The COMPLETE Game of Thrones Recap | CRAM IT

The COMPLETE Game of Thrones Recap | CRAM IT

Game of Thrones is about to reach its epic conclusion but if you’re not one of those people who spent the better part of the last decade Constantly rewatching the series for clues. You need a last-second reminder to catch you up or you know Nothing, including what that references is. It’s time to cram all of Game of Thrones into one handy video Well, not all all sorry Mirri Maz Duur fans and hot pie enthusiasts some stuff had to get cut away And yes, this is a long video But hey We’re about to cram 7 season 67 episodes and a mythology denser than the hardback version of a Storm of Swords into less than an hour. I have memorized every damn city, town, lake, forest and mountain cause a break Before we dive into all the quote-unquote present-day action, let’s do a little bit of Game of Thrones 101 the entire show is largely set on a continent named Westeros Which is divided into several parts collectively referred to as the Seven Kingdoms the weather strange in Westeros summers last months or even years But are followed by harsh winters which bring darkness and misery. At the northern edge of Westeros is the wall a giant well.. wall built to keep out all manner of supernatural creatures primarily the thought to be extinct White Walkers who can reanimate corpses to become undead White’s Also living north of the wall are a group of uncivilized folk called Wildlings down south is King’s Landing Seat of power for the Seven Kingdoms and home to the royal family of Westeros. For centuries a family called the Targaryen rule the land Largely because they were able to conquer the kingdoms and keep power using dragons, kind of like How to Train Your Dragon But the realistic version of what people would do with destructive fire lizards. Over the years though The Dragons slowly disappeared and so did the Targaryen power the last Targaryen ruler was Ares Second also known as the mad king, who over the course of his reign lost his mind and became a Radical tyrant who liked to burn people alive. The Targaryen dynasty came crashing down when Rhaegar Targaryen Eris’s son kidnapped a woman named Leon a stark of Winterfell sistered Eddard Stark and betrothed of Robert Baratheon Robert declared war on the Targaryen and killed Rhaegar in battle Liyana also died during the conflict robert’s rebellion ended with Mad King Aerys dead at the hand of Jaime Lannister his own Kingsguard and Robert on the throne as king of Westeros. The remaining Targaryens were hunted down and killed save for viserys and danerys Two of Eris’s children who fled east across the sea Robert was power married to Cersei Lannister daughter of the richest family in Westeros and Eddard returned home to Winterfell to rule as warden of the north and things are relatively quiet, which is where the show Game of Thrones really begins Ok enough backstory. What? The series kicks off north of the wall were three members of the Nights Watch sworn protectors of Westeros from everything beyond the wall have a run-in with a supernatural white Walker A bit further south in Winterfell we meet the rest of the stark family Eddard Ned Stark who we know his wife Catelyn and their five children Robb flexiblelom Sansa Arya, bran and Rickon. There’s also Ned’s bastard, son Jon Snow not to stop an Theon Greyjoy the eldest living son of Lord Balin Greyjoy of the Iron Islands Theon was taken as a hostage during his father’s failed uprising Against Westeros and has been raised by Ned as his ward. Each of the stark children also have their own pets abnormally large wolves called dire wolves Ned’s mentor Jon Arryn known as the hand of the king pretty much royal chief of staff has died under semi questionable circumstances King Robert decides the job should be Ned Stark’s and he travels to Winterfell along with his wife Cersei Lannister Circe’s brother Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer and their brother the hard-drinking prostitute loving dwarf Tyrion Lannister to make the arrangements Once in Winterfell Robert convinces Ned to take the gig by promising to marry his son Joffrey Next in line to the throne to Ned’s daughter Sansa also loyalty Brotherhood blah blah blah anyway Unfortunately young bran stark who loves climbing Winterfell Towers spots Jaime and Cersei doing a little bit of incest. Bran is troubled But he’s even more troubled when Jaime pushes him off the tower to keep their secret; “The things I do for love” Paralyzing him. Ned, Arya and Sansa head south to King’s Landing, while John heads north to join the Nights Watch John quickly proves himself a strong fighter and befriends the heavyset and cowardly Samwell Tarly, “I`m a coward” Lord Commander of the Nights Watch Junior Mormont takes a shine to Jon and make some his personal steward Along with giving of his family’s heirloom sword made of highly prized and rare Valyrian steel back at Winterfell recovering brand Stark is attacked by a stranger armed with a dagger Catelyn comes to believe the Lannisters are involved and heads to King’s Landing to tell Ned “I know they did it, Ned. The Lannisters, in my bones I know it” Ned’s already got his hands full dealing with a difficult King and the other members of King Robert’s small Council they include Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger the master of coin. “I have hoped to meet you for some time, lord Stark”. The long-serving grand maester Pycelle “How many years has it been?” Robert’s younger brother Renly Baratheon and Lord Varys a eunuch who runs the Kings spy network There are also all sorts of other colorful characters Including Joffrey’s bodyguard the Hound real names Sandor Clegane and his even more ferocious and massive brother named Gregor Clegane Aka the mountain they changed actors later. We’ll keep you updated We also meet sir Loras Tyrell the knight of the flowers who’s actually Renly Baratheon secret lover Scandal Catelyn arises in the capital where she meets up with her childhood friend Littlefinger How did you know I was coming to King’s Landing? He tells her that the dagger she found used to be his I lost this dagger to whom Tyrion Lannister Ned meanwhile discovers that King Robert has a number of bastard children stashed around the city including Gendry a local blacksmith’s apprentice. “Find anything?” “King Roberts bastard son”. On her way back to Winterfell