The Education Problem of Overwatch: Why We’re Still So Bad

The Education Problem of Overwatch: Why We’re Still So Bad

hello guys my name is SVB and I’m back
with another video today I want to discuss a problem that I think everyone
kind of knows exists in overwatch but nothing is really done to fix it. And
that is the education problem or more specifically the lack of education
within the game. I’ll elaborate more on what that means and in this video I’m
gonna try and offer some tangible ideas and solutions I think could fix the
problem. So let’s get to it guys. Now we’re over three years into the life of Overwatch and have to say I think the community has stagnated. This long into
the games life we should all be much better at it quite plain and simple but
despite this every time I watch players in ranks like gold and platinum I still
see them making the most basic of mistakes. Now I’m not saying people can’t
make mistakes of course that’s a normal part of any game and that will separate
the good players from the great players but the kinds of mistakes that are being
made: fundamental miss-plays of the simplest elements of overwatch just
shouldn’t be happening. This isn’t a matter of me being a high ranked player
looking down on low ranked players because I’m not even very good myself. This is just a matter of what the base level of our community should be. When
talking about ranks people often make the mistake of referring to gold and
platinum and even diamond as ‘low ranks’ but the average overwatch player would be
somewhere in gold. Diamond and even plat is above average so I think it’s fair to
say that when the game has been out for this long the average and above average
players should have gotten the fundamentals down. Imagine if you’d been
playing the guitar for three years and you still didn’t know what a chord was. And yet watch a platinum game and people still don’t know how to manage shields
people still don’t know how to position properly and I mean three years of
playing and people still trickle. Even in master games
I see people trickling and dying even though trickling is one of those things
that everyone understands is bad to the point of it being a meme.
I mean it’s unreal, it boggles my mind sometimes. But I think there’s a deeper
reason for this problem it’s not just that people are stupid or too lazy to
learn. Yes of course there’s a responsibility on the community to
educate itself but most of the people watching videos like this one are
already doing that. The problem is that the vast majority i.e. the rest of the
player base isn’t and this is where the deeper problem lies because Blizzard
should know about this. Of course people aren’t gonna go out looking for help not
everyone has that kind of time or initiative but despite the number of
people who will simply never go outside the game for help in fixing their
gameplay Blizzard has done almost nothing to try and sort this
issue out themselves so now let me spell out what I think they’re doing wrong and
what I think they should be doing instead. Like I said the players need to
improve themselves but the most basic player who will just log on and play, not
particularly seek YouTube videos or try to watch back their gameplay also
has no direction help or incentive from Blizzard to improve. Blizzard just does
not try to teach his players how to play Overwatch. I mean we can see this on the
most fundamental level in that the tutorial for overwatch is absolutely
garbage it doesn’t teach you anything other than the absolute basic mechanics
and that to only of soldier 76. It doesn’t introduce any of the major
concepts of the game and I mean it doesn’t even introduce any of the other
bloody roles of the game. What are you gonna learn about playing Reinhardt by
running around as soldier 76 for a bit? If you guys want an idea of how bad it
really is go back and play the tutorial. You will laugh at how little it actually
tells you. It doesn’t even tell you that you have five teammates in a game or
what a payload is or bloody hell what a game of Overwatch even involves. Literally
none of this. Clearly this is a problem for new players. You’re only given the
most basic information and then told to figure everything else out for yourself
and when the rest of the community has three years of gameplay on you and
they’re talking about things like resetting an old economy you’re just
gonna be looking at them like they’re speaking a foreign language. It’s like
teaching someone how to ride a bike by giving them training wheels for one day
and then yanking them away and saying “alright, off you go”. Actually that
metaphor is too generous right now it’s more like giving someone a wheel and
then telling them now learn how to ride a bike. But this negligence has knock-on
effects and it’s actually hurt the more experienced players too. Because you’re
asked to self learn the game entirely the chance that you pick up bad and
incorrect habits is incredibly high to the point of it being impossible that
you wouldn’t pick up bad habits along the way. Imagine if you started playing
overwatch and didn’t ever seek help from YouTube. Your only option would be jump
into a bunch of games and just do stuff. Just do things, mash your controls use
your abilities, shoot stuff and whatever happens to get you a win that’s good. Except that’s not good. It’s not good at all. Despite what the
game says to you not everything that results in a win is correct. There are
core fundamentals to every player should understand before they enter a game of
overwatch and you should be doing these things every single game whether you win
or lose. It’s like learning to shuffle a pack of cards: if you just throw them all
to the floor sure they’ll get mixed up but… that’s just a mess.
