The Clothes-Off Game ft. Kunal Nayyar

I’ve got a big theory
that you can’t guess how many layers of banging
clothes we’re wearing. Let’s talk about that.( upbeat music playing )Good mythical morning. Sirs and madams, do we have
a great show for you today? – Yes, I’ll answer
my own question.
– Yes, yes! We are unveiling and testing
a couple of incredible products that you should not
be living without. Check. And we’re debuting
a brand-new game called “Good Cup,
Bad Cup.” – Checka-checka-check.
– Plus, we’re dropping
a brand-new exclusive music video from
“Buddy System,” season two. Checka-checka-checka-checka. But first,
let’s welcome to the show, from “The Big Bang Theory,”
it’s Kunal Nayyar. – Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
– Thank you, thank you. Big mythical welcome. Thank you. Thanks for
coming in, man. – Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
– Left hand shake. – Thank you so much.
Thank you guys.
– Yeah, right in there. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome.
– You’re so thankful. – Thank you.
– So much. That was for Thanksgiving,
now it’s Christmas, you don’t have to be
that thankful anymore. – #blessed.
– I like your clothes. You like to
put clothes on? I do, I like to wear
lots of clothes. What about,
like, layers? Your characters known for
that or at least in my mind. Yeah, exactly, yeah,
he wears a lot of layers because he likes
to protect himself. What about taking clothes off?
You like that? ( laughter ) – Great!
– I’m gonna take that
as a “Yes!” It’s time to play… Okay, here’s how the
Clothes Off game works. We each have certain
numbers of layers of different clothes on. We all look very festive. Yeah, first of all
let’s recognize that fact. – You look great.
– Thank you so much. Thank you. Now I’ve got
a lot of pants on or just a certain number
of pants and a certain number
of gloves. – Uh-huh.
– I have a certain
number of hats and many shirts. ( laughter ) Many shirts. I’m tempted to touch,
but that would be cheating. That is cheating. And I have lots of
pants and lots of shoes, or do I, of either? – Yeah, it could be.
– Oh. I could just be chunky
in the elf badonkadonk, who knows? Let’s find out, so… Well, you’re in
the hot seat first. – Kunal: Okay.
– Rhett: Yeah. – So you have to guess
how many hats I have?
– Rhett And Link: Right. And then,
whoever’s further away, it’s not whether you go
over or under, it’s just how many you are away
from the actual number, that is your score
and, of course, at the end of
all the rounds, you want a low score,
the lowest score. Good luck understanding
any of that. – ( laughter )
– Okay? Let’s do this.( upbeat music plays )Okay, Kunal,
you have on some hats. – Yes.
– We’re gonna guess
how many hats you have, but first,
what is at stake is, the winner gets
a layered version of our favorite “Big Bang
Theory” character action figure. But if I win,
then I will get – a character action figure
of myself?
– Link: Yeah. – Rhett: Well, we’ll find out.
– Okay, we’ll find out,
okay, great. – Our favorite.
– Well, I have a lot of
those already, so… – Okay, okay.
– Now, I will say
right off the bat that I can see
a lot of the hats. So we have set you up
at a severe disadvantage. Okay, that’s true,
but let’s just see. All right, cause I’m like, one, two… You don’t have to
do it out loud, man. All right,
I have a number in mind. Let’s go three, two, one because I don’t want to
give you the advantage. – Okay.
– Three, two, one. – Ten.
– 13. – 13, 10.
– All right. Okay, let’s find out. Rhett and Kunal:
One, two– Oh, no, no, no, wait! – Oh.
– Three. – Three.
– There was a third one there. – Oh, yeah, three.
– All: Four. Oh, oh, oh. All:
Five, six. Oh, oh, oh, wait, wait.
Seven. What? Are you just picking up
hats on the floor? All:
Eight, nine, ten. 11, 12. What is
that, a yarmulke? – 13.
– Oh! Oh! What? What is that? That’s the last one. – Link: 14?
– 14. But the dog
has a hat as well. That doesn’t come off. – Rhett: Okay.