from the capital Catelyn runs into Tyrion and has him arrested for what she believes is the attempted murder of her son. They head to Catelyn sister Lysa Aaron’s castle known as the Eyrie and then all Seven hells break loose Tyrion demands a trial by combat And a wily knight named Bran volunteers to be his champion “You have that right” Bronwen’s the fight and they leave. Ned is attacked in the street by Jamie who then flees King’s Landing While recovering, Ned figures out the secret that Jon Arryn had discovered and that presumably got him killed Cercei`s children are not actually Robert Baratheon`s But were fathered by her brother Jamie. ” Joffrey Baratheon.” It’s the blonde hair That’s the clue. It sounds like something King Robert would be furious about if he weren’t mortally wounded during a hunt my fault He names Ned his regent and protector of the realm before he dies, but Cersei straight-up ignores this and declares that her son Joffrey is the new king. I wish to be crowned within the fortnight Roberts brother Renly declares himself the king of Westeros. Give me a hundred swords You’ll come on but Ned suggests that Renly’s older brother Stannis would rightfully be the next in line Stannis is your older brother Ned refuses to swear loyalty to Joffrey and is arrested “Your son has no claim to the throne” Renly and Loras flee the capital and start assembling an army and Cersei in the small council manipulates Sansa into writing to Robb and Asking him to bend the knee to Joffrey “Little dove, you must write to lady Catelyn And your brother the eldest what’s his name?” Hoping to save his family Ned makes a false confession and says Joffrey is the real true king “I come before you to confess my treason,” but Joffrey has him killed anyway, “bring me his head” Arya in disguise heads north to the wall along with Robert’s bastard Gendry robb stark Assembles an army loyal to the Starks from across the north who all agree that they should declare independence from the Lannisters and King’s Landing Entirely, why shouldn’t we rule ourselves again? They declare Robb the king in the north and begin a war for independence and revenge Robb proves himself a natural leader winning multiple battles against the Lannisters and capturing Jaime to use as a hostage in order to win these victories Robb agrees to marry the daughter of a crusty old lord named Walder Frey, he has a number he thinks will be Suitable in exchange for his armies passage over the bridge that his house controls remember this Tywin Lannister patriarch of the Lannister family is none too happy with what’s going on and Begrudgingly since Tyrion to King’s Landing to serve as hand of the king and get things in order and that’s pretty much it for season Oh, wait, that’s right. There’s a whole other continent in this show. Yep We’re going east to Essos where we meet the two surviving children of the Mad King viserys and danerys targaryen You can retake what he sees as his family’s rightful throne in Westeros Viserys has arranged for his sister to marry the horse Lord Aquaman Aka called Drogo who commands an army of horse warriors named the Dothraki we go home With an army Daenerys is not happy about this but doesn’t really get a say in the matter as a wedding gift She receives three apparently petrified dragon eggs from the mysterious eastern land of a shine serving istan Eris’s new advisor and protector is Jorah Mormont a soap your father for many years Got to be good I hope to always serve the rightful king Jorah is also secretly spying on the Targaryen on behalf of Lord Varys and tips off King Robert that Daenerys is pregnant with a potential Targaryen heir Viserys is unhappy that Daenerys is the one getting the royal treatment and Threatens to kill her if Drogo doesn’t take his army west now to recapture the Iron Throne. I want the crown He promised me so call Drogo kills him with boiling gold Daenerys takes it pretty well. He’s new trapping Jorah prevents an assassination attempt from Robert on Daenerys Which sells Drogo on the idea of invading Westeros? But during a fight Drogo is wounded and dies Daenerys and Jorah are abandoned by most of the Dothraki Huffing us was the throw Was foul and Daenerys loses her, baby The boy did not have however after walking into Drogo’s funeral pyre with the dragon eggs Daenerys emerges unharmed with three living baby dragons and that is the end of season one. It gets quicker from here We promise I just introduced like 50 people Most of the second season is taken up with the war of the five kings in which a bunch of different Westerosi families Go to war over control of the Iron Throne We can hopefully get through this pretty quickly because as of right now all of these Kings are either definitely dead or very likely dead The first King to drop is Renly Baratheon Murdered by a shadow demon conjured by his older brother Stannis a grim man Who’s also very grim Stannis is able to do this with the help of the red woman? Melisandre a priestess for the Lord of Light a God who gives visions to his followers and fire require Sacrifices with fire lights the swords of his warriors on fire. He’s big into fire. I have seen the pass to victory Stannis is right-hand, man. Is Davos Seaworth a former smuggler? Who’s not sure about this whole fire priestess thing Brienne of Tarth Renly’s loyal Kingsguard is blamed for his death But flees his camp alongside Catelyn Stark who would come to see about a potential Renly Robb alliance eventually Brienne swears fealty to Catelyn who asked her to take Jaime Lannister back to King’s Landing and Exchange him for Arya and Sansa killing. Jaime Lannister would not buy life for your children But returning him to King’s Landing may buy life for mine Ridley’s now widowed Margaery Tyrell is you know kind of sad but really wants to keep climbing up that social ladder Do you want to be a queen? No, I Want to be the queen Robb Stark meanwhile falls in love with a nurse named to Lysa? Remember that promise to marry one of Walder Frey’s daughters Yet that’s out the window much like bran back in King’s Landing Tyrion Finally returns from his travels along with a woman named Shay who long story short is a prostitute Tyrion falls in love with whom he also ultimately kills with his bare hands. That is a whole other video Anyway as hand of the king Tyrion gets to work and formulates an alliance with the Martell family of Dorne I’m