You have no control over the cards, you don’t know what’s gonna happen to them. You don’t even know if it’ll be properly shuffled. If you did want to learn how to
shuffle and how to riffle shuffle you’d have to understand how to do it and then
practice even if you fail multiple times getting there. And yet in overwatch you can
play any of the three roles without even the most basic understanding of what is
required of you. As a tank if you don’t understand what space is, what
shield management is, what positioning is you’re not playing tank properly. And yet
the game doesn’t tell you about any of that. If as a support you don’t
understand resource management, target priority and how to look after yourself, then you don’t know how to play support and yet the game doesn’t tell you about
any of that. if as a DPS you don’t understand about focus fire, engaging
with your team, about ultimate economy and you’re not playing DPS properly and
yet the game doesn’t tell you about any of that. All the game tells you it’s
basically how much damage you did and this leads me on to my next issue: the
medal system. Now I’m not gonna go on too long about this because there’s already
plenty of material out there talking about just how bad the metal system is
but to summarize for anyone who hasn’t understood this yet: medals mean nothing!
On their own they’re completely worthless pieces of information they
don’t in any way actually help you identify what went wrong in a game. All
the encourage is this mentality that if I’ve got the medals I did nothing wrong
which is the worst way to learn the game. In reality having medals can mean
nothing and in some cases even be a bad thing. For example if you’re a gold
objective time Widowmaker, you’re playing the hero wrong. If you’re gold
damage as Moira all it means is that you did a bunch of trickle damage that
killed no one while your teammates died. Gold medals are the only form of feedback
that the game gives you and yet they’re terrible. So what should Blizzard actually
do? Well let me tell you. There needs to be systems within the game that teach
the players what overwatch is about and we can take a big leaf from other games to
see a great way to implement this. In dota 2 the game has an inbuilt guide
system. One of the complaints that people often have about that game is that
there’s so much information to take in and so many things to learn that it can
be overwhelming for a new player and even put them off from playing it. Sounds
a lot like a certain shooter game I know well in DotA atleast the game actually
tries to help the players out with this. Firstly the tutorial is a lot more
extensive teaching you each concept one by one. It actually runs you through a
normal game of dota and talks you through the aspects of the game: the win
conditions, the character progression etc and
once you’ve done that it actually asks you to play as heroes from different
roles. It asks you to place a tank, as a support and as a DPS. It at least tries to
introduce you to the idea that each of them have a different job in the game and
a different play style. Oh and the bots in Dota are way better. They actually do
things that real players would do not just run around mindlessly. But speaking
in terms of a long-term and permanent solution one of the best things in the
game is that it allows access to educational guides within the game
itself. For example let’s say you want to play the hero spirit breaker. One of the
most complicated aspects of dota is the items. There’s hundreds of them and they
all have vastly different purposes and they can even morph into better items
with recipes. For a new player or someone who isn’t an expert at the game sifting
through all this in one go is almost impossible. So the game has an inbuilt
default guide which will show you a list of suggested items you should buy. You
can of course choose to ignore it but it’s impossible to miss. It’s a separate
little tab and all you have to do is right-click the items that have been
selected for you and they’ll be bought and ready to go. When you’re new to a
game and you don’t know what the hell you should be doing, having that bit of
guidance that says “this is the right road to go down” is tremendously
helpful. But it gets better because you can actually go beyond the default
guides. Of course as you’d expect the basic guys are well basic so guide
makers from the DOTA community can upload their customized, tailored guides
to the game and you can have access to all of these. There’s also a rating
system where players will up or down vote how good or helpful a guide is, then
you can get an overall score which tells you which guide you could probably trust. You as a player in the game can then select any of these guys and have them
be the one that shows up for you. What’s great about these guides is that they will
give you a much more detailed breakdown of not only how to play the hero but
also why you pick certain items over others. It will often have a brief
outline of your playstyle and in the game there will often be a subcategory
like ‘situational items’. If you hover over some of these there will be a little
tooltip that comes up explaining in what situations you’d buy the item and why. Like if you get a lot of early kills and have a lot of money you might want to
buy this more greedy item to press your advantage or if you’re dying a lot then
