The Big Lie About Flat Feet & Custom Arch Supports.

The Big Lie About Flat Feet & Custom Arch Supports.

♪ Bob and Brad the two most famous ♪ ♪ physical therapist on the internet ♪ Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist together we are the most famous physical therapists on internet In our opinion of course Bob Brad we like to expose you know fabrications or lies on our channel we like to give the truth to the people exactly so today we’re going to talk about the big lie about flat feet and custom arch supports
-Sure -And if you are new to our channel by the way
-Subscribe! yeah right why not We got a subscription button over here or down here We provide videos how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload every day -Very good
-All right I did a lot of work on this one Brad I looked up a lot of studies and first off I found out that arch supports are very helpful for people who have flat feet Let’s show what a flat foot is
-Okay So, be careful this is my foot so just be prepared Bob as well as you know– that when you get over 50 your feet do nothing but get worse They look terrible Bob! -So we’re talking about, really, a flexible flat foot basically
-Sure Because there’s some people that are born, Brad, where the bone is actually down there there’s never an arch there [Brad] Right, they’re– they’re flat when they put their foot down. [Bob] Almost like a club foot
But in Brad’s case here he’s got a really good arch when he’s just putting his foot up on here but when he put some weight on it, you can see the arch goes down a little bit He still has a good arch. He doesn’t have a flat foot A flat foot would go all the way down
You couldn’t even get a finger underneath [Brad] Right, it will flatten right out [Bob] The problem with the flat foot is that it affects everything up the chain It affects ankle, knee, knee cap [Brad] Can we show the rotation of that, Bob? [Bob] Oh, yeah! I can– yeah exactly [Brad] If you look at the tibia line right there and now just watch what happens with that if you focus right on that You got that Loni? Now when I flatten–
[Bob] Yeah, the tibia internally rotates [Brad] You can’t see it, but it is– I mean you can see it but it’s not really obvious unless you’re looking for it but it rotates in, so your bone rotates this way which changes the mechanics of the knee slightly [Bob] Yup and that can often– result in like patellofemoral syndrome So, yeah. I did– I looked up some studies, Brad You know, and arch supports They found out that they were very helpful when it comes to patellofemoral pain which is up here, Medial knee arthritis, which is right there We’ll go over some of these later too, Brad Actually, what I was surprised at is lower extremity groin pain So you have a child that is having leg pain
-mm-hmm and they have flat feet They actually corrected it on some of these kids in the pain got better -By putting our support in their shoe
-Yeah! Surprisingly so! Foot pain, back pain,
plantar fasciitis, but… What I did not find– what is the big lie here, Brad… is that– the big lie is that you have to have a custom orthotic -Right
-What we found is that the prefabricated ones or the ready-made ones, the ones that are off the shelf They were just as effective as the orthotics that were made -But you just can’t grab any one off the shelf because there are different varieties I was just in the shoe store last night and they have a whole shelf full of different arch supports We got three right here
We’ll get into that -But if you look at the difference in cost, Brad.. I mean- Funny, one of the quotes I read, Brad was if you want to– It doesn’t bother you to spend $300-350
on a custom orthotic verses $30 -60, then go ahead! You know? But otherwise, if you’re– you know, cost conscious…
-Right And you know you think about how many of these you could try and see if they work before you spend $360-350
-Exactly Has it been your experience, Brad… and it’s been mine definitely, I’ve had people who come in, we were seen him for a foot issue, and they’ve had custom-made ones and they’re not even wearing them -Right, exactly. Particularly the ones that are rigid, hard ones.. which I never understood anyways but yeah they say I’ve got, you know, the $300 and I’ve worn them for a week They don’t feel well, so they’re in my– -Yeah
-You know so… and sometimes I’ve even given them one off the shelf and they like that one -Right,
-So I mean it’s… I mean, to me unfortunately, I think it is a money maker for a lot of organizations The posi– the podiatrists out there are screaming at us
-Yeah, I know It’s– Read the studies!
So… Alright, Brad Why don’t we show some of the arch supports here that are off the shelf -Sure! You bet!
-So.. you want to talk or do you want me to talks? So this is just a real thin one that really isn’t doing anything -Right, it actually– you know it says right on here It says comfort insoles. If you need just a little cushion in your feet but– It’s flat. There’s– It’s just like… Yeah, that’s not going to provide any arch support This is probably for someone who’s on their feet all day and just wants a little bit of support -Right, and even that, it’s pretty thin.
I would get a little bit more beefy or double it up -Hard to believe that does much of anything -But again, it’s $11 You’re not paying much for it Maybe that’s all you need is something in there to absorb some sweat for foot odor So, you know that’s available, but it’s not going to do anything for any support We’ll actually go to the next step up Now, are you are you zoomed in Lonnie? So this one is– The arch support, it does have– you can feel it right here where your arch is [Bob] It’s still a fairly soft material, isn’t it?