brokering an alliance with house Martell of Dorne by sending Circe’s daughter Myrcella away to be married to one of their princes Tyrion also discovers There’s a stockpile of wildfire which is kind of like magical supercharged napalm in the capital substance So hot it melts wood stone even steel Eventually Stannis and his fleet attack King’s Landing come with me and take this city And what comes to be known as the Battle of the Blackwater Tyrion and bran destroys Stannis’s fleet with wildfire But the army keeps on coming The Hound frightened of all these flames Abandons his position and leaves King’s Landing the city The king Tyrion and the Lannister soldiers manage to protect the castle But not before Tyrion is brutally scarred in the battle The rest of Stannis’s Force is wiped out when Tywin Lannister arrives along with an additional Army, courtesy of Marjorie’s family the powerful House Tyrell. The battle is over We have won Stannis retreats back to Dragonstone to be grim where Melisandre convinces him to keep fighting Tyrion is relieved of his power You are no longer a hand of the king and the hand of the king position now goes to Tywin himself Thank you your grace and by way of saying thanks for the army Margaery Tyrell is now betrothed to Joffrey and Sansa is no longer in line to be married to the king Okay let’s head up north to Winterfell where brand has been having strange dreams about a three-eyed raven and Seeing through the eyes of his direwolf summer more on that later in Need of more soldiers Robb Stark dispatches Theon back to the Iron Islands and his home of Pike to get his father Balon Greyjoy to join his cause I brought you a proposal from Bob stock But Balin refuses and once instead to attack the north while the Starks and their allies are focused on fighting the Lannisters Theon flips allegiances and leads a band of Raiders from house Greyjoy to take control of Winterfell Thank you Your castle bran and Rickon escape with former wildling OSHA and Starks servant slash chauffeurs slash Mononym Hodor and head north to the wall to meet up with Jon Snow Roose Bolton of the dreadfort one of Rob’s most powerful allies offers to send his bastard son Ramsay to retake Winterfell Fionna hosts with his cousin Theon’s men turn on him Abandoned Winterfell, which is then burned and gives Theon over to the Bolton army Even further north several members of the Nights Watch go searching for the missing ranger Benjen stark Who’s Ned Stark’s brother at an ancient? Landmark called the fist of the first men. They find a cache of weapons made of a substance called dragon glass These will be very important later Jon Snow gets separated from the other Rangers meets up with a Wilding named Ygritte and becomes a spy for the Nights Watch embedded with the army of Mance Rayder the King-beyond-the-wall. Oh, let’s not forget. Arya while travelling north out of King’s Landing and toward the wall She meets up with a man named Jacques and Hegar who’s being held prisoner and then that’s the first Make a friend Yeah he always talks funny like that the Lannisters catch up with the party kill arias friend take her sword needle and Take the entire group to the Lannister held Harrenhal in the process. Arya saves jack ins life Jaqen, appreciative of arias help agrees to kill three people for her as a mate good man persistence My nose tree and he ultimately helps arya and Guidry escaped Harrenhal and go into friends with through the gate at midnight Jock and offers to take Arya with him to the free city of Braavos and teach her to be an assassin like him But Arya doesn’t want to abandon her family So he gives her an iron coin that she can use later to find him and as jaqen H’ghar leaves he reveals that he can Magically change his appearance. He doesn’t even need one of those Mission Impossible masks. That’s it That’s a real time-saver on the other side of the world Daenerys abandoned by Drogo’s men and near-death finds her way to the city of Qarth a wealthy merchant and a warlock their plot to steal Our dragons, but she takes them out And manages to get away with enough valuables to buy a ship. Yeah, that’s pretty much Daenerys in season two a Lot of season three takes place way up north and Castle black and beyond so let’s start with the Nights Watch Jon Snow makes it to the wildling camp and meets tormund Giantsbane and king-beyond-the-wall mance rayder He convinces them that he’s sincere about joining their cause we’ll need to find you a new cloak man sins torment Jon Ygritte and some others on a perilous mission to climb over the wall and then wait to attack Castle black from the other side Where they’re less defended on their way to the wall Jon and Ygritte fall in love and do it in a cave But once they’re over the wall, Jon refuses to kill an old man who helps supply the Nights Watch with horses So the wildlings figure out that he’s not really on their side after all they try to kill him even Ygritte But he escapes on the other side of the wall sam falls in love with a woman named Kelly at the worst air B&B in Westeros Craster’s keep the other Nights Watch brothers grow tired of Craster’s lack of hospitality And kill him Commander Mormont dies in the scuffle and Sam and Gilly run away on their way back to the wall Sam manages to kill a white Walker with a dagger made of dragonglass They eventually make it back to Castle black and warn everyone that the White Walkers have returned meanwhile bran Stark and his company meet up with two teens from house Reed Jojen and Meera The reeds want to take brand north to find the three-eyed raven from his dreams Jojen tells bran that he’s a warg meaning he can see through the eyes of animals and control them. You can get inside his head Here his eyes and bran has the sight Allowing him to see things that are happening far away things that haven’t happened yet or thinks it happened in the past Bran sends his brother and OSHA away and decides to venture beyond the wall to find the Raven Arya Stark is still on the run with ginjury when they cross paths with a group calling themselves the Brotherhood without banners It’s run by beric Dondarrion The knight who was sent way back in season one by Ned Stark to track down the mountain beric Dondarrion is now loyal to no house and is in league with another priest for the Lord of Light a drunk named Thoris of me purely by coincidence The Brotherhood also has the hound