there might be some protection items that you need to buy. It might sound like you’re spoon feeding the players but actually it’s the opposite. This kind of guidance is necessary to help players actually first understand
the game so they can then develop their own decision-making abilities once
they’ve been armed with the tools they actually need. Because if you understand
why one item is good in one particular situation you’ll understand why it’s bad
in another and why a similar item could be better or why this item will also
work on a different hero. On top of that these guides can also be adapted by
playstyle. So let’s say there’s a hybrid hero who
could be a tank or could be support well you can select a guide that you want that
fits your playstyle. If you want to play that hero as a frontline tank you can
select a tank specific guide that tells you what abilities to learn and items to
buy to fit that play style. And the same applies if you want to actually play
that hero more as a support character who enables their teammates. Something
like this in overwatch would be a tremendous step forward in helping the
community correct their bad play. Of course it’s a different game so the
system would have to work differently, so here are some suggestions I have on how
it could be done. Firstly it would be great if either in the training or
arcade section you have a mode which is specifically for guided learning and it
would be amazing if Blizzard made a way for content creators to be able to use
this mode to create walkthroughs for players. I for example would love to make
guides using the game engine on how to play Reinhardt and how to position on
specific maps, I envision it looking something like this. Let’s say you get
put on Hollywood: one way of doing this will be to have little nodes all over
the map that when you hover over them cause a little tooltip to pop up for you. It could go somewhere like this as I’ve suggested or it could even pop up in
your chat tab. If you’ve got this in a practice mode where you play against
bots then you can even allow players a freeze button which just pauses the game
and allows them to read the tooltip properly and understand what’s being
suggested to them. You can also allow settings such as when and how long the
tooltip appears for because obviously you can’t be staring at that note all the
time you want to be able to just look at it once and have the tip there for you. So you can allow setting that lets the tooltip stay there until you select a
new one or you could have a tooltip disappear after a set amount of time,
whatever the player feels comfortable with. The point of all this is to have little
reminders for players about what they should be doing in game because if
there’s one thing I’ve learned after watching hundreds of hours of normal non-pro players play overwatch is that they often just forget what they’re supposed
to be doing in the heat of a 6v6 match. In fact that’s why I would go so far as
to say that you could allow these tooltips to appear in modes outside of
just training. I say you could even put it into quickplay. The nodes would obviously only appear on your screen and if you don’t
find them distracting then why shouldn’t you have them on? You can always keep a
button that toggles them all on and off if you decide mid game that you don’t
need them anymore. And are they an unfair advantage? No
since everyone can choose to have them on if they;d like. The benefits of this
said it gives the players the guidance they so often lack. I used a bike
metaphor earlier well these are the training wheel. These will help someone
go from knowing nothing to understanding everything they need to and of course
like in dota you could choose and personalize which guide you want to use. Particularly with certain heroes who can have very different play styles. you can
match yourself up with a guide that fits to your tastes. You could have a Winston
guide where he’s played more as flanker and a duelist rather than a conventional
main tank. You could have a reaper guide where you play him as a squishy killer
or you can have a guide where he just sits at the back line patroller and a
tank or shield pressurer .You could have a lucio guide which mostly helps you with
roll outs and wall riding positions or one that helps you with reminders of where
to speed boosts and which area to guide your team towards. You could select the
guide that’s geared towards more basic stuff or one that only helps you with
more advanced tips. The possibilities are endless and you can select whatever
suits you. And why stop with just the notes. There’s so much more opportunity
to teach players in the game itself you can use the hero select screen for
example for the same purpose. Rather than just staring at the heroes and
destroying the spawn room while you wait which is entirely pointless, your guide
can have some general information to give at the start of each match based on
the map you’re playing on and based on whether you’re attacking or defending. Here’s a quick mock-up I made for how a reinhardt guide might look on the
King’s Row select screen when you’re attacking. Again it doesn’t have to be
fancy nor does have to be pages upon pages of text
just little reminders and guidances for players so the they aren’t just expected to
thrash around and accidentally stumble upon something that works. Give players
help! It would also be great to have a VOD section in the game where a content