[Brad] Right, this is cushiony. You can squeeze it with your finger, but you know– It’s not hard, but it’s not real soft either It’s not like a real light material And, under the heel, you can tell there’s some beef there. There is some cushion, which can be helpful. A couple things that that does is– it’s a cushion so when you walk it takes up some energy.. [Bob] Some of the stress
[Brad] Right, through your joints But the other thing that a lot of people aren’t aware of… When you raise up your heel a little bit, it puts a little slack… [Bob] On the Achilles tendon
[Brad] On the Achilles tendon If you have an Achilles problem or you have problems in your calf muscle by putting a heel wedge or our support that has a heel riser in it takes stress off the Achilles and that calf muscle group [Bob] And this might help somebody with the growing pains, too [Brad] Right
[Bob] you know with a kid.. Just a softer arch support like that [Brad] Exactly, you know I went to a course…
[Bob] How much is that, do you know? [Brad] Yeah let’s take a look at–
This is a Spenco, and this was $20. [Bob] Sure
[Brad] It’s not a big-ticket item This is one of those things if you bought them, and you wore them, and you didn’t like them [Bob] Right
[Brad] You’re not out $300 [Bob] Right, exactly [Brad] Actually, I used to wear these all the time running I’d buy my run my running shoes…
[Bob] I did too! [Brad] And I’d put these in right away because I was– That was when I ran on it
It was a heel-toe striking [Bob] Same with me, and I went away from them too, Brad, because I don’t need them anymore right because we’re both of us which to [Brad] Right, because we’re– both of us switched to forefoot running versus heel-toe striking But for walking these could be very good, too [Bob] Right [Brad] You know, Bob, I just want to step back to that… part about why the growing pain got better with arch supports and I’m really thinking, it must have to do with– When you flatten that foot the whole leg
-Internally rotates internally rotates, slightly So every time you step you get a little bit of this, a little bit of this… and after a few hundred, a thousand steps, it all adds up
-It’s torquing So, when you stabilize that, you get the foot in the sagittal plane again, you know, by using that arch support. Now, you want to go to the next one?
-Sure! Let’s show the rigid one here. Okay, actually this is a semi-rigid
-Semi-rigid, I’m sorry And if you can feel this, it feels rigid but if you push on it… Let’s put it right here!
-Is there, like, some plastic in there? Yeah, I don’t know what the material is. It’s a plastic or some kind of a plasticy foam but see how that actually fits.. This actually feels good
-Yeah that actually fits you well Yep, but if I push on here it gives
[Bob] A slight amount, but it’s gonna hold [Brad] So it’s called semi-rigid Now, the rigid ones I’ve seen, they’re solid hard plastic, and they don’t give it all. I don’t– I don’t quite understand that concept but anyways, I know they sell them. [Bob] They’ve kind of moved away from them to some extent [Brad] So, you can see that this feels good and I’ll do this in the store I’ll take them out, and I’ll put my foot– I’ll have my socks on and I’ll put my foot on it just to get a general feel You know, if it’s like ah that feels good there, then I’ll put it in the shoe The problem with putting these in the shoe,
is they make one size like this one Ah, let’s see… It’ll tell you on the box what size shoe it’s for -Yeah, and you have to cut them down a lot of times
-Yeah, exactly Well Brad, can we show some of the things you might use an arch support for? Sure, you bet! Good idea!
Let’s put your foot up there [Brad] Some “diagnosiseses” (chuckles) [Bob] So, let’s start off with.. let’s just look at the foot here If you got achilles tendonitis,
you’re going to have pain right here that– The studies have shown that arch support will often help that If you have posterior tibial tendonitis… So that would be pain coming around the inner heel like this, and attaches right here. That might give you some some relief. If you have– We’re going to show the bottom of you– Well, let’s show one over here, Brad If you have shin splints So you’re going to get pain right along this
bone right here… It might be helpful. Or, you might have pain over here on the outside [Brad] Right on the muscle, it’s an anterior shin splint. [Bob] If you’ve got plantar fasciitis– You’re going to have to sit down for this one, Brad. Or, put your foot up… I’ve got to show
the bottom of the foot So that’s going to be right here. [Bob] That’s where it’s going to give you trouble.
[Brad] Ooo that tickles, Bob! [Bob laughs] [Bob] If you have– Oh! You’re going up to the knee now! [Brad] Yeah, let’s just– I’m getting kind of embarassed showing my legs, Bob. [Bob] (laughs) So, if you got knee pain
on the medial side here Which often means that your knock-kneed [meant to say bow-legged] This will often help with that
[Brad] Right If you have general pain all the way around the patella,
or the kneecap and you have patella femoral syndrome, this is something that quite often you want to correct I had a look at our time, what we have left.
Looks like we’re doing fine, Brad I think– Is there anything else you want to add?
[Brad] No, no I think we’ve covered it well [Bob] We’ve got you all marked up!
[Brad] Yeah, now what’s my wife going to say? [Bob] Well….well what would she say?!
(Both laugh) By the way, Brad and I can fix just about anything. Except for… look at this, Bob.
-Oh you’ve got the heart there. You can put a big one up there, too.
-I’m gonna put a big one up, too. But look at that… [vvvt]
(Brad laughs) We’re working on it
We’re working on it