captive and they put him on trial for murder. I sentence you to trial by combat So he and beric Dondarrion have a sword fight the hound wins killing barrack in the process But Thoreau Springs him back to life using the Lord of Lights magic. So the Hound decides to take off Melisandre then locates the group and takes ginjury so she can sacrifice him and his Baratheon Kings blood to the Lord of Light to aid Stannis’s cause arya takes the chance to run away from the Brotherhood but is captured by the Hound Who’s been waiting for her and plans to take her back to her family for a ransom? Theon meanwhile is being tortured for fun by Roose Bolton’s sadistic cruel bastard Ramsay snow This torture includes cutting off Theon spike broken by his captors Theon now agrees to be Ramsay’s pet with a new name Reek and speaking of house Bolton one of their bannermen a guy named locke intercepts, Jaime and Brienne lay man of house Bolton and takes them captive. He chops off Jaime’s right hand as a show of strength Once they arrive at Harrenhal Castle Jaime’s injury is treated by a disgraced former maester named Qyburn Who lost his position for conducting illegal and questionable experiments on people? Roose Bolton agrees to send Jaime to King’s Landing where he promises Brienne that he will have the stark daughters released as Catelyn Stark wished Stannis Baratheon spends this entire season in his castle at Dragonstone Grimly brooding about his loss at the Blackwater when ser Davos finds out about MELAS on just plan to sacrifice ginjury He frees the boy and tells him to head for King’s Landing in a rowboat a trip that will take at least a couple of Seasons and Kings Landing Joffrey is now enjoying his engagement to Margaery Tyrell Which is really both to step up and to step down for her Sansa tells Olenna Tyrell the powerful matriarch of the wealthy Tyrell family The truth about King Joffrey. He’s but the wedding plans continue anyway Tywin Lannister decides to lock up the whole damn realm and orders that Tyrion be married to Sansa to secure the north and Cersei be married to Loras Tyrell to secure the south neither one of them is happy with this arrangement and finally in Westeros this robb stark and his are They’re starting to lose the war through attrition and a loss of morale don’t have enough to make a difference Have you lost faith in our cause to secure the men he needs to keep fighting. He has to make good with the man He double-crossed Walder Frey. I’ve come to make my apologies my lord They come to an agreement Catlins brother and mere Tully will marry Walters daughter Roslyn and the phrase will receive Harrenhal as further compensation On route to Edmund yours wedding to Lisa reveals to rob that she’s pregnant But their happiness is short-lived Because as it turns out Roose Bolton and Jaime Lannister were up to something in their time together at Harrenhal. Tell Robb Stark I’m sorry, I couldn’t make his uncle’s wedding the Lannisters send their regards Immediately after the wedding ceremony and Rob’s public apology to Walder Frey. He’s betrayed by both the phrase and Bolton’s their regards to Lisa Robb and Catelyn are all murdered along with most of their soldiers and even Rob’s Direwolf gray wind for his participation in what comes to be known as the red wedding Roose Bolton becomes warden of the north Friend of the Lannisters and architect of the most shocking moment in Game of Thrones history So far and finally we go east to Essos Daenerys uses the money she stole from Qarth to travel to the slave city of a stupor she promises to trade one of her dragons in exchange for a slave army known as the Unsullied but the dragon has different ideas and burns the Army’s owner alive Daenerys frees the slaves and now has the unsullied as a willing private army led by the soldier grey worm She also recruits a formerly enslaved translator missin day to join the cause Daenerys and the unsullied now advanced to a city called un KY intending to free the slaves there as well See Daenerys mission is kind of shifted from just conquering Westeros to also ridding the world of slavery because she have to dream big Um KY is protected by a mercenary group called the second son’s but one of them Daario naharis is so impressed by Daenerys Beauty that he turns on his leaders kills the men who were sent to assassinate Daenerys and brings the second sons into her army. They changed actors later We’ll keep you updated sir. Jorah Daario and grey worm go on a daring raid to secure. Um, KY After which the city’s freed slaves embrace Daenerys as Misa meaning mother As Season 4 begins we turn our attention back to King’s Landing. We’re planning for King Joffrey’s wedding to Margaery Tyrell is deep under way among the guests is Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne brother of King Aerys the second wife Elia He wants revenge against the Lannisters in the mountain for the rape and murder of his sister and the murders of most of her children In the aftermath of Robert’s rebellion at Joffrey’s wedding. He drinks some poisoned wine and dies But usually the death of a child is a tragedy, but you know what I’ll give this one a pass Cersei assumes Tyrion and his wife Sansa must have been behind it Orders them both arrested Sansa manages to get away and out of King’s Landing with some help from Littlefinger who was working with the mastermind of Joffrey’s murder Marjorie’s grandmother Lady Olenna You don’t think I’d let you marry that beast deal Littlefinger vows to keep Sansa safe and takes her with him to the Vale where he marries her aunt Lysa Arryn and a season 1 Mystery is solved as we discovered that Littlefinger told Lysa to kill her husband Jon Arryn So they could be together and then send a letter to the Starks blaming it on the Lannisters Those tops and told me to pour them into Jon’s So in a way Littlefinger is really the mastermind behind almost Everything that’s happened in Westeros so far Anyway, now that he’s power married with a firm grip on the veil lies the air in the served her purpose So Littlefinger pushes her out of the moon door Back in King’s Landing Jaime who has a new golden hand tasks Brienne with finding Sansa ISchool by all the calls that if told us well life admits on the job He gives Brienne Oathkeeper a Valyrian steel sword Tywin created by melting down Ned Stark’s sword ice He also sends Tyrians and experienced Squire Podrick