– But that is a hat,
so that’s 15. Do you want to count that, 15? I mean, it just makes
you further off. – No.
– ( laughter ) Okay, 14. That means,
I only got one point.( upbeat music plays )Okay, guys. You’re a gloved reindeer. How many gloves
do I have on? I can see a
little peeky peeky. I’m good, I think
I already have the number. – Okay.
– Okay. Kunal:
You ready? – Yeah.
– Okay, three, two, one. Link And Kunal:
11. ( all exclaim ) – We agree.
– Yay. – Yes!
– Okay, here we go. Me and you
against him forever. I love that. Okay. – Okay.
– I’ll help you out here. – Yeah, so here’s…
– All: One. – Okay, two.
– It’s a meat glove. Two. This one’s not… Here,
try a little peel. This one’s tough. Okay, three. Here, I’ll show you. Yep, three. And these are just
part of my costume. They come off,
but they’re going to stay attached to the reindeer. No, you gotta do
a peeling action. – Oh, what is that?
– Kunal: Oh, I see. Oh, just make
a fist, okay. Oh, that’s what you meant by
they’re part of your costume. So, four, five. How are you so good
at taking things off? ( laughter ) And then six. What is that? That’s a nice glove, man. Yeah, and now my satin gloves. Rhett and Kunal:
Seven. Now my surgical gloves. Oh, these are sweaty. Oh, sorry,
you all right? Ew! You got woman hands. I just, I’ve been
waiting to show you guys my Christmas “dec.” What?
How many did we count? I lost count
’cause I was distracted. Decorations. – How many was that?
– Nine? Nine? Man:
There were eight layers. – There are eight layers.
– Link: Eight! So we were both
equally wrong, which we could’ve known
from the start. But we have
three points each. Three points each. Best friends forever.( upbeat music plays )Okay, this chunky elf’s
got some shoe wear on. Do socks count as foot wear? Absolutely. Okay, I got a number. Me too, ready?
Three, two, one. – Five.
– Nine. – Five and nine.
– Whoa! This is gonna be
an interesting one. – Link: Ooh.
– Yeah, oh. Kunal:
All right, let’s see. How do you put on nine shoes? I don’t know.
So, I’ve got a– Well, maybe you guys
help me out here. – Yeah.
– Oh, that’s–
oh, that a different– – Kunal: That’s not a shoe?
– ( Rhett laughs ) – Link: That is a shoe.
– Kunal: I’m lost. I thought that was part
of the thing, but– See, there’s one elf shoe. There’s one. Wow,
I remember these boots. – All right, so that’s one.
– That’s one, all right. – Then we’ve got…
– Here you go. – Link: You gotta…
– Kunal: Two. …boot.
Oh! Another elf shoe. – That would be–
oh, that’s two.
– Two. And then, right here,
we’ve got– Three,
I think I’m going to win. Link and Kunal:
Three. – Uh-oh, now here we go.
– Oh, no, look at this… thing. Look at that, I got some
Converse All-Star shoes on. Those aren’t shoes,
they’re socks. Yeah, but you
established the rules. Yeah, that’s true. And then under here,
what do I have? Four. I’m just gonna go
with one foot for now, ’cause this second foot
is the same thing. Look at that. It’s a Birkenstock
with a sock. Stylish, Link,
and always a good idea. And now I’m gonna
take that off. – Kunal: Four.
– What are we up to now? – Four.
– Link: Look, Rhett,
it’s your favorite, – toe shoes.
– Yes, five. – Do you feel cool?
– I feel so cool. Five. Oh, look at that! What else do I have? More toe socks. Toe socks. There can’t be
much more in there. – Honestly.
– Five. And then each of you guys
pull off a sock. Okay. Five. I’m gonna break a nail. ( laughter ) – Link: Oh, yeah,
and a layer of hair.
– Ew. – No, that doesn’t count.
– Which counts. All right,
it doesn’t count. You’re an elf
with hobbit feet? I’m an elf with hobbit feet. – So that’s six.
– So that’s six, total. Okay. – And I guessed?
– Five. – What?
– Very close. – So I got three, Kunal got one.