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  1. Had customs as a kid and wore them out now I use all types and keep buying till i find what doesn't hurt. The tech from off the shelf has gotten so much better these last few years so no need for custom anymore. I buy only the most comfortable and supportive sneakers to go along with my inserts and i'm happy. But i can't wear shoe shoes w o pain after about 1 hr. I have the rarest flat feet and it sucks but use my cheat codes and try Brooks sneakers. Best iv'e found in years

  2. Your info appears great but needs increase in audio

  3. So confused – he does NOT have flat feet – terrible example to use

  4. Superfeet, green, rigid. They are the best over-the counter. At Kaiser Pharmacies or online. These are the hardest and have the highest arch support for over the counter. All those flexible ones are useless.

  5. I volunteer,my feet are flatter than when people used to believe that earth was flat…

  6. I just got me a pair of $300 customs… knee pain is pretty much gone and hoping to fix my hip imperfections and SI pain

  7. XD used to sell those insoles

  8. wow i am an athlete and have a lot of problems with my knees and now hips and after watching this – i just took a look at my feet and realised my feet are completely flat, thank you

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  11. True flat feet really need custom made orthotic devices, they are expensive but last year's. They provide the perfect platform so the foot locks on heal strike. I wouldn't recommend off the shelf. Custom made has reversed my leg problems over the last 35 years. I'm 68 now. First pair cost £300, lasted 15 years before one snapped. The second pair lasted 15 years , cost £240. Third pair I've had now for 5 years, cost £180. Custom orthotic devices aren't arch supports as they only provide the perfect foot platform for heal strike. They enable the foot to lock during heal strike. Arch supports are not for people with flat feet but semi flat feet or dropped arches. The guys in this video are correct then with suggesting proper foot exercises to build up the arch if the muscles are weak. I was born with totally flat feet but have build the arch up a little, but I still need the proper orthotics. …hope it helps

  12. I have flat feet, the arch is non existent and when I walk I'm kinda fine in a slow pace but faster pace and when the footpath starts to elevate that's when I get bad pain in my feet and legs plus fatigue.