along with her with Joffrey dead. His younger, brother Tommen is crowned the new king with Marjorie as his eager new queen and waiting when we marry I become yours This is also where we meet Tommen’s cats, sir pounce a key season four character Tyrion is put on trial But he knows it’s rigged against him. You will not speak unless called upon so he goes with what worked for him last time I demand a trial by combat Oberyn Martell joins team Tyrion, there will be your champion with the mountain representing the prosecution Approaching Oberyn also known as the red Viper initially has the upper hand But the mountain grabs him and smashes his head in his hands like a grape The mountain is horribly wounded in the fight but maester Qyburn believes he could be saved approaches move out of options Jamie breaks tearing out of prison and arranges with Lord Varys to sneak him onto a ship bound for Essos But before he leaves tearing goes to his father’s bedroom and kills him on the John with a crossbow Blunt, but to the point Ari and the Hound managed to avoid any trouble back during the red wedding Massacre at the twins So they head to the Vale but are turned away after hearing about Lysa Erin’s death video and died three days ago Brienne and Podrick run across both of them on the road you a knight Which leads to a knock-down drag-out fight between Brienne and the Hound over who wants to protect Arya more The Hound is badly wounded and Asks Arya to kill him but she refuses Arya then goes on the run and makes it to a port where she uses the iron Coin that jock and Hegar gave her to book passage across the sea to Braavos Extremely far to the north at the very top of the world We get our first real look at the show’s main undead nemesis the night king able to turn innocent babies into White Walkers a Bit south of there bran and his group arrive at a tree. He’s seen in his visions where they’re attacked by White’s Jojen Reed is killed but bran Meera and Hodor managed to make it into a nearby cave where they are protected by ancient Creatures known as the children of the forest bran meets the three-eyed Raven who isn’t Max von Sydow yet But soon will be I’ve been watching you All of you just a bit south of there Jon Snow returns to Castle black Which is good because mance rayder’s army Sage’s a massive assault just as Jon warned them They would yeah, they have Giants. It’s the North During the battle Ygritte seems to get the drop on Jon But she’s killed by a boy named Ali eventually. The Nights Watch is successful at holding the invasion off But Mance’s army is still pretty big and plans to come back when out here to conquer We are here to hide behind your wall that is until Stannis Baratheon shows up with a newly aquired army courtesy of a loan from the iron bank of Braavos Who has switched their allegiance from the Lannisters to the real Baratheon’s Stannis routes the wildling forces and takes Mance Rayder prisoner Finally far to the east and Eris and her armies arrive in the final slave City Marine After liberating Marine Daenerys finds out just how difficult it is to keep the peace and prevent the return of slavery in three cities So she agrees to delay her trip to Westeros. It appears my liberation of slavers Bay and getting his plan She also discovers that sir Jorah Mormont had been serving as a Baratheon spy, he’d be treating me And banishes him from marine and all other slave cities for life, sir, Jorah is sad Season 5 opens with a flashback showing a young Cersei and her friend visiting a witch in the woods near Casterly Rock Future The witch tells her that one day she’ll be Queen and will have three children But they will all die during her lifetime and she’ll be replaced by a younger and more beautiful Queen So she’s got that going for it, which is nice Jumping forward to the present at least part of the prophecy comes true with the marriage of Tommen and Margaery Sarah sees been demoted to Queen Mother but is still trying to run the capital herself and head off the increasingly powerful Tyrells This includes forming an alliance with a religious group on the rise in King’s Landing called the sparrows and their leader the high Sparrow Initially this works up pretty well for Cersei as the high Sparrow has both sir Loras and Margaery Tyrell arrested but then Cersei loses control of the group and ends up arrested herself on charges including Incest and the murder of King Robert, so it’s pretty serious as punishment Cersei is forced to confess her sins and walk naked through the streets of King’s Landing while this lady yells shame at her There is one bright spot though when her walk is over Qyburn introduces her to the newly resurrected mountain a silent 8 foot tall zombie in gold armor who lives to do her bidding meet Jaime Lannister is not around for any of this because he’s off in Dorne Electrifly’s after getting a threatening message from oberyn’s lover ilaria Jamie takes Bronn with him to rescue his daughter Myrcella Don’t forget a few seasons ago Tyrion sent Marcella to Dorne to be married Prince Doran of Dorne Agrees to send Myrcella back to King’s Landing if the alliance between the Iron Throne and Dorne is to continue That engagement must stand as they leave for the return trip. However ilaria goes rogue and poisons Marcella to death That’s two Baratheon child poisonings in a row Across the sea Arya arrives in Braavos to learn the ways of the many-faced God from Jackie and Hagar and his lovely assistant Jockin tells us she has to become no.1 and she pretends to know what that means. Who are you then? No one Eventually Arya runs into her old. Enemy Meryn Trant the Kingsguard who killed her teacher Syrio Forel and starts crossing more names off her list Meanwhile Tyrion and Varys arrive overseas and the former master whispers Convinces his new traveling companion to go meet with Daenerys I believe men of talent have a part to play in the war to come Tyrion eventually makes his way to Daenerys with surgery who has kidnapped him as a peace offering Daenerys agrees to take on Tyrion as an advisor, but once more censured Jorah away Tyrion is won over by Daenerys has plans to not just up in the way Westeros works, but break the system all together I’m not going to stop the wheel I’m going to break the wheel but things are falling apart in Mereen the city’s Experiencing an uprising by former slavers calling themselves the sons of the harpy