The Basic Rules of Basketball | Basketball

The Basic Rules of Basketball | Basketball

Învățarea regulilor jocului de baschet În acest videoclip, veți învăța regulile de bază din jocul de baschet. In offense, players can be sanctioned by violations, which leads to a “turnover” from behind the opponent’s baseline. To learn more about it check out our video on “violations”. In case of illegal contact, players can be sanctioned by fouls. To learn how not to commit them, watch our video on “fouls”. Fouls are sanctioned by turnovers or free shots for the opponent. Free throws are shot from a line placed near the edge of the key, and are worth one point. The key, also called free throw lane, is the rectangular area drawn beneath both hoops. At each Time Out, the coach may make substitutions, there is no limit to the number of players that can be substituted. Now you know the basic rules of basketball, it’s over to you! Jocul de baschet se desfășoară pe un teren dreptunghiular având lungimea cuprinsă între 22 până la 28 de metri și lățimea între 13 până la 15 metri. Pe liniile de fund ale terenului, găsim fixate pe panou coșurile de baschet cu diametru de 45cm, fiind amplasate la o înălțime de 3,05 metri față de sol. Două echipe de cinci jucători concurează pe parcursul a 4 sferturi de 10 minute fiecare. Cu pauză de 15 minute între sfertul al doilea și al treilea. Obiectivul celor două echipe este de a introduce mingea în coșul adversarului pentru a înscrie cât mai multe puncte. Un coș marcat din interiorul semicercului valorează 2 puncte sau 3 dacă jucătorul a aruncat mingea din afara „liniei de trei puncte”, un semicerc trasat pe o rază de 6,75 metri în jurul coșului. Echipa cu cel mai mare punctaj la finalul jocului câștigă partida. În caz de egalitate, echipele joacă o repriză de 5 minute suplimentare până când o echipă câștigă. Pentru a deplasa mingea în teren, jucătorilor li se permit să-și folosească mâinile, prin dribling (conducerea mingii) sau să-și paseze mingea.

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  2. 12 minutes you idiots

  3. I’m in 7th grade and I’m trying out tomorrow and this is really helping

  4. Come on, man. How many points is a dunk? How many steps can you go without dribbling? How do you get 4 points from a shot? That's some basic stuff I wanted to know.

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  14. Can a player, when under the rim, reset the shot clock by hitting the bottom of the rim and passing it out?

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  20. Sikana English thank you! I'm tired of not being able to understand and hanging with guys who love it. I did happen to go to a few games and loved it but finally today I woke up and said f this…I can do my best to learn.

  21. I can't tell if you guys are being sarcastic or not

  22. Finally. I'm a point guard and I'm shooting outside… Thanks for to vid.

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  27. You are saying wrong…..

  28. I wrote this down. It helps me know what to do. THANKS!

  29. I'm here as my crush likes basketball but I don't actually understand it

  30. Dumb question, but if you pick up the ball can you still dribble it after?

  31. I've played basketball for a long time but came back because boredom.

  32. I have my first game tomorrow and I’m so nervous… they just picked random girls!! I go to the club but I’m super bad.. ;(

  33. Pretty sure a point when you get the ball into the basket isn’t called a “field goal” know your stuff before you put a video out on the internet

  34. I have a question… can you help? Can you just give me the name of all the positions and I'll look them up myself. <3

  35. What if they tied in overtime?

  36. please wish me luck

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  39. Hello fellow white people

  40. I never understood football or basketball

  41. i’m here purely because of tyler joseph and i am not ashamed

  42. Nice Video. I love playing a basketball game. Thanks for sharing the basic rules of Basketball. I like it. I would like to share with my friends. For more info go to

  43. just shoot threes lol

  44. football player here…

  45. Am i the only teen boy to not know basketball on my 17th age?

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  48. its not hands its arms

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  55. 10 minutes per quarter? Really?

  56. I’m here because my daughter keeps beating me at one on one and I think she’s cheating. Where exactly is the “10 point” area anyway?

  57. I never knew that the ball is scored in the opponent's hoop. Basketball is a lot like soccer.

  58. I want to know HOW to play not the size of the court and hoops!??Dude. I know by the looks of It!

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    ??Thank you guys!

  61. Coach look like lil dicky ?

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  65. I’m a girl and the only thing I know is you dribble and shoot lol

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    This really helps because I have basketball trials in a few days

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