  13. The most important thing about an arch is…..that it is an arch! If you fill in the space under an arch bridge it will break in no time – ask any engineer. So why have modern shoes got built-in arch "supports"? Just like bridges, feet have arches for a purpose and filling them in is ridiculous. Buy only shoes with the inside flat as they all used to be and preserve your feet – more importantly, ensure that your kids don't have shoes with bumps in which will wreck their feet.

  14. I wear orthopedic insoles. I’ve tried the cheaper route after plantar fasciitis but after ending up with same pain and limping on BOTH feet I got the HARD orthotics and I will never buy the off the shelf again. I still do my stretches also.

  15. My son always complained of pain in his feet. He finally saw the Pediatric Orthopaedic Specialist and she diagnosed him with "flexible flat feet." He did get custom made inserts and all his pain is gone! He is 8 years old. He has been in p.t. for two years now and since getting the inserts this fall, there is a huge improvement in all his movement! SO relieved it doesnt have to cost myself and him thousands of dollars over the course of his life. I have always had my own foot issues. NOW I'm dealing with pttd in both feet. So glad I didnt waist my money on the arch support and shock absorbent inserts I ordered on Amazon today. Thanks again!

    Love your videos. I'm usually watching the ones for back issues. Your a God send.

  16. Brad has an arch..

  17. shirts supplied by the "Blind Pakistani tailor " company

  18. I've had custom made arch support and they did not work in 2016 and they were very expensive. I was in an accident the middle of January this year my body  was thrown into a 3 x 3 space I am  6', so there I was in a fetal position with injuries from head to feet on the left side of my body. Some days are better than others. Is there something to stimulate blood circulation in the feet and an effect way to remove muscle knots and control soft tissue leaks. I enjoy your program there is a lot to learn.

  19. I fail to see what public service you are providing with this type of video. As one of those “professionals” who has treating people with foot problems for over 45 years. I have seen and participated in many of the “studies” you mentioned. Almost every patient I have treated for ongoing foot pain regardless of foot type , low or high arch , have already tried many different types of over the counter insert you mentioned before coming in. Our job as real foot specialist is to treat the patient as a whole and involves many different forms of therapy. Sometimes this results in using a custom style orthotics. Your discussion is off putting and misleading. You have a good presence together but this video is a disservice to the community. Of course I am a little biased but I have 45 years plus of foot treating experience to support my views

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  21. Im a flatfooted guy browsing for asmr to settle in for the evening when youtube recommends this alluva sudden. Umm ok

  22. The intro though…

  23. I have zero arch when weight-bearing. Numerous different types of generic off-the-shelf inserts (specifically meant to help with arch support) did absolutely nothing to help.
    I also tried standing on the Dr Scholl's machine that tells you what kind of support you need, then I got the right ones… they helped a bit but wore out and stopped helping way too fast.
    After that I saw a foot doctor and got inserts off their shelf but the orthotic lady (who's awesome) customized them, adding extra arch and heel support to what I needed. These were great and lasted longer, but I still had/ have some problems and they still wore out faster than they should.
    All this to say, over the years I've spent tons of money on off-the-shelf inserts, and all that money is WELL OVER what a fully custom-made orthotic would cost (and those last tons longer). I would've been so much better off just going for custom made a long time ago.

  24. I don’t really agree with this. I have horrible flat feet (they look like flippers). I didnt get custom support but i got some very expensive hard ones and they completely changed my life! As soon as i put them on i felt a difference and ive worn them every day since!
    Before I couldn’t even walk in a straight line and had back problems. Now all of my posture is improved and i can stand for hours without my feet hurting. In any shoe!

    The ones they showed in this video did nothing for more, i needed some powerful correction because i am also very heavy.

  25. I had a different experience. I went to a podiatrist who altered off the shelf orthotics for me and I did not experience any benefit. I went to a different podiatrist who was baffled when I showed her the orthotics I had, and flatly stated that I needed treatment (meaning she didn't recognize what the other podiatrist had done as treatment) and made a cast of my feet for custom orthotics. I love my custom orthotics and was able to start walking again. My insurance paid for them, whereas I had to pay for the off the shelf nonsense that didn't relieve my of my pain whatsoever. Even if I had to pay the $300 for custom orthotics, it would have been worth it.

