The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2019 featuring EVERYBODY

The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2019 featuring EVERYBODY

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  1. thanks for the invite

  2. Disliked, not enough wood..jk 😛

  3. yea we hate RGT aswell bro…

  4. i need those swich games!

  5. 1a: Splatoon 2
    1b: Mario Kart 8

    Games of the year.

    BuT tHeY dIdNt CoMe Out ThIs YeAr

    ¥¥<[ SHUT UP ITS MY LIST ]>¥¥

  6. This video was awesome. I love collaborations. Plus, YouTube SUCKS at knowing what and whom I would like to watch based on everything I do watch so this kind of stuff helps with exposure for those other channels that I didn't know about but am now subscribed to. Thanks Bob, or as Wood says it "Bab!"

  7. I just got luigi’s mansion on Christmas and I finished it in less than 24 hours. I don’t know if it is a world record but I really liked the game. By the way it says 11 hours and 4 minutes.

  8. Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Astral Chain, Borderlands 3… oh wait.

  9. Um the best game is obviously fortnite who in the right mind would not think fortnite is the best

    Im just kidding dont go and hive me 100 notifications saying no its not

  10. Please do this every year from now on. And please get Arlo next time. You, Wood, and Arlo are my favorite on YouTube.

  11. THIS WAS AWESOME also no not links awakening cause it was mediocre at best without the nostalgia piece. Super Mario Maker 2 with an 8bitdo controller? Gold

  12. Lmaoooo good vid man!!

  13. Subtitles are so underappreciated thank you Wulff Den

  14. I was really hoping to see Arlo interact with YouTube humans. rip

  15. Well this video was awesome….

    It's rare that I watch an entire video these days

  16. Also posting every exploit and participating in them made me stop watching a certain channel.

  17. Fire emblem ended up being my most played game on my switch ever. Even surpassing BOTW. Still playing it now, I'll be sad once its all over

  18. This video was awesome! My favorite video of the year!

  19. Dude in blue tie has made 20 top 10 switch game videos already. Such milked content.

  20. Raid battles were fun… for a few days. Once ur lv 100, you can farm them with little to no challenge doing them solo with npc's. Throw in 1 friend, its cake… there is no challenge. And there is no multi battle in the battle tower to play with your friends.

  21. This was amazing! Would have loved to see Arlo and Scott The Woz so hopefully you guys can connect

  22. How have you never played dragon quest on the PlayStation 2??‍♂️??‍♂️

  23. A good video this channel never lets me down and everyone is here!

  24. I literally don't know who any of these people are. Also, no Arlo?

  25. I liked Sword and Sheild despite the… tree graphics?

  26. Everybody: Luigis Mansion 3 GOTY
    WULF DEN: nah son mario maker 2

    Everbody: ok boomer

  27. Honestly this is an extremely entertaining way to discuss and highlight the best games of the year. No one ever agrees on the "Winner" of any awards ceremony, so this opinion based cross cut of people who are actually passionate about gaming is great. I feel it gives a good overall review of what makes each of these titles an awesome choice and allows the audience to make up their own mind while at the same time possibly learning about a game or two that they normally wouldn't check out. Fantastic job by all and Happy Holidays!

  28. wheres the blue mupet

  29. This video is beyond great. Pokemon is still a disappointment and certainly not any type of step forward th0

  30. I forgot how amazing the music is in Katana Zero

  31. Hope you collab with Girlfriend Reviews in the future 🙂

  32. I couldn't ethically put this title out there because of ugly trees. No GOTY could possibly have UGLY TREES!

  33. I really loved this! Merry Christmas everyone!

  34. Hahahaha this was greaaaat

  35. "Do Pokemon Sword and Shield improve on Game Freak's prior efforts?" They'd actually have had to put effort into these games before the answer to that question would be a resounding, "Yes!"

  36. next year its scott or nothing

  37. Where do you get the SNES joycons????? :O

  38. Beatemups and wulff den should just start a YouTube channel

  39. YouTube Community come together!!!!

  40. Hey, they have RGT 85! Nice!

  41. I could have sworn I was already subscribed… either I'm getting Alzheimer's, or YouTube occasionally decides to unsubscribe me from a random channel… or both.

    Anyway, subbed. Or… resubbed?

  42. I don't even get to the end of the video yet, but, I demand this to become a thing, every year until I die, Bob, are you deaf, your hair is blocking your ability to hear me right now, I'm not going anywhere

  43. I'm surprised to see that Erik Shaw's not here

  44. My favorite was probably Super Mario Maker 2. I don't have a lot of games on the switch, but this one is the one I spent the most time on, and enjoyed the most.

