The Ass of the Starks (with Kumail Nanjiani) – Gay Of Thrones S8 E4 Recap

The Ass of the Starks (with Kumail Nanjiani) – Gay Of Thrones S8 E4 Recap

(Gasps) – Did you watch Game of Thrones Kumail? – Do you spend a lot of time moseying in Red Dead Redemption 2? – What’s that? – Oh, it’s like… a more violent version of Madonna’s don’t tell me video. – I love that song ♪ Gay Of Thrones Theme ♪ Oh my god, so at like first, it’s like hay gurl hay, checking in, everyone’s dead. As a matter of fact, Christina Aguilera is so shaken up after Sir Carlyle’s death she’s got to give him
some final parting words. I’m so sorry, I did not even get to sit on it once. – It’s ok, I’m dead now I don’t want anyone to sit on it. It was the sadest marshmello
roast i’ve ever seen, and i’ve been camping with Viola Davis. – So then at the funeral afterparty, Christina Aguilera shows
what a woke boss she is when she gives Gendry Fluid a promotion. – [Daenerys] You are Lord Gendry
Baratheon of Storms End. The lawful son of Robert Baratheon. Because that is what I have made you. (Crowd Toasting) – But it completely backfires because everyone is flipping their sh*t
for the assistant regional manager, Jon Snow. They’re wanting selfies, honey. They want to get on that story honey. Everyone just wants a little piece. – [Tormund] What kind of person climbs
on a f*cking dragon? A madman. Or a king! – Let me get this straight, Everyone wants time with Jon Snow
for crashing a dragon, meanwhile Christina has
been riding a dragon backwards and in heels for years and she’s just sitting in the corner,
no body wants to talk to her? – So then meanwhile, it’s closing time
over there at club Stark and everyone is on the prowl for their P T S D Post Traumatic Stress D*ck-ah ♪ Dance Music ♪ (Angry Grunting) And then it’s F*ck Watch 2019. So it seems like Mr. Grace Coddington Is finally gonna get to lay the pipes, seal the deal, put it in, plug in, make it right with little baby Tilda Swinton, when all of a sudden… Fuck Watch 2019 Remix – [Jaime] It’s bloody hot in here. – But then Jaime’s, like, really nervous because he hasn’t done it with anyone who’s like not related to him in a long time – [Brienne] What are you doing? – It wasn’t even that he
couldn’t get her bra off. He couldn’t even get his bra off. It’s like, kissing, fumbling, silence, fumbling, but it really doesn’t matter because they end up making magical sweet love and Tilda gets her V Card punched
with Brother D’s golden fist – And you’re thinking, finally something nice
happened to someone. WRONG! WRONG! This show is like trusting your parents to buy you the right SNES game for Christmas – Do you ever play Doom? Do you remember how scary that was? – Yes. There was a… Yes I do play Doom. – But also, that 007 game
was also really good. – Goldeneye – Yes! – What’s the guy, he’s a
hedgehog, he runs fast? – Sonic! – Correct. – The Sims. – Um, it’s like a space game with space super soldiers, they have armor all over their body? They have guns? – Apollo 13. – That’s a Tom Hanks movie. Well, what about the
game where there’s like ducks and you have to hunt them? – Duck Hunt! – Ah, what about the game where blocks are falling and if they become
friends they disappear– – Oh my god, Tetris! – Also there’s a game with soldiers killing each other, what’s that game? – That’s life, gurl, I’m so upset, you know
what i’m saying, like, I’m so sick of it, you
know what i’m saying? Tilda is completely d*ckmatized. – [Brienne] Stay with me. Please. – [Jaime] You think i’m a good man, (Crying) – You picked the F*ck Boi instead of the Good Boi Oh my god, I can’t count
the number of times I’ve had sex with someone,
and then they’ve gone to have sex with their sibling instead. I know Mr. Grace Coddington
was the right choice, but he did not put his best foot forward. – [Tormund] Now which one of you cowards
sh*t in my pants? – For once in the show,
the only people not getting it on are Jon Snow and Christina Aguilera. Her number one objective at this point is to keep his mouth so full of snatch, that he can’t go spill
