The Complete London 2012 Opening Ceremony | London 2012 Olympic Games

The Complete London 2012 Opening Ceremony | London 2012 Olympic Games

Ladies and gentlemen please stand for Her Majesty the Queen and his Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh accompanied by the President of the International Olympic Committee Jacques Rogge

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  1. 2:35:55 PERU.. ….
    <3 <3 <3

  2. Mi Perú ❤2:35:49❤

  3. 3:44:31 el secreto mejor guardado segun america tv de peru(luego lo cortaron por EEG)

  4. Britain know how to put on a show. Epic

  5. Beijing 2008 maybe the best and most spectacular but London is the most fun!

  6. The Majesty very WOW (Y)

  7. Industrial Revolution is the greatest contribution that Great Britain brings to all mankind

  8. 2:57:54 ??

    3:04:05 ??

  9. can't compare with Beijing 2008

  10. 3:05:08 your Queen was not amused.

  11. soundtrack at around 26:30 be sounding like stranger things from there on

  12. Ugh that commentator…he's like the annoying guy who talks and comment all the time for nothing

  13. Who is the villain with hat?

  14. Bangga Indonesia, 2:12:42

  15. When is the refugee team please?

  16. Algum brasileiro?

  17. "So you were in the London opening ceremony?" "Yes I was!!" What part did you play?'' "Oh, I danced in a lamp shade" 1:06:52 "Oh, ok"

  18. what a beautiful opening ❤️
    don't forget to check out opening ceremony 18th asian games jakarta – palembang 2019 guys

  19. As a cultural overview and collage it's impressive, yes especially the Industrial Revolution part.

  20. Could someone tell me what song it sounds when the torch is going to be lit?

  21. 2:15:40 2:57:55 3:04:03

  22. I watch this with so much pride and hope we will be this united again as a country.

  23. How great everything was back then. And how quickly the world turned its back on all that.

  24. Next Olympic is my country in JAPAN! coming soon?

  25. 老年迪斯科现场

  26. Very nice . Specially Harry Potter Mr.bean. And the coolest after Beijing 2008 ??

  27. 2:09:29 I'm putting this time stamp here for later reference but Guyana represent!!! GT

  28. 14:13 Is that Oliver's voice provider?

  29. So I thought royal members weren't supposed to cross their legs? I read they are supposed to cross their ankles and I just saw the queen with one leg on top of the other. I'm just a curious american but am I right that you are supposed to cross your ankles?

  30. The industrial revolution part. Its very beautiful

  31. por favor como se llama la musica de 1:20:10 min .. .

  32. so politically correct,but impressive I d say

  33. eye opener, Great!

  34. long history in 4 'short' hours.
    amazing sights and sound !

  35. 很棒 通过开幕式像世界讲述了 人类伟大的第一次工业革命 如果有中文字幕就好了

  36. Did anyone notice that the name of one of the seven young athletes chosen to light the flame (Callum Airlie) wasn't announced ? Either that or my hearing's gone.


  38. 2:36:14 PH, Welcome 🙂

  39. 工业革命与最后音乐让人印象很深,不错。:)

  40. Best ever olympics….

  41. 1:51:13 People's Republic of China

  42. Rowan Atkinson ???

  43. And 7 years later the Tories have truly fucked up my country !
    There is no putting the genie back in the bottle !

  44. I don't care which country is… The only thing I know is that the opening ceremony of the Olympics will always be something spine chilling for me

  45. Tokyo 2020 is in less than one year and I still come back to this every once in a while! Just epic!

  46. Colombia ???????? 1:52:15

  47. London was the pinnacle…
    Rio reset the bar – at the bottom.
    The only way is up for Tokyo; but they’ll never match London.??

  48. Doctor Who's Tardis arriving iconic sound FX!!!!! at 1:10:00 OMG!!!!

  49. Flower of Scotland sends a chill up my back every time i hear.Beatles i wore a old red Military Jacket from WW1 fell to bits from wearing at Stonhenge festival

  50. 额,无意冒犯,看睡着了

  51. 2:45:55
    Solomon Island

  52. I Have Been to Uk to See My Queen

  53. I want India Olympic 2020, it's their turn, and I don't care.

  54. Didnt take her long to get her cacks off

  55. London opening was the best 😉 hello from Poland 😉

  56. イギリスかっこいいな!

  57. 9/10
    Only grudge doesn't mention our colonial empire or our many wars with France

  58. 1:14:27 Danny Boyle is the greatest man of all time because he got Shrek in the olympic opening ceremony

  59. Beijing was better

  60. 1:32:04 Cristiano Ronaldo

  61. We really socked it to the world then didn't we?

  62. Yeah absolutley great!

  63. tbh the only part I liked from this ceremony was the first segment but boy was that first segment good.

  64. We can't defeat so great Performance!! @JPN

  65. ah 2012, a simpler time when brexit wasnt even a word

  66. 28.37 – "others would come from other lands"

    Umm… it looks like they were already there with the amount of black and brown faces in the industrial revolution segment ?

  67. That was possibly the last time I was proud to be British

  68. I watch this after 7 years. One of the best ceremony. Love London

  69. China's opening will make your eyes pop… but london's opening ceremony will make you emotional and proud… ❤❤❤

  70. Chinese Taipei 2:51:20

  71. 2:51:21 Chinese Taipei

  72. 犹如一场英伦风暴~爽~!

  73. Does anyone know where I can watch the other broadcast of the pandemonium? there are 2 broadcasts. this one and the one when the tv takes a "picture", and a woman comments on there. please help me, I would love to see that version again.

  74. 11:56 Muse – Map of the Problematique
    Best opening song ever

  75. lol..what's with the rugby shots!!

  76. Kevin Aslan's answer in Quora brought me here

  77. сатанисты и битлз ще туды впихнули… пирамиды там кольцо сплошное…

  78. атланина ебать – оказуэця такая страна еще есть!

  79. i remember watching this and getting so bored..the rural to the industrial revolution part specially..the commentary didn't explain enough and many stuff wasn't clear to the tv viewers..we don't have the program in our hands you know!! 😀
    also that part was so freaking long!

  80. the NHS part was stupid…WTH was that?? no any other good ideas? 😀

  81. if you are not English you will understand not so much of this ceremony and enjoy very little
    really awful!

  82. 48:40 harry potter

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