The Block That Developers Left Behind in Super Mario Galaxy

The Block That Developers Left Behind in Super Mario Galaxy

Luigi: “Waaaaah!” This video is sponsored by SurfShark – protecting
your privacy online at all times. The fire and ice stages were always neat to
me in the galaxy games. If I wasn’t staring at the beautiful aurora
skylines that bled out into space, I was being creeped out by the sky trees staring down
upon me. But man, these levels just were gorgeous. Maybe I’m just a sucker for how ice looks
in the Mario games, but it’s something I always remember fondly. But beyond that, I always remembered how big
these levels were. Freeze Flame Galaxy had such large planets
that were on the edges of the galaxy, and Shiverburn Galaxy was fixated within a monstrous
canyon. Given how similar the levels were, I always
wondered if they were somehow neighboring galaxies as well. But we’re gonna sweep away the nostalgia
for a second here and shelve the world of Shiverburn. We’ve covered that level pretty extensively
in my previous video showcasing the creepy beings on the brim of the canyon… And now it’s time to pay Freeze Flame a
visit. Because within FreezeFlame galaxy is actually
a pretty odd spectacle. A question mark block positioned above a reverse
gravity plain that divides the center of a planet. So buckle up everyone, because it’s time
for another trip into spaaaaaaaace with good ol’ SwankyBox. June 2nd, 2019. On this very normal Sunday, I released my
upload for the week which talked about a mysterious set of eyes beneath the sand in Dusty Dune
Galaxy. I began checking the comments not long after
the video went out when one in particular caught my eye. It was brief, but it perplexed me. The comment was by a viewer named Leander
Atlas Lund-Bedsted, and all it said was “I have found a ? block inside of one of the
planets in Freezeflame Galaxy.” That’s it. Now, the video I had released that day was
actually another discovery that I was tipped off about too. People were checking out the level in an online
viewer called no.clip and had discovered it. I could only imagine that this person had
done the same thing, given that most people don’t boot up free-cam tools themselves. So I thought that would be the best place
to start. It had been a while since I actually explored
Freeze Flame Galaxy with the current tool set that I have today. I honestly think the last time I was there
at all was in early 2017. And even then, it was only for a bit. Given that this person said that the question
mark block was positioned inside of a planet though, I immediately ruled out the giant
ice mountain. I think generally people refer to planets
in Super Mario Galaxy as anything that is basically round. So, I turned my attention to planets like
those. Generally that doesn’t leave us with a whole
lot as we have a few lava planets we fly by when we come in, and then the two other circular
planets within the stage. One being the dual ice and lava planet, and
the planet that has lava on both sides of its interior. Since the interior planet didn’t make too
much sense since we are able to go inside of it, I decided to focus on the dual planet. And that’s when I noticed the peculiar block
just floating there. So in FreezeFlame galaxy there are a lot of
different star missions that take us to different areas. It isn’t until the 3rd star that we come
to this planet though. Any time we start this level we generally
begin on the ice ring planet. On the mission Hot and Cold Collide this planet
is changed though. There are lava spheres overlapping the ice
and fireballs are being shot across the planet. When Mario makes his way to the end of the
ring he will activate a launch star that will take him over to the middle of the level on
a planet called IceWaterUpDownPlanet – named appropriately because that’s exactly what
this planet has in it. In the starting area there is frigid water
that Mario must dodge otherwise he will take damage. There is a large door that is sealing off
the 2nd half of the planet and Mario needs to spin on a valve in order to open it. This allows him to access the lava side of
the planet through a narrow passageway. Once over here, there is another valve that
Mario needs to spin within the lava in order to open up the fire flower. With the fire flower Mario can then complete
this section of the level and move on – but we don’t want to yet. Because inside this room is actually where
this mysterious block is. In fact, it’s not quite as mysterious as
one would think… Or at least in this context. It’s actually the block above the fire flower
that is normally loaded on this scenario. So technically we could wall kick our way
up there and break it open. But that’s not what’s interesting about
this block though. The real reason why this block is neat is
because it is one of the only objects in this area that persists upon loading a different
scenario. And by a different scenario, I’m referring
to a different star mission. And when we’re on a different star mission,
this block becomes a whole lot more challenging. So hypothetically, if we were to make our
way over to this planet on a different star, we encounter some strange stuff. Immediately upon landing in this area we notice
that the water appears to still be present but everything else is gone. No enemies, blocks, valve, or even a door. But upon exploring further we realize that
the water actually isn’t here either. Only the surface graphic for the water is
still present and the actual water layer itself is gone. This means we can stand under the water and
nothing happens to us. It’s actually a bit trippy honestly. Since there isn’t a door, we’re free to
head on through the tunnel to the other side of the planet… But we’re met with something bizarre. The entire underside of the planet is gone
completely. No lava, rocky walls, or any objects are here. The only thing left behind appears to be the
sinking block object… until we look up, that is. And there is the illusive floating block. So when this was viewed for the first time
