earn a Kona invite. Will Yvonne and Paul punch their Kona
tickets? So they can finally go for the
top step? How will Philipp fair in Austria? And what about Justin? How will he perform in his first Iron
distance race? Stay tuned The Specialized Zwift Academy Tri
teams Road To Kona. Is going to be a wild ride.

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