– Farther away. – All right.
– All right, that was good.( upbeat music )Next round
is my round of shirts. Ho, ho, ho! How many shirts are inside
this Santa’s body? On top of the Santa’s body. Quantify your buffness. How many days a week
do you workout? – Like honestly?
– ( laughter ) I probably have
11% body fat. Is that good,
I just made up a number? ( laughter ) I was trying to
figure that out. – I think that’s good.
– That’s good. All right, cool.
So then that’s it, that’s it. You’ve got on
a lot of layers if you have 11% body fat. Yeah, you just
made up a number. The question is,
subconsciously, did you tell us how
many shirts you have on? – Oh, question.
– Ah! – Did he say a number?
– 11%. Oh. So that’s it,
that’s the percentage of shirts that I have on. A percentage
is not a number. – Ha!
– Good luck. Okay, I’ve got a number. – So do I.
– Kunal: Okay. Rhett and Link:
Three, two, one. – Ten.
– 14. 14, he always goes big. – Yeah, go big or go home.
– Kunal: All right, let’s see. Okay, one. Oh, that is beautiful. This is my grandmother’s. ( laughter ) – Okay, that’s two.
– Two. Oh, my goodness. This is three. Oh, gosh. This is from Las Vegas
last night. – Four.
– Four. Number one. Yeah, jersey time. – Five.
– Five. Oh, gosh. Six. Oh, that’s festive. – Seven.
– Seven. Oh, you guys are way off. – ( laughter )
– Jersey! – All: Eight.
– Oh, ho, ho, ho! Nine! All right, we’re about to
blow past your number, Link. Ten. Gangster wrapper? – I get it.
– Kunal: Yeah. 11. – Link: 11? Oh, man.
– Rhett: Yeah, yeah. – 12.
– This is way above 14. – 12.
– Oh, my gosh. Whew, 13! ( huffs ) 14. Oh, yeah, there’s
that 11% body fat. And that’s it! – Hey!
– So… Wait, does this count? That’s 15, but you don’t
have to take it off. – So 15 shirts.
– Hey, wow, I’m only one away again. You’ve got to admit,
I’m on my game today! Reindeer’s in the house!( upbeat music plays )I have on a lot of pants. Or maybe I’m just
having a thick day. – That is the question.
– Kunal: Yeah. Man, I can tell you
right now that those bumps, he doesn’t
usually have those in, like, the leg regions. That’s definitely
from apparel. I’m not staring
at your caboose. I’m just looking at
how many pants you have. And that’s totally fine. All right,
okay, I got it. – Yeah.
– Okay, ready? One, two, three. – 11.
– Seven. – I’m staying low.
– Okay, okay. Okay, that’s good,
we’ll see. I should’ve gone
high so many times and now that I should go high,
I need to stay low. – Rhett: Okay.
– You know his body. Not that well.
( chuckles ) I know you’d like him to, some of you people out there,
but no. – Oh, gosh.
– One. Oh, gosh. I’m gonna break some nails. I like those pants. It’s a good
dance there. Pants off dance. This is when I go on missions
in Whoville. I don’t know
what that means. ( laughter ) Taking off two pieces,
but that’s two more. No, I want you to see
every single stage in its glory
and also this stage is cool – because you can do this.
– Oh. Two. – ( grunts )
– Yeah. This stage is cool
because you can… because you can do this. Okay, any day now. It’s so cool and unexpected
how fast I… – ( grunting )
– Oh. – Oh.
– All right. – So that is three.
– Three. That’s how
the cool guys do it. They do it in seven motions. Three. – Lost a nail.
– Link: Watch the nails. – Kunal: Four.
– Rhett: That’s my
camping pants. In case the bears see you. Yeah, this is when
I work out with my mom. She has a little trampoline. – Oh, yeah, I understand, yeah.
– You know? – Yeah, that’s what she does.
– Kunal: Two shades of pink,
cool. This is when
I go out with my mom after we work out. Velour pants,
what’s that, six over here? Yeah, six. Six coming off now. This is when I work out
with my uncle. – Seven.