hoping to keep the peace. She agrees to reopen the fighting pits Gladiator like arenas where men fight for sport the sons of the harpy staged a revolt and begins slaughtering everyone Daenerys is about to be killed when she’s saved by drogon her biggest and let’s face it Favorite dragon who flies away with her on his back surgery Mormont who keeps turning up like a bad penny and new Daario go to look for dragon headed north We’re going to find her. That’s what I have to go while Tyrion stays behind to run things in marine We the viewers see that she’s eventually set down and then immediately taken prisoner by another group of dis Rocky Good job Shogun way to help Things are also going sideways in Westeros where Littlefinger has arranged for Sansa to marry Ramsay, Bolton Making her a powerful figure in the north. Stop being a bystander Jaime so funny Ramsay is of course a horrible person and Brutalizes his new wife while continuing to traumatize Theon slash reek eventually both of them decide they’ve had enough and escaped the castle together at the wall Jon’s elected the new Lord Commander of the Nights Watch becoming the 990 8th man to hold the title, but who’s counting among? His first actions is to seek an alliance with the wildlings Offering to give them land south of the wall in exchange for help fighting the White Walkers make peace to save your people This does not go over well with a lot of his brothers who still think of the free folk as their enemy. It’s loaded villages Jon is also losing allies quickly as Sam leaves for old town with Gilly where he’s gonna study to become a maester Jon tormund and some other brothers and wildlings travelled north of the wall to the wildling settlement at hardhome in an attempt to keep a huge group of wildlings from becoming part of the night king’s army the White Walkers don’t Care if a mountains free folk or crow, we’re all the same to them meat for their army but while they’re there They’re attacked by White Walkers and whites John discovers for himself that dragonglass and Valyrian steel can both take out white walkers, but it’s a rout nonetheless The battle ends with John and some wildlings escaping but the night king resurrecting all of the dead to serve in his army So it’s kind of a mixed bag Stannis plans to begin his conquest of Westeros by attacking the Bolton’s at Winterfell But Ramsay gets the drop on him and burns most of his supplies and siege weapons so Stannis does the only thing he could think of he allows Melisandre to sacrifice his daughter Shireen to the Lord of Light, but whoops Stannis’s army is still decimated by the Bolton’s forces After his devastating loss Brienne finds him and executes him to avenge the death of Renly I was there when he was mounted by shadow to the old face. At least we’re pretty sure that’s what happened It’s off screen but we do know that Davos and Melisandre survived and returned to Castle black where John’s brothers are so upset at his alliance with the Wildlings they stab him to death Lavash yeah even Olly this kid is a monster. Oh, yeah, and there’s no brand this season He’s busy in a tree studying for his Raven midterms Thankfully John’s not dead for too long Season six opens with wildlings and brothers sympathetic to John putting down the insurgency and retaking control of Castle black then Melisandre who we find out actually looks hundreds of years old and uses magic to appear young and beautiful Praise to the Lord of Light and brings John back from the dead John then hangs the traitors who led the revolt against him and leaves the Nights Watch by what she’s ended Having fulfilled his oath to serve until his death gotta love those technicalities meanwhile Brienne and Podrick meet up with the freshly escaped Theon and Sansa Theon takes off to return to his family and the Iron Islands they will keep you safe for the night While the rest of them head for Castle black as Winterfell is still held by the Bolton’s well to be specific held by Ramsay Bolton who’s the new Lord Bolton after murdering his father Along with dad’s new wife and their baby boy Ramsay is so evil guys just really really bad news Reunited with his sister Sansa John begins amassing an army to retake Winterfell Including many of the minor northern houses and this actual minor Lyanna Mormont. Yeah. Just want my allegiance You want my fighting ring Littlefinger who de facto controls the Eyrie due to his outsized influence on young Robin Arryn offers the Knights of the Vale to help This isn’t directly plot connected, but you should also know that tormund kind of has a thing for Brienne Okay, it’s time for the so called battle of the bastards Ramsay kicks it off by killing a captive Rickon stark with an arrow Serpentine kid always got to run serpentine This causes Jon to make some possibly unwise tactical decisions, but just when all seems lost Sansa Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale show up and they retake Winterfell Sansa feeds Ramsay to his own dogs for revenge Yeah, get him also. No Davos discovers the truth about what happened to princess Shireen. I loved that girl Like she was my own and demands that Jon allowed to execute, Melisandre Jon sends her away instead and tells her never to return to the north Meanwhile, the other lords of the north pledged themselves to Jon Snow the king in the newel Yeah, that’s how you pledged yourself north of the wall We meet back up with bran who’s been training to look into the past with the three-eyed Raven Who’s now in his final form as Max von Sydow? Bran sees a few important visions including the creation of the first white Walker. I mean listen was a different time Okay people were less sensitive about turning humans into frost monsters and in yet another Vision bran sees the night king who becomes aware of his presence This alerts the white walkers to the location of the cave, which is then attacked by the knight king’s army mirrors instructions in the present to hold the door for her and brand Combined with brands time travel awarding powers end up being the origin story for why Hodor compulsively repeats the phrase Hodor But anyway Hodor dies very soon This is also our maximum seed ow, and summer the direwolf meet their untimely ends or if you’re a white Walker They’re perfectly timed ends outside of the cave Meera and bran are about to be killed by whites when they’re saved by a disfigured Benjen stark