  26. I'm glad that I found this video because for less than a year my left foot had been killing me , it has been absolutely AWFUL this has really affected my childhood because I go out all the time with friends and every time I take a step it's painful, and my dad took my to the doctor and had an X-RAY buy nothing showed on it and so I was taking pills for a while and the pain went away but a week later it came back and so we didn't know what was causing it until today when I was with a friend he explained that I was flat footed and that I just needed insole shoes
    I hope that this will help.

  27. What would you recommend for shin spits ?

  28. What to do about naprophy I don't have diabetes, but I am off balance and loose my balance .,a lot

  29. iam not sure if my feet are flat,, I have been getting callaus on onuside of my big toes and my feet get redish when I walk,, especially th epads under my big toes,,,

  30. I'm going to get one custom one that's the plastic rigid ones… but you're saying you don't understand them oh no now I'm afraid I might be wasting $250

  31. I was expecting them to say that the big lie is that custom arch supports, or orthotics, work.

    I am not a doctor or physical therapist. I am a guy born with very flat feet; my right foot is "like an alligator's," as a food surgeon put it, i.e., not even a hint of an arch. I have a slight arch in my left foot.

    Starting in 2005, for 10 years, if I had on shoes, I was wearing custom orthotics (rigid); I had a pair for regular shoes and a pair for sneakers. I agree with the commenter who equated wearing orthotics to wearing a back brace; it weakens the muscles in the part of the body its trying to correct, i.e., some other part of your body will pick up the slack, and you're probably just going to create another problem.

    I've been out of orthotics almost three years. I had all kinds of mechanical problems and chronic low back pain. I've been working on releasing the soles of my feet by rolling them on a pinky ball and strengthening the muscles in my feet with a Theraband routine. When I first started rolling my feet with a ball, the soles of my feet were like rocks, the muscles were so tight. I had no idea they were like that; of course that causes all kinds of mechanical problems up the chain.

    Here are two videos for releasing the soles of your feet using a pinky ball. OTPT makes a decent pink ball; Balanced Body makes one that's more rigid at first but once you break it in will last longer. (You can get both on Amazon.) There's a Hi-Bounce one too, but it's more of a toy and wears out quickly; these are 2.5" balls, btw.) You want a ball with some give to it; a tennis or lacrosse ball or kids' T ball is probably going to be too hard and not feel good to your nervous system.

    Here's a foot strengthening routine; this identical routine has been recommended to me twice by PT/rehab specialists; you'll need a Theraband:

    I really encourage anyone to at least try releasing the tissues in your feet and then strengthen the muscles before going the orthotics route. Whether wearing orthotics was the cause of my gait/movement/stability problems is hard to know; I do believe they made things worse because when I stopped wearing them and started rolling out my feet on ball I realized how tight and inflexible and messed up my foot muscles and connective tissue were.

  32. handsome men. 🙂

  33. What about young kids maybe 8 or 9 years old? Where to get already made ones?

  34. Wearing barefoot shoes with correct toes fixed my foundation. Wide toe box. Zero drop. My arches came back. Knee pain of 20 years vanished in 1 week. Posterior chain switched on. You can not beat evolution and binding up your feet with a heel raise will only be detrimental.

  35. I have been getting custom orthotics for 12 years. I can't go without them and over the counter ones are crap.

  36. All feet are so different. To think you can get off the shelf premade foot orthotics is rediculous. Sometimes you can get lucky but a custom pair dialed in can be life changing and effect all other areas of your overall health.

  37. My feet are super flat. I was born with twisted feet that my mom and dad had to daily rub and form my bones. Arch supports, even slight ones, cause enormous pain. But cool video, very funny too!