  45. Links Awakening is amazing really, but wtf are all these fps drops?

  46. LOL. It was a great idea to collaborate. You and Wood were great together. Everyone else was great too. I check out Sean/Shawn/RGT (Don’t know how to spell his name right lol) and look forward to seeing the other creators I learned about here. Thank you for the great video, everyone. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Years to all of you

  47. This was super awesome to see everyone be here and everyone's choices!

  48. Really impressed by the quality of this video! Definitely gonna pick up a few of these titles for my Nintendo Switch!

  49. My problem is i have PS4 and i dunno should i buy switch coz there are some games i wanna play but arent on PS4

  50. Wow…. what in the world are these YouTubers talking about pokemon sword and shield??? Are they all sellouts?? Unsubbed on all of them what the freak

  51. This is why game freak can get away with legit shit. Pokemon is nowhere near the potential it could be. Best pokemon game?? so like best fifa game? No longer respect these ppl opinions.

  52. Is Pokémon on this list supposed to be a joke?

  53. Where the fuck is Arlo????????

  54. My game favo surprise of the year never knew it was THAT good: H0llow Knight!!!

  55. Arlo cries in the cornor

  56. Would have loved to see Dashiegames on here! DACHIE!! DACHIE!!!

  57. My favorite game of the year is pokemon shield closely followed behind by super mario maker 2

  58. Astral Chain for me close tie with Blasphemous which I am surprise no one is talking about

  59. How could anyone get lost in Pokemon's open world? It's smaller than my bedroom. I feel like Ball guy made up for all the bad, but I still think the game is so fucking slow and boring both in story and battle. Even turning off animations in battles each turn takes more time than I would like.

  60. Only 2.5 minutes in and this video already makes up for the game awards. Y’all are so funny lmao

  61. Great video, Bahb!

  62. The only game I can afford from this list, is damm katana zero!!

  63. I love these kinds of collabs.

  64. Awesome video! Nice to see all content creators together supporting the Switch! Love all the games that I play on that console! 😀

  65. That guy who said SS are the best looking pokemon games completely missed the point. It's about the sheer laziness and the fact that they could have done so much better, especially for the switch. Also, they are far from the best games to date

  66. Game Freak released a buggy, half assed mess and should be ashamed of themselves. I took it back to the store and traded it in.

  67. As a big Pokemon fan… I wish less people picked Pokemon.

  68. Favorite game on the switch for me to play was monster hunter generations ultimate :))


  70. Of course the Zelda game won! why wouldn’t it?

  71. great video brother, i dont even watch any of u guys but still enjoyed it so much!

  72. I’m currently playing Pokémon shield rn but I do gotta say we gotta make a stand and say something about Pokémon Games for the future. They make so much money as a company that they need to ATLEAST update the shitty ass animations. I’m so tired of the move “tackle” animate so poorly. It’s looked the same since Pokémon yellow.

  73. It’s not what you know it’s the YT content creators you know
    Lol good video thanks ?

  74. This is a cool idea. I also enjoy how I don't know most of these people.

  75. Extremely disappointing that y'all are praising the laziest game of the year as the best game of the year. Unsubbed, Im sorry, I always enjoyed a lot of the channels featured here but really now, in an era where the only way gamers have a vote is with their wallet and reviews, you guys with influence decide to put on fanboy glasses and praise garbage, laziness and flat out lies from gamefreak. Thanks but no thanks.

  76. The Messenger has to be my personal pick for game of the year.

  77. The holy trinity of switch people would definitely be Bob, Wood and Kevin

  78. I'll be the odd one out. Our favorite game for 2019 was …… Evoland 1 and 2. I'm surprised it didn't get any love. Considering it's a mix of Zelda, Final Fantasy, a little Mario mention in it. It's a great RPG , though it's not a very long game. Though it does have lots of replayability. It was a huge hit in our house.

  79. Mario Maker takes it for me

  80. Kinda disappointed Arlo and Scott the Woz werent involved with this massive collab

  81. Fire emblem was my fav game this year. I put more than 200h into it, I love the story, gameplay, characters, and I still got 1/5 routs left.

  82. 24:54 that custom skin is legit. I want!!

  83. Great video, need to get Arlo for next year 😉

  84. I don’t really understand how you can “put 100s of hours” into Pokémon when it takes barely 10 hours to beat and has only a few more hours of post game. I’ll admit you could easily stretch it into the high 80s or 90s but hundreds? I find it hard to believe.

  85. Best frickin video of the year, I had so much fun guys thanks to everyone.

  86. I was hoping Roger would show up:/

  87. Arlo should have been on here. You have to talk to him next time you do one of these

  88. Pokémon Sword/shield ain’t that bad graphics wise. The trees aren’t that bad idc about your opinion and response to this comment.

  89. Ajmcrae is spot on with his opinion on sword/shield. It IS the best looking Pokémon game.

  90. hey dude where did you get the sonic sweater?

  91. Mario maker 2 easy

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