The Bunk’D Disney Channel Cast from Camp Kikiwaka

The Bunk’D Disney Channel Cast from Camp Kikiwaka

[Tessa] Hey guys, Tessa here and I have a
surprise! [Tessa] I’m gonna be on Disney Channel
in a new show called… [ALL] BUNK’D! [Tessa] I am here with my fellow Bunk’D castmates *we cheer* *Sassy pose #1* *Sassy pose #2* *Sassy pose #3* *Sassy pose #4* [Tessa] And so we’re going to go around and introduce ourselves. We’re going to say our name, our character’s name on the show, and our Hogwarts house starting with this one. [Nina] My name is Nina Lu. My character’s
name is Tiffany. And I am a Hufflepuff. [Nathan] My name is Nathan Arenas. I play Jorge. And I’m a Ravenclaw. [Kevin] My name is Kevin Quinn. I play Xander. And people may not like this but I am a Slytherin [Peyton] I’m Peyon List. I play Emma. And
I am a GRYFFINDOR! [Miranda] Hey I’m Miranda May. I play Lou. And my house is Hufflepuff! [Skai] I’m Skai. My character’s name is Zuri…Ross. And I’m a Slytherin. [Kevin] YES! [Karan] I’m Karan Brar. I play Ravi. And my
Hogwarts house is GRYFFINDOR! [Peyton] Oww! I see you! [Tessa] My name is Tessa Netting. My character’s name is Hazel. And I am a Ravenclaw! [Karan] We have two of each! We have two of each. [Tessa] Oh my gosh we do! We are such a balanced cast. *Some start singing We Go Together from Grease, others are just confused hahaha* [Skai] Bunk’D is a spinoff of Jessie. [Miranda] And it’s premiering next Friday,
July 31st on [ALL- except Kevin because he was late] DISNEY
CHANNEL! *Tessa laughs at Kevin being late* [ALL] ON DISNEY CHANNEL (take 2) [Tessa] Hey Karan! [Karan] Hey Tessa! [Tessa] Would you like to tell them what Bunk’D is about? [Karan] I would love to tell them what Bunk’D is about. [Karan] So remember back on Jessie we had our parents Christina and Morgan Ross. [Karan] They actually are camp sweethearts and met in Maine in a camp called Camp Kikiwaka. [ALL] KIKIWAKA!!! [Karan] And they end up sending Emma, Zuri, and Ravi off to camp in Maine where they meet these wonderful people Xander, Lou, Jorge, and Tiffany. And Hazel. [Tessa] And me. WE’RE GONNA PLAY SOME CAMP GAMES! [Tessa and Nina] Penny Nickel Dime Penny Penny Nickel Dime Nickel [Tessa and Skai] Boom Snap Clap Boom Boom Snap Clap Snap Boom Snap Clap Boom Boom Snap SHH! *Tessa and Skai do some weird Chipotle dance haha* [Tessa and Karan] *in the tune of Feliz Navidad* I want Chipotle, I want Chipotle (we were getting Chipotle for lunch) [Tessa and Karan] *continues the song* Some sour cream and some guacamole…BUT WAIT THE GUAC COSTS EXTRA! *Tessa and Nathan play that hand slapping game and Tessa gives Nathan a BIG HUG because Nathan gives the best hugs* *Kevin beatboxes and it sounds like JT, very impressive* [Tessa] Ooooo it sounds like Justin Timberlake! Hee hee! [Kevin rapping] We’re at Camp Kikiwaka with our friends, we will be here until the end.. *Tessa and Miranda play the slide hand game really fast it is super impossible and it hurts our hands HAHA TADA* *Tessa and Peyton do the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect SUPER FAST THIS IS NOT SPED UP PEOPLE THIS HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE. *They are shocked they actually did it and celebrate haha* [Tessa] This is a repeat after me song! [ALL] This is a repeat after me song! [Tessa] You can’t ride in my little red wagon [ALL] You can’t ride in my little red wagon [Tessa] Cuz the front seat’s broken and the axle’s draggin’ [ALL] Cuz the front seat’s broken and the
axle’s draggin’ [Tessa] Oom Pa Oom Pa Pa [ALL] Oom Pa Oom Pa Pa [Tessa] Second verse, same as the first [ALL] Second verse, same as the first [Tessa] But a WHOLE LOT LOUDER AND A WHOLE LOT WORSE [ALL] But a WHOLE LOT LOUDER AND A WHOLE LOT WORSE *THEY CHEER* [Nathan] That was hard! [Nina] Look at this one big family! (oh Nina how I love you) *Tessa and Nina do evil laughs MWhAHAHHAHAH* *Tessa and Nathan dance together* *Tessa and Kevin dance together* *Tessa and Skai play Boom Snap Clap and Skai fails and screams loudly HAHA* *Tessa’s brain is dead so she is resting on Miranda’s beautiful shoulders* *Peyton gives Tessa a BIG HUG* *Tessa is laughing at Karan’s weird face* NAILED IT. *They all slap Tessa’s hands except for Karan who misses. Typical.* *Tessa and Miranda are still crying/laughing over their weak arm muscles* *Tessa laughs at Skai because she is SO FUNNY I just can’t stop laughing when I’m around her* [Kevin doing his Shrek impression] DONKEY.
I’VE GOT A HUGE WART ON MY BUTT. *GROUP HUG* [Tessa] SO MUCH LOVE. [ALL] KIKIWAKA!!!! [Tessa] Okay. [Tessa] Okay, this is enough.

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  57. Checkout there Website:Bunk'd came on the air July of 2015 they are now in season Four with so far 73 episodes..There is nothing on the website about Bunk'd leaving anytime soon..So I suggest to Check out there Website..Friends Forever means that they will always be friends till the end(does not mean the end of the series….

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