  38. Can arch supports help with bunions?

  39. From personal experience over the last decades I can tell you custom made insole support made by a pro, is so much better than off the shelf that you cant even compare them. They make adjustments for the whole foot, take account for usage, difference in your feet, height of your feet…

  40. So what's the brand name/cost of the 3rd semi-flexible insert they showed? Thank you.

  41. I have mild hyper-eversion of the foot, which does look like flat feet, would this contribute to lateral ligament knee pain? Would arch and heel support insoles help with this? Thank you.

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  43. If business weren't filled with lies "they" wouldn't be able to sell anything. That's why I went into physics: I am required to tell the truth. Well, at least some of the time.

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  45. I have Ataxia and I have really flat. Do you guy have videos about toe pain??

  46. I would likevto see more discussion of flat feet as it pertains to people who play Golf. A few years back my son was diagnosed with flat feet (no arch) and he golfs and a PGA Tour Level Golf Instructor monitored my son on a Floor pressure monitor and determined his flat feet was drastically negatively affecting his golf swing due to balance issues, knee alignment , and weight distribution in transition (down swing). We later started using an Sports oriented Orthotic insert called A-lines. I’m curious I know your thoughts on the A-line orthotic and whether there are any other sports specific orthotic products you would recommend to golfers.

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    I want to ask exercises really cure my flat feet or they are harming them?
    Please tell

  50. I'm not sold on this one. I'm sure there are some people out there who have physiological problems that can only be helped with inserts, but I don't think most people do. As a young child I grew up wearing expensive orthotic inserts and high top shoes under recommendation of my pediatrician/family doctor. I eventually dropped the inserts because I hated wearing them.

    As a pre-teen/teen I had Achilles tendonitis and injured myself many times by rolling my ankle. As a young man in the military I continued having similar issues as well as struggling with shin splints. I was always told that I needed more support. Doctors, running analysis, etc. Everything recommended more arch support. I was told I had fallen arches or flat feet many times.

    A few years after I left the military I read an article on barefoot running that made me rethink everything. It talked about the importance of how our feet are designed to function. It talked about how the thick soles in our shoes restrict the necessary basic flexion required to develop healthy muscles/tendons/ligaments in our feet. I learned about the importance of proprioceptive feedback. I figured I had nothing to lose and started walking barefoot on my treadmill that day. Next I took a few small runs in my neighborhood. I was a little bit sore, but it was the good kind of sore like when you are building muscle.

    After a few months I was feeling good running in minimalist shoes a couple of times a week. Doing a simple wet test showed that I now had normal arches. Many years later I have gone through a few different brands of minimalist shoes and there are finally some options that are presentable enough for me to wear at work. My last switch was into Xero Shoes. I can't recommend them highly enough. I was surprised to have some slight fatigue when I switched to them since I mostly sit at a desk and I was always barefoot or minimalist at home.

    I would encourage anyone looking for relief to do some research into the minimalist/barefoot shoe segment. Don't transition too fast or you could hurt yourself, but it's been the best non-diet related thing I've done for my health.

  51. Two of the marker spots are for me. Thanks.

  52. Thanks so much for the wonderful video! I have a different problem, I get bad pain in the top of my foot where it meets the ankle when l get out of bed. Do you have any tips to help that? It doesn’t happen every time and seems like it might be positional ???‍♀️

  53. I have plantar fasciitis and I guarantee that store bought insoles do not work

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  58. I got fed up with custom made orthotics for flat feet. I never could find a proper shoe to accommodate them. The orthotic would make every shoe feel tight. I would try different over the counter arch supports. Very few worked . I did have good luck with Montrail inserts, and now I've gone to Super feet. I'm having very good luck with the black ones. I can fit them in most shoes comfortably.

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  60. Holy shit, Im reading this comments and people from US are getting ripped off for custom insoles. In my country they cost from 30-50$ and they are quality, precisely done for each foot individually using software.

  61. Does anyone know how to stop shoes from leaning inwards? I really don't want to look crazy and I stay nervous walking in public

  62. Great videos , wish one day you could address if you have one foot ( or feet , sorry bad at grammar) more flat than the other . I have my right feet very flat , but my left feet has perfect arch. I get stiffness in my left side of the body, like in hamstrings … but my balance is not that good . I was a runner all my life and had chin splits in my right side, but I was always lightweight and usually they were never that serious.