– I hope that’s it. No, I can already
see two more. ( laughing ) What is this? What is this? Okay, got a little,
some tights. That’s nine. ( panting )
Yeah, then I got… – Ten.
– …my PJs in case I get tired. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, no! I went too far! Psych, they’re tights.
Oh, gosh. I’ve lost count
’cause I know that I lost. Oh, and here comes
the reindeer outfit. And that does count,
I would say. No, that’s a onesie,
that doesn’t count. Please unzip me. What? Oh,
your tail went down. You’re taking that
all the way off, I guess it does count. Oh, that does count. – 12.
– Link: Man. Please don’t
take those off. – And that’s it.
– Ah, lovely. – You really should’ve
kept on the reindeer.
– So do I get a bonus? Oh, I didn’t
get it exactly. – Well, hey…
– So close. – Kunal: That’s okay, yeah.
– Hey, we’re doing
really, really good. – I think we’re doing
really, really well.
– We’re tied, actually. – Yeah.
– And I’m over here.( upbeat music plays )All right,
I am out of the running, but you guys are currently
tied with five points each, so it comes down
to what’s in my pants. – No.
– No, no. It comes down to
how many pants I have on. Ah, man. – Oh, gosh.
– Kunal: Hmm. All right,
I’ve got a number. All right, okay,
I have a number. One, two, three. – 13.
– Nine. – Oh, ho, ho, ho.
– Nine. I’m going for the win. You went low, I went high. I know, just like
our height difference. ( laughter ) All right, guys,
here we go. Yeah. Are those mailman pants
under there? Dickies? Big ol’ Dickies. So that is one! And then, zip. – And drop.
– Kunal: Two. Okay, yeah, all right,
he’s skinny. – Two.
– There’s a lot
of room in there. – Link: Two.
– I don’t know. – What’s…?
– Kunal: Three. Ah. Oh, oh, oh. Those look like
what I sleep in. Yeah,
these are very comfortable. Yeah. Those look like
what you sleep in. That’s what I sleep in,
yeah. Okay, yeah, so this
is the fifth pair, right? One, two, three, four. Leopard is
the fifth pair. So, five. I’ve been working out
with your mom. – It’s great.
– Yeah. She gets done with you,
she works out with me. Oh, that’s not the terminology
that I would use. – To trampoline?
– Trampoline, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
The little one? Both on one, yeah. All right, and then I got
these for my night moves. Those are tight. And there’s jeans
under all this? How are you…? Those are not jeans. Then I just go out
to do some ranching – in my jeans.
– Kunal: You know what
those are? Are jeggings. That’s what they
call them, right? – Yeah.
– Jeans that are leggings. Jean leggings, yeah. But those are
actually jeans. – Oh, those are
literally jeans.
– ( Rhett laughs ) – They’re “Spandy.”
– Rhett: Yeah, yeah,
they’re stretchy. And then I got a little…
a little pelvis. – That’s eight.
– Kunal: Eight. – Oh. Oh, ho, ho!
– Kunal: Oh! Wait, that counts. – These count.
– But there’s still some there. – And then…
– Oh, gosh. Oh, gosh! – Oh.
– Look at me! I’m an elf under an elf. – Oh, gosh.
– And that’s it, boys. – So, ten?
– Rhett: Ten. Ten layers. – I guessed nine, right?
– Man: Yeah, you did. – That means Kunal
is our winner!
– Ten layers! Whoo!
Congratulations. You win our favorite character from “Big Bang Theory”
with a lot of layers on him. – Sheldon.
– ( laughter ) – It’s the worst day of my life.
– ( laughter ) Just kidding,
here’s our favorite. – Yay.
– Here you go. Yeah, forget that guy. Rhett:
Kick him out of here. – Link: Look at that.
– It’s me! Hey,
that was pretty amazing. Two rounds,
you were only one off. – I know.
– That’s a good game. Well, I had all
the answers with me. – ( laughter )
– You gave him the answers. – I’m joking, I’m joking.
– Rhett: We should’ve
known that. Congratulations,
and thank you, Kunal. – Thank you.
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