creator can talk through their gameplay and you as a player can watch along as
if it was your own replay. Yes people can do this online but being able to do it
within the game’s client would guaranteed make more people actually take the
effort to do it and of course being able to control the camera for yourself in
someone else’s game would be really helpful. Now none of this has to look
like how I’ve suggested. These are just some ideas I had
and I’m sure smarter people with more experience in game design have great
ideas too. In fact I know you guys will have great ideas for how we could have
in-game things like this so just let me know in
the comments what you got cooking but it just seems baffling to me that we
haven’t moved towards adding more stuff like this into the game. The reality is –
and this is where I’m gonna be negative for a bit – is I don’t think Blizzard
really cares about teaching its players. I think if it did we’d have a lot of
different decisions being taken both internally and externally to the game. I
think I can sum up what I mean by simple example. Take the mercy recall
challenge that just finished the idea. The idea of it was “hey we’re dropping this new mercy
comic so to build up hype for that bit of lore and this character we’re
launching a mercy themed challenge” and that’s great! I genuinely liked it as an
idea but when you look at the actual challenge you realize it was so poorly
executed. Take firstly how the challenge worked. You just had to play and win nine games to receive a mercy legendary skin. I mean
okay it gets people playing overwatch which is great but what does it actually
have to do with mercy or the story we just read? You can play literally every
hero except mercy and still win the challenge. Then there were the rewards
outside the in-game challenge and this is where our second problem lies. You had
the chance to win additional rewards if you watched a certain number of hours of
participating streams from a group of hand-picked overwatch streamers. Let’s
take a look at the list of these streamers then. Now I know things get
misinterpreted all the time so want to be very clear when I say this is a great
list of overwatch streamers. Everybody on this list is awesome and of course you
guys have even seen Fareeha on the first episode of ‘group up!’ with me. But of these
ten content creators only one – that being KarQ – makes educational overwatch
content. Only one out of ten. So 10% of blizzard’s effort is directing you
towards someone who specifically tries to teach people how to play the game and
improve. Now there’s nothing wrong with having streamers who are entertaining because
that’s also great and it also gets players engaged in the game but 10%
dedicated to education… really? And even then you’re only asked to watch him play
there’s nothing in here that is gently prodding players to try and learn or
improve or to try to actually watch any of his videos. So now let me tell you how
I would have done it if you’re gonna do a mercy challenge then make it a challenge
that actually gets you playing and learning about mercy. Rather than just
playing 9 games to win the best reward why not offer greater rewards for people
who actually play the hero well? You can still let people earn something for
winning games and for watching streams but you could easily go further. First
you can set the challenges tailored to the actual hero in skills involved with
them. Challenge number one can be something simple: perform 50 super jumps
with mercy. Not only does this introduce the concept of
super jumping which I guarantee you a large section of the community will not
even know what it is or how it’s done, but it also then asks the players to
practice it for themselves. By the time you do your 50th super jump or 100th super
jump you’ve probably got it down even if when
you’re doing the challenge you’re just spamming super jump in the arcade while
your team needs healing and you’re being a bad teammate it doesn’t really matter. Because the long-term benefit is that you’ve now taught hundreds of thousands
of players how to super jump so they actually know how to do it when they
need to in game. To supplement this you pair up with a content creator who’s a
mercy specialist and have them release a guide video on how to super jump. Again
educate the players! Help them Blizzard! Please! Then you ramp up the difficulty. You set challenges that can’t just be achieved by spamming an ability and
being a bad teammate. So challenge two becomes: revive a teammate and have them
killed three people within the next 30 seconds. This is similar to the
challenges you do to get sprays in overwatch but most people have already done
those and additionally these can be tough on purpose so that they’re
actually rare and something people will be proud of having. What’s the point of
this one? Well it’s trying to teach you not to just mindlessly rez on cooldown
which is one of the biggest and most frequent mistakes I see from mercy
players. It’s trying to introduce you to the idea of being clutch with your
rezzes and rezing someone who maybe has a ultimate up or someone who could
swing the outcome of your next fight. Thus the 30-second timer limit. Again you
then pair this with a content creator who explains this concept in more detail
to the players about how rezzing at the right time can make a big difference. You
can have a video with examples and tips for what kind of situations you want
