The Best of 2019 with Xbox Game Pass

The Best of 2019 with Xbox Game Pass


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  1. Ру сегмент тоже тут . Очень хороший сервис …революционный можно сказать . В плане сервисов Майкрософт на три головы выше Сони . Ждём их аналога .

  2. I downloaded PUBG with the game pass and it’s AMAZING

  3. So you have Hotline Miami on the Microsoft game store on PC but I can’t play it on Xbox. You guys really got my hopes up.

  4. i was happy for literally 1 second when i saw Hotline Miami but then i remembered it's for PC

  5. Long Live Xbox Game Pass

  6. I want minimum hdr 1080p 60fps ultra or high across all games.1080p 60fps bluray quality recording, fifa orbit camera for picture and video recording. User should have options to select graphic settings, fps, resolution…..

  7. Microsoft are the best ??❤❤

  8. Xbox gang !! That's right ?

  9. 5 biggest scams of 2019

    1 game pass
    2 also game pass
    3 still game pass
    4 don't forget game pass
    5 last and least game pass

  10. Did i just see undertale hidden somwhere on the end

    Edit its on 1:35

  11. Just don't try and use it on Windows 10 PCs, spend hours installing games to then get an error saying "Can't access or do not have permission or can't find file location"

  12. Darker
    If they see us brave

  13. Xbox on the offensive I like it.

  14. Thanks to gamepass, I'm using it since I bought my one x.

  15. Put cuphead please <3

  16. Give me my Max Payne 3 please

  17. Esta bien pero deberían de agregar fornite

  18. the only reason why I'm thinking of buying the next xbx

  19. Can't wait to play The Witcher 3 with Game Pass!

  20. Can you bring the surge arguments addtion

  21. This video clowns competitors

  22. Porcaria de serviço?

  23. 3 months for 1 dollar but you’ll need at least 7.99 to start… why?

  24. I loved The Outer Worlds and Remnant: From the Ashes. Great service.

  25. Undertale in xbox?

  26. Can you plat Uncharted tho?

  27. I have game pass. Do all these games go away when it expires?

  28. Add dayz to the game pass already

  29. Please add walking dead season 4

  30. 1:35
    I saw undertale ?
    I can't believe that ??

  31. Pliiiisss Contra Anniversary with Xbox Game Pass! Pliiiisss

  32. Better than rewind 2019

  33. well…Microsoft made me surprised because of what they do in 2019.I am happy for you guys.Wish you guys can do better in 2020

  34. Stadia: Intense Sweating

  35. What’s the first game

  36. Xbox using right kind of music in every xbox pass video ❤???

  37. Metal gear solid 3 😮 i m sold

  38. Stadia be like: dead

  39. THE BEST ??????XBOX???????

  40. Would it be possible to have more backwards compatible games on game pass?

  41. Am I mistaken , or did I just see undertake?

  42. Для всего русского комьюнитьи, которому интересна песня
    Название Вк: xbox We Rise Up

    Не благодарите

  43. Maybe instead of expanding it they should fix it for pc

  44. There media team on point these days

  45. Could You Guys Plz Bring Back The 3 years play????With Xbox series X????????

  46. I wish add resident evil collection❤

  47. I want them to add transport fever 2 to xbox

  48. Where the wither 3?

  49. Thank you mothercrosoft ?

  50. El mejor servicio está en Xbox

  51. Happy of having gamepass ultimate, i cant wait for Yakuza and Final fantasy games

  52. Owner.
    Mango hollandaise sauce. Stat.

  53. Did I see undertale?

  54. Absolutely love this direction with Xbox. Ultimate Xbox game pass has treated me wonderfully!

  55. Whats the song name ?

  56. Great year for The Game Pass

  57. Man I fr wish u can play fortnite and Apex without having xbox live gold

  58. Whoever says Xbox needs games seriously needs to get GamePass. My backlog just keeps on growing!!! Oh and I'm loving this momentum!! Let's keep it going into next year and beyond into the Series X generation ❤️❤️❤️

  59. Just got my Xbox one x and the gamepass, so awesome thanks Microsoft

  60. who would like gta san andreas to be in the game pass???

  61. Imagine not be able to play Xbox

    You miss alot


  62. Astroneer has been amazing !!!

  63. Yea yeah yeah my PC pass love Xbox!!???

  64. i bought the ultimate for 3 months and im happy, but i think its too short to play all thess games

  65. Indie Indies Indies ???

  66. Can't wait for Halo Infinite on my future Xbox Series X

  67. 0:38 that transition tho?

  68. So what’s the song??

  69. 1:35 Undertale? WHAT????!?!?!

  70. Did I see hotline Miami??

  71. This definitely for the players!! ?

  72. bring back super street fighter 4 arcade edition ? I had so much fun with that game.


  74. Hey I just wanted to tell thank you Xbox for all fun you keep delivering.

  75. Shadow of the tomb raider!!!

    Thank you Microsoft

  76. Xbox just onelove♥️

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