  63. Speaking as someone who used orthotics for the opposite issue (born very high arches and narrow feet, leading to over-pronation and severe ankle sprains on the inside of the ankle from a young age), I found a major difference between custom and shop-bought orthotics.

  64. I have rigid flat feet (bone in a position so that my feet are always flat, I have no arch whatsoever). I'm also a runner. I get the worst plantar pains and shin splints, well at least at first, but also a lot now that I've gotten overweight. I've tried several store-bought orthotic insoles throughout my life (32 now) and every time I tried one it actually MADE RUNNING WORSE for me. It's extremely frustrating. I was really excited after reading the title of this video hoping for some new insights, but unfortunately I didn't really get anything out of this 🙁 Maybe I should try a custom made one. I really doubt it'll help me, though.

  65. U both r idiots.u should talk about the research studies then one one can believe…even u don't know the difference between off the shell product and custom one.remember every individual having different foot structure. It is better to focus on your own profession.

  66. I want to add that I have flat feet. For the longest time I had lower back problems. Then I got a job with good benefits and decided to spring for some custom orthotics. Within a few months my back pain was gone. They were the hard, stiff kind. Very uncomfortable at first, but thats because you're so used to bad posturing. After a while everything aligns properly. Then if you wear shoes without them, it feels very weird.
    I have since lost those orthotics and decided to spring for some off the shelf kind for a quick fix. They seem to be helping, but a bit too soon to tell. I've been without a prescription pair for a few years. But I now do a lot of walking for my new job and need support. Íll chime in again in a few months to give you the verdict.
    But as far as I can tell, having a "proper" arch support that matches "your" feet is not a bad thing. The off the shelf kind might work, but aren't 100 percent optimized. You may still be experiencing some issues and not know it.
    But they are definitely better than nothing. For those on a budget, it's a nice option that exists.
    I walk 22kms a day for the last 1.5 years btw. And didn't have any orthotics. Didn't experience any problems. But recently bought some Nike runners and now developed shin splints. Hence my rush to get some support fast (off the shelf). I hope they help. I deliver mail. I think it's the runners. Been on this route for 4 months now without orthotics and without problems. Problems arises when I got new runners.

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    -Let's draw an elephant in your groin, trousers pockets will be ears and..
    -Right Bob, let's do that, let's draw… I will only hop on the counter, Tina have you go the focus?

  69. You guys only pointed out the mistakes of having fabricated arch supports but you didn't prescribe any useful remedies, that was a funny one and the other thing is please use the sample of a flat feet not a normal feet.

  70. This video was so informative, thank you, I was born with flat feet but didn't get orthotics until my late teens.
    I remember having really painful growing pains as a child too, I got basic orthotics off the doctor then went back when they got worn out and they made me some custom ones!!

  71. What yall think of good feet inserts?

  72. Health insurance covers custom orthos. If it's not costing extra, why not get custom orthos.

  73. that is not a flat foot… this is like a review on doughnuts but showing a loaf of bread…

  74. Audio is so low. HAVE ANY ADVISE ON HOW TO FIX THAT?

  75. A friend has plantar fasciitis, and the podiatrist has her wearing those big black hard-soled boots often used for sprains, etc. I've never before seen these used as therapy for this problem.

  76. Glad in Europe customs are in the 30-60 range.

  77. You are lying because the custom made ones helped me a lot more than those cheap ones . I’m always on my feet taking care of my patients and if it had not been for these custom made arch supports I maybe would have to stop working . You really should not make such general statements. Do your research thoroughly or even survey . Thank you.

    I use orthaheel 3/4 length orthotic inserts with slip-on-shoes. it is more comfortable with 2 pairs of socks (layered). Full length inserts do slide and fold up under the toe, I think …

  79. Great guys amazing knowledge…

  80. I spent $500 on custom orthodics. Waste of money!

  81. My arches are different heights, so custom orthotics in my running shoes makes sense. That said, the ones from the running shoe store that are custom made in the store cost less than $100, and that is a nice mid-range for someone who needs more than the basic orthotics you can buy at the store. With my membership and an extra discount I got for being a Beast customer, I paid only about $70 or less for mine.