remember him from season one He takes Meera and bran back toward the wall And this is where brand touches a weirwood tree and has yet another vision But this is an important one the true story behind Jon Snow We see that Ned Stark discovered his sister Lyanna giving birth to a son by Rhaegar Targaryen before dying Knowing that King Robert would kill this baby if he found it Ned claims it as his own bastard child naming him. Jon Snow So Jon is of noble blood He’s half stark and half Targaryen and I bet you didn’t see that coming unless you were on the Internet ever before this aired Okay, let’s head south for the odds and ends by the time Theon returns to the Iron Islands. He let you go His uncle Euron has also come back and killed his father bail on Euron has crowned the new king and vows to marry Daenerys Targaryen and use her dragons to claim control of Westeros I wasn’t born to be king. I Paid the iron price in the aftermath Theon and Yara flee but yeren vows to build a new fleet and go after them meanwhile Sam Gilly and newborn baby Sam stop at the end Starly home on their way to the citadel for Sam’s Meister training and this isn’t really important except to note that Sam’s dad is a dick and Sam steals The family’s Valyrian steel sword hearts bein as payback Once they arrived in old town dozens of white Ravens are released signaling the official start of the long winter Across the seeds an heiress is taken to Vice doth rack where she immediately burns the entire Dothraki leadership alive Daenerys declares herself the new leader of the Dothraki and heads home to marine where she quickly puts down the revolt against her Just in time to receive a visit from the Greyjoy’s sublimes run sisters defeat Eidos took the iron islands He asked you to give them back they provide her with a fleet of ships Which she graciously accepts and uses to set sail for Westeros before departing for her homeland She also names Tyrion her hand of the Queen Meanwhile, Aria continues her faceless man training which is like 98% stick fighting, but eventually her strong wills lead Jaqen to give his lovely assistant permission to kill her But the assistant loses and she’s killed jack and tells arya that she’s ready to join the faceless kids club finally a good But she says she’s tired of being no-one and intends to go back to being Arya Stark of Winterfell This news causes jock into I don’t know. It’s smart kinda it’s not his face. He’s still feeling it out back in Westeros She gets her red wedding revenge posing as a servant in the Frey household and feeding Walder Frey a pie Containing his two sons and then executing him also back in Westeros We find out that the Hound is still alive doing a lay lotv Incredible Hulk kind of thing Eventually, he teams up with Thoris of mere and beric Dondarrion. It helps them execute some rogue members of the Brotherhood without banners Meanwhile back in King’s Landing Cersei has had it with both the high Sparrow and the Tyrells So she and Qyburn do the natural thing and detonate wildfire under the great Sept Deering lorises trial this explosion kills everyone inside including the high Sparrow and Every Tyrell not played by Dame Diana Rigg while Cersei relishes her victory Tommen seeing that his queen is dead His city is partially destroyed commits suicide and all of Circe’s children died Just as the wits foretold and sorry I’ve always just wanted to say just as the witch foretold in the aftermath of the violence. Cersei is crowned the new queen Oh and over in Dorne ilaria sand and the red Vipers daughters. The sand snakes assassinate Prince, Doran and declare war Freakin Dorne. Am I right? Okay, here we are the second to last season and the last season for this cram it we’re almost at the end and honestly this Is further into the story than george RR martin ever made it so give yourselves a hand Aria is all set to go to King’s Landing and kill Cersei But when she finds out that her family has retaken Winterfell, she heads there instead in the woods She sees Nymeria her old direwolf, but the animals got native and prefers running wild and living with the pack You know It’s like a metaphor in Old town Sam does a lot of reading and meets up with Jorah Mormont who’s now infected with a deadly disease called Greyscale Sam cures Jorah and Jorah heads back to Daenerys to serve his queen. She takes him back because the guy just won’t quit Daenerys arrives in Westeros with her armies and her dragons and everybody else at Dragonstone Which is empty since Stannis Baratheon abandoned it for his failed campaign in the North there She’s visited by Melisandre who suggests Sam meeting with Jon Snow and I’m stand before you and tell you the things that happen to him Tyrion seconds the motion so they extend an invitation Jon Snow decides to go against sonses advice and leaves her in charge as warden of the north in his stead After he leaves Mira and bran make it back from their travels But bran has been changed seemingly forever by his powers and has emotionally disconnected almost completely I could never be Lord of anything He barely even reacts when Mira tells him she’s leaving to go back home Man evil. No, I don’t that’s cold I mean obviously because it’s the north but it also lacks feeling around this time. Arya also returns to Winterfell and hugs everyone Littlefinger is also hanging around the castle and generally being a creep he tries to drive a wedge between Arya and Sansa for his own benefit She could want she could want me dead, but it doesn’t work they turn the tables on him and put him on trial the Conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters it was you who started it. Do you deny it and Sansa finds him guilty? Thank you for all your many lessons Lord Baelish. I will never forget them alright It takes care of the execution herself with his own Valyrian steel dagger the stark girls coming this fall to ADC John arrives at Dragonstone and is reunited with Tyrion Lannister who he hasn’t seen since they hung out at the wall all the way back In season one remember that I just started talking crazy It’s been a long road Melisandre says that she is now going to return to volantis in the east but she does predict that both She and Varys are destined to die in Westeros you gotta wonder if that’s gonna you know Pay off later on even though Jon struggles to convince Daenerys of the white Walker threat She lets him start