in the the model viewer, since this part of the planet is unloaded, the block looked like
it was just floating down below. This was because it’s missing the geometry
that is normally below it. But this raises the question… Can we break the block? So let me sort of outline the challenge to
this. First and foremost, let’s talk about why
this area is gone but the other side isn’t. This planet as a whole is actually split into
two parts. The main outer shell of the planet that we
can see from far away actually includes the icy side of the planet in its geometry. The lava side is then loaded in ontop of this
object on the bottom half of the planet. The game developers cleared everything off
the planet for a couple different reasons. For one, the draw distance of the game would
unload the objects anyways – or at least most of them. And two, they are on the bottom half of the
planet and can never be seen anywhere else in the level – unlike the top part of the
planet. Since you can see this brown planet anywhere
else in the stage by looking around, they needed to keep it here for consistency sake. But when they pulled out the other group of
objects, what is left behind is essentially a void. So just for the fun of it, is it possible
to get to the block? There’s no floor for us to stand on at all
around here. If we long jump out into the absent area,
we basically get sucked towards the middle of the planet and flip around continuously. This happens because gravity is pushing us
into areas that gravity is reversed in, thus we’re caught in the absolute middle of these
two forces. This then pushes us backwards and slightly
out of bounds near where the pathway was that we used to get down here. No matter how we long jump though, there is
no way to get to anywhere substantial… And the block is too high to be reached. So the only option we have is to hopefully
make it onto the outer shell of the planet. Assuming it has collision, that would allow
us to then walk around the outside and to where we need to go. But that comes with another set of problems… Generally, all the walls within this planet
can’t be wall-kicked off of. A wall kick would grant us some decent height
in terms of reaching the outer edges of the planet… But no matter where we go we can’t utilize
them. However, there is a method to getting up top. Documented by a player called GlitchFish a
long time ago, apparently a perfectly timed triple jump grants us enough height with a
spin to make it onto the sloped geometry of the outer edges of the passage way. With a few jumps combined with spins, we can
climb the slope and make it to the exterior of the planet. Navigating the outside of the planet is a
bit of a hassle because the camera doesn’t work too well and it can be hard to change
direction once gravity inverts. But we can make it to the other side. Funny thing is, if we were on the correct
mission for this star we would actually encounter freezing water out here that would hurt us. It actually makes navigating harder because
it’s set between the two gravity planes that are pointed towards each other, but it
also serves as a barrier that both hurts Mario and cancels his jump momentum. But I digress… With some careful running and jumping we can
make it to the edge of the void… And down below us is the block we desire. Unfortunately the camera does not cooperate
at all when we jump off the edge and it can make it difficult to see where we are going. If we do fall, gravity will throw us in limbo
and we’ll have to start all over again. But with a well placed long jump that we don’t
hold forward on, we can pass over the block and then grab the edge of it pulling us up. And with this, we’ve now made it to the
illusive question mark box… But there’s another issue we come across. In a previous video I covered the concept
about how brick blocks can be broken with a ground pound as we pass through the block. And even in other Mario games, we can ground
pound blocks from above to repeatedly knock coins or items out of them. But this mechanic wasn’t in Super Mario
Galaxy 1. Ground pounding a question mark block doesn’t
actually open the box at all. They can only be opened by striking them from
below. And with no ground below us that can be utilized,
that means we can’t open this box at all on this scenario… Which sucks. If we turn back the clock though and go here
on the correct scenario, we will find that the box does contain star bits. But those star bits, while present on all
map sets, will never be collected on the alternative scenarios. They exist out here – floating in the vacuum
of space in this deleted environment, but given the circumstances, they won’t ever
really be collected here. Kind of strange to think about. Everything but the floating platform and this
block were deleted. Just another artifact left behind by a developer
for us to hypothesize about. Before wrapping up, I did want to fly on over
to the lava planet and show that it is possible to walk around on the outside of it. There’s like an invisible casing around
the planet and Mario floats over top the actual ground – which allows us to walk over certain
cracks and seams in the split crust of the lava sphere. Interesting enough, the lava pillars can only
burn Mario up until a certain extent, but they do act as lava. And on top of that, those magma planets we
flew by at the start of the level actually can hurt us as well – unlike similar planets
in other levels. Touching them causes us to get burned and
we plummet into atmosphere down below where it takes us about a minute until we actually
die. Just wanted to throw those two things in for
you all. But with that, as always I’d love to hear
your thoughts on all of this – so please share them in the comments below. And of course, a huge shoutout to SurfShark. When it comes to privacy in today’s world,
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my next video, cheers!

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