The best actions of table tennis 2017 (table tennis experts)

The best actions of table tennis 2017 (table tennis experts)

summary 2017 it was a busy year and resulted in a large number of recipients subscribe to us over 800 people a little much? scale Internet can seem little But if we throw the 800 people in one room This is no longer really a lot I do not even know what I would have to hire a hall to accommodate so many people However, looking at what is happening soon skip over a thousand good would it do to the end of 2017 So if you have not done it Subscribe This year odtworzyliście movies almost 240,000 times Materials watched by one million minutes This is more than 600 days gave 2,300 feet up udostępniliście friend 625 times I want you to make available even more to table tennis was even more Instagram which also fired very quickly and we have developed 3,000 audience We threw 38 reviews hardware also be cast on channel 38 duels of match Out of My League, with the first division, the second division Poles apart from watching Us United States, Germany, Japan India, Brazil aim of founding the channel was to provide the most information about the hardware by the way, we showed that table tennis can be shown in the form of cool We expanded the circles interested in the discipline feet up those who after seeing the videos started to play table tennis the new year brings us more challenges and even more tennis will be live broadcasts of major league will be even more tests we move the project which will support your workouts you get professional advice from their personnel wojwódzkich at the end of January we will enhance the work of the organization of the tennis camp AD AWFiS CAMP a link to the full information, see the description They will certainly be an interesting vacation with table tennis along with visiting Gdansk Charge s battery under the supervision of professional trainers I think what you wish for tennis in this installment, I would like to wish you good covers and boards for Christmas and the excellent sports form in 2018 and, finally, once again thank you for watching my video production, lajkujecie, komentujcie See you in 2018 and the description will find my top5 matches that recorded in 2017

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  1. Gratulacje za wspaniały kanał i świetną robotę. Życzę dalszej wytrwałości w 2018 roku. Wesołych Świąt!!!

  2. i ja dołączam do życzeń aby ten kanał trwał wiecznie, obfitował w rzetelne recenzje jak do tej pory, był po prostu dla nas i dla mas 🙂 pozdrawiam i Wesołych Świąt!!!

  3. Ja również dołączam sie do życzeń w 2018 oby dalej tak dobrze kanał funkcjonował i dawał dużo recenzji tak dobrych jak do tej pory !!!

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