mining for dragonglass below the castle anyway He’s also able to bond pretty easily with drogon who perhaps senses his Targaryen ancestor, you know what I’m getting out of myself Let’s go to King’s Landing where the Lannisters are doing what they do best paying their debts Jaime Lannister Randyll Tarly Sam’s dad the jerk and Bronn lead a force that takes the Tyrells Castle Highgarden Olenna Tyrell Is there and Jaime allows her to drink poison for a quick? Merciful death right before she goes she confesses to him that it was her who ordered the hit on Joffrey Cersei takes the news. Well, she died screaming see the Lannisters plan to use the money They’re looting from the Tyrells to pay off their debts to the iron bank Once those are taken care of the bank will back the Lannisters and hiring the golden company the largest mercenary force in the world to retain their power but Daenerys her dragons and the Dothraki Attacked the wagon train as it moves the loot from Highgarden back to King’s Landing both bran and Jaime’s survived the attack somehow Sam’s dad and brother Randall and dick and Tarly are captured by Denari and after refusing to bend the knee burned by her dragons Tyrians not crazy about this strategy don’t beheading entire Speaking of Tyrion. He has Davos sneak him into King’s Landing. Hoping to make some kind of peace accord with Jaime You can ask yourself, ultimately their unsuccessful, but Davos does manage to find Gendry while he’s there Remember Gendry from that boat. He’s back in an entirely different boat Jamie tells Cersei that he met secretly with Tyrion and about the army of the Dead but she already knows all this Dragon dragon queen. She also tells him that she’s pregnant who uses his father Yeah back at Dragonstone Jon decides the only way to prove to everyone that the White Walkers are really really for real and he’s super super Serial about this is to go beyond the wall get a white and bring it back to show everyone I’m the only one who is fooled The only one here, who knows? Going along for the ride are a renewed and invigorated Sir Jorah forgiving his trespasses Plus torment and some other wildlings Gendry Thoris and barrack and their new friend the Hound During the harsh journey Thoros is mauled to death by an undead bear But the snow aside squad does manage to bag itself a white in doing so they discover that killing a white Walker Also destroys all of the white serving them which is good to know They get pinned down and have ginjury run back to Eastwatch on his own for help. You’re the Fosters No, no, and I’m not sure how the timing works on this one, but Daenerys flies up with her dragons to save everyone But the night king manages to take out Vissarion with an iced javelin With some help from Benjen Stark John and his group managed to get away But benjin sadly is killed in the fighting again, I guess geez, this guy has more lives than a cat even worse for Humanity’s sake Viserion comes back to life as an undead ice dragon. That’s gonna leave a mark Daenerys now fully convinced of the threat of the White Walkers vows that she and John will destroy the night King together It’s also pretty obvious to everyone watching that these two have feelings for one another Which is gonna be super weird in just a couple more minutes Okay, almost there So just about every living major character from the show thus far Formally and officially meets up in King’s Landing to talk about the white Walker situation Tyrion reconnects with bran and Podrick it’s good to see you again Yeah, you too Brienne and King’s Landing at santa’s request makes her peace with the Hound I’m Sammy trying to protect her and it’s all very nice present surprise in an unpleasant situation Until they show everybody the white you’re on just straight-up freaks out and leaves immediately for the Iron Islands This is the only thing I’ve ever seen so terrified when Cersei finds out Jon has already declared for the Targaryen She leaves the meeting the Dead will come with first. Enjoy dealing with me We will deal with whatever is left of you Tyrion tries to reason with her. I would not care And figures out that she’s pregnant. But once he leaves Cersei reveals the full scope of her plans to Jaime She’s really in league with Joran who’s off with his fleet pickin up the golden company once everyone else has exhausted themselves Fighting the dead she’s going to use her forces to wipe out whoever’s left and stay in power Jaime thinks this is crazy and dishonourable and crazy dishonourable So he takes off leaving King’s Landing just as the first snow begins to fall Theon remember Theon pledges his allegiance to Jon then returns to the Iron Islands fights This guy hard enough to prove himself and raises an army to save his sister yarr from the clutches of his uncle Euron. Yeah Daenerys and John set sail together for Winterfell and totally like get it on along the way Tyrion gets wise to what they’re up to and seems Concerned or perturbed he seems conserved and this may be why Sam and Gilly have stumbled on some very telling clues about Jon’s real identity and head to Winterfell These clues and brands greensight are all our heroes need to put together the truth Jon isn’t really my father Phil Rhaegar Targaryen had his first marriage to Elia Martell annulled by the High Septon So that he could marry Lyanna stark making their baby. Jon Snow a legitimate highborn lord named Which also makes Jon? Daenerys his nephew. Ha you’ve been thrown these two They just got thrown and as if that’s not enough in the season’s final scene Eastwatch-by-the-sea is attacked by the night king riding an undead Viserion ice dragon together They take out a big chunk of the wall as beric Dondarrion and tormund Giantsbane look on in horror and the White Walkers begin to cross into Westeros So that’s pretty much everything You need to know from all seven seasons of Game of Thrones and roughly the same time. You need to watch one episode We’ve been here for some time and if we could get george RR martin to work at this pace Maybe we wouldn’t have to wonder if the show and the books are gonna end the same way Thanks for watching. And now our cram has ended. Oh, oh or how about this? This cram was dark and full of terrors Alright one more a cram astir always pays their debts. Ok. I’m clearly delirious. So it’s time to go. See you next time

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