the beans about the fact that he’s the heir to the throne. – [Daenerys] I’ve never
begged for anything. But i’m begging you, Don’t do this. Please. – And Jon Snow is like, don’t worry, i’m only
gonna tell three people. My sister who fully hates you, A cold blooded assassin, and a time travelling telepath. And they’re not gonna tell anyone! – [Varys] How many others know? – [Tyrion] Eight. – Well then it’s not a secret anymore. It’s information. – That was so triggering for me, when I was, like, 8 years old, my uncle Ralph told me my whole family was going to San Diego for Christmas
for our family vacation, but he told me I couldn’t tell anyone,
or we wouldn’t end up going. So obviously, I had to go get
all my cousins together, and tell everyone that we were
definately going to the San Diego Zoo. Three months later, he was like, well we were gonna go to San Diego, but, Jonathan told everyone, so now we
have to go to the St. Louis Zoo instead – That’s so cruel! – I know! – Then little Gendry Fluid
proposes to Baby Kill Bill at the half time of the Clippers game. It does not go well. – [Arya] You’ll be a wonderful lord and any lady would be lucky to have you. But i’m not a lady. (Crowd Groans) – And then it’s brother
time over at Gordon Biersch when Mayor Pete and
Brother D are catching up, havin a little reunion, when they are rudely interrupted by Used Car Salesman slinging slurs – [Bronn] All your c*cksucking grandsons can ruin the family with
their c*cksucking ways – Ew, homophobic much? I might suck all the D over the
age 29 I can get my hands on, but that does not make me a c*cksucker, that makes me someone with good taste, that makes me busy, and that also makes me, a damn Queen! So then everyone’s
saying their sad goodbyes to Jon Snow at winter camp when we find out he’s actually a living breathing EPT test. Two things i’ll tell you right now. You never ask a woman if she’s pregnant, and you never tell a woman
she should cut bangs. So then later, while they’re doing some fancy footwork, maying their way to dethrone Evil No Volume Carol Brady, we discover Christina Aguilera did not heed Sansa Fierce’s advice to ground her super max 737 dragons. – Jonathan, did you see
that scene of Mayor Pete dodging CGI arrows on the boat, and think, am I watching Game of Thrones
or am I playing Shenmue? (Arcade Beeps) (Arcade Beeps) (Arcade Beeps) – Back at the beach at swept away, Baby Barack is in a
desperate search for Solange but he can not find her and that’s because shes host​á​ge du jour at Evil No Volume Carol Brady’s condo. But don’t worry, it’s just all
a part of the festive atmosphere Because Evil No Volume Carol Brady
and Jared Let Himself Go are gearing up for their
monster reveal party. – [Cersei] The Lion shall rule the land,
the Kraken shall rule the sea and our child shall one day rule them all. – I don’t know if she’s actually pregnant,
or just using it as a ploy, Jon Snow should hug her,
it’s the only way to know. – I mean, what kind of HMO do they
have where he’s the only Snow-BGYN in town? – [Varys] He’s Temperate and measured. – And then Christina and co are serving Evil No Volume Carol
Brady an eviction notice. But Evil No Volume Carol Brady is like, B*tch, this is a rent controlled building and over my dead body you’re
taking me anywhere, besides, Baby Tom Tom added me to the lease last fall… (Yippee) – And Mayor Pete tries to make nice – [Tyrion] I beg you. – But Evil No Volume Carol Brady goes… – No Dice. She’s like, Don’t you dare use my
maternal instincts against me. I am just as vindictive
and unreasonable as any man! WHHHYYYYYYYYYY!!! – If George R.R. Martin
was writing on this season, for sure, everyone would die, and the last scene would be Ghost
standing on a pile of carcasses going, “Will someone pet me?” – Wow, wow, wow you are serving me some
short hair Jon Snow realness. – Hmm thank you. Where are… My dragons? Look at how cute you look! Oh my gawddd. Could you be any cuter? Turn Oh my god.

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