  82. my feet are extremely flat, always been like that. I'm always supposed to wear an arch support but lately i got into the habit of wearing sport sandals with no support at all, i forget sometimes that there's no arch and i'm just like oh whatever, should be fine. But actually i think that made things a lot worse recently. now it seems that a bone in my foot is in the wrong spot, just noticed it the other day. Unsettling to say the least.

  83. A little comment_ I always have had wear wedges for my flat feet, however, since I have lower back pain I have noticed that I feel comfortable with 1/2 or 1 “ sandals. Doctors, could you talk about that?. Thank you.

  84. It’s good see that the doctors are in a good shape. Congratulations!?

  85. I spent 600 canadian dollar but I am sorry it didnt help me at all. I have to go back to normal store brand.

  86. I am born with flat and broad feet. Finding comfortable shoes and sandals has always been a pain. I cannot wear anything with an arch support because it fucking hurts.

  87. What about barefoot shoes?

  88. Help! I was prescribed custom orthotics because I injured my right knee falling off my bicycle, which was not healing. I was told the orthotics would take the pressure off my knee and heal it better. It was a bone bruise under my kneecap. A year later, and physio exercises, it was feeling better but still stiff. Now, I have sprained my ligament running along the inside of my knee joint. I’m not even sure what led up to it, but I’m pretty hobbled. My custom orthotics fill in the arch area, and force me knees outward. I don’t know if I should keep wearing the orthotics, or who to see for advice. My knee never fully healed in the first place. I’m middle aged.

  89. This will help kids if the kid complains about leg hurting?

  90. Aliexpress is where I order my orthotics for flat feet .. GREAT prices like 5-8 $ and free shipping however it takes about 5 weeks to receive. Have order at least 7 pair and all are better than the very expensive ones ! Just put in flat feet orthotics and it shows many vendors. Some carry same orthotic so I go for the least expensive..Kotlikoff Is name of last vendor I bought from!

  91. I have Ehlers Danlos and my feet have slowly "gotten bigger"- the bones have just kept dropping and they've grown increasingly flat and regardless, my ankles ALWAYS turned in. It's hereditary and I noticed my child has the same issues and it's blatantly obvious since he was five.

    I swear by WalkFit inserts. They are harder plastic but BECAUSE they are harder my ankles can't turn in! It holds my heels in place. I can smash any padded inserts flat. SOLID HARD PLASTIC is exactly what I need to get my arches supported and to keep my ankles from rolling in.

    A decade ago they brought my size ten feet back to a size nine!

    Now, at 45, arthritis is a serious issue so I tend to buy size ten so nothing pinches because it's agonizing.

    But WalkFits have been an absolute godsend. I have a box FULL of so many inserts and none work remotely as well as WalkFits. I get them for twenty bucks at Target.

  92. guys you are saying a lot of things that are not true and that you are not experts in the area to comment on. Without my "hard" $350 inserts i would not be able to work the back pain was so great i had to lie on the floor to make sales calls.also for the $350 i could immediately stopped needing massages and ineffective physio ( every physio said the back pain was not caused by feet and they were all wrong), so the inserts have saved me a fortune on the cost of non effective treatments.

  93. I have a real flat foot. So can u tell me what type of shoes to get. Your video is quite 'un-understandable'. Thanks.

  94. Most insurance companies will cover one pair of custom orthotics a year.

  95. thanks!!!u 2 r a hoot?

  96. is it weird to think it would be nice to have someone draw on me? LOL

  97. Usain Bolt has flat feet. Most black people have flat feet and the best athletes in the world are black. Flat feet being a problem is a myth. Flat feet is a good thing.

  98. I have extremely flat feet but also bow legged. Shoes wear out on outer edge not inner. One side worse than the other due to a series of unfortunate incidents causing one leg to be longer. Nothing works to make my feet & knees not hurt with every step.

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