to rez in and what kind of situations you wouldn’t want to rez in. Then the final
challenge should be tough and it should emphasise good mercy play. I’ve created
an example here that’s very rough and I’m sure people could make better ones
but I think it’s the right kind of idea. Average a total of blank damage healed /
boosted per valkyrie over your last 10 games. Now this again is not something you can
just rock up and do. It requires (a) a great understanding of Valkyrie and when to do
it and (b) importantly it requires consistency. The number can be determined
using blizzard#s internal statistics to be a fair figure based on what players can
achieve. But the point is again it’s trying to emphasize what valuable mercy play is
and what it’s actually good use of your abilities. For players who already play
mercy it’ll be a motivation for them: a way to
test and challenge themselves and see if they match up how good they think
they are. And if they do have bad habits this would be a good way of showing them that
they’re not actually meeting the numbers a good mercy player would reach. And
for players who don’t play her well it will give them an introduction to the
hero. Something to not only incentivize trying out the hero but also
an additional in-game feat to conquer. So all those players to say that mercy is
easy well here’s your chance to prove it. If it’s so easy go ahead and hit tier 3
of the challenge. I dare you. And when they inevitably fail well now they’ll
have a bit more respect for the mercy players in their games again the numbers
and the specifics may not be correct. You guys might have better ideas or
suggestions and if you do please leave them in the comments below but I think
the ideas here are really something that would help the game. I really really hope
the blizzard proves me wrong and they implement something like this. I would
love to share these ideas with them but hey it absolutely doesn’t have to be me. Even if they pair up with every content creator isn’t me because I spend so much
time complaining then that’s absolutely fine. I just want to see the game be
better for everyone. But I would really like it if the community made some noise
about this so if you do like it then come on guys let’s share stuff like this
on reddit and Twitter and make Blizzard pay attention so we can all get closer
to seeing the game we want to see. And that’s all I got for today guys hope you
found this video helpful and hope the ideas I’ve suggested, whether you think
they’re good or bad, have given you some inspiration of your own about how you
might implement systems in the game to help players. Like I said I’d love to
hear the ideas you guys have so please do drop them in the comments below. I
didn’t even get the time to mention the workshop where so many people have made
practice mode and training programs that Blizzard could easily make permanent and
implement into a training section somewhere in the game which has stuff
like aim practice and Ana nade placement and all that good stuff. As
always I want to give a big shout out to my patrons who do the awesome job of
supporting me and from now on I’m gonna have a credit section for my Twitch subscribers too as a way of thanking them so make sure you’re subbed or
signup to patreon to get the rewards you want. But that’s it for me.
I’ll be back next week with another video. See you guys soon!

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  1. Love it, this is why I like to Learn about Overwatch NOT Play Overwatch.???

  2. I think the main problem is that you are taking a game about a bunch of UN representatives playing superheros to seriously. Its a team game, so play with a team otherwise stop complaining about blueberries having fun. Why was this even in my feed?

  3. I've climbed from low gold to diamond since the game has come out. For a long time I didn't get much further than low plat even though my mechanics had gotten much better over time. It wasn't until I got private coaching to really learn the game and what game sense in Overwatch should include. Back when Call of Duty Black Ops 2 released I got it Christmas 2011. I had never owned a call of duty game before and had never really played a console shooter online competitively before, but just by playing the game and watching YouTube videos from pro players I was able to learn the game and get top 10 in the US comp ladder for the game in only a few months. A similar situation happened with Apex Legends. I had never played Battle Royale games before, and wasn't good at it. But just by playing I got way better and better and climbed the competitive ladder. All that to say there's something different about Overwatch that makes it much more harder to learn and improve in than other competitive FPS games. The coaches I've worked with have said that my mechanics are similar to a masters player, but my game sense is that of a plat. Which explains why I'm between the 2 ranks. Idk if it's just me, but game sense has been harder to learn in overwatch than other FPS games I've played in the past 10 years even with all of the educational content online. It's an ever changing thing that can be difficult to piece together in a comp match with 11 players I've never played with or against before not to mention a meta that rewards ability usage over raw mechanical skill so just hitting head shots won't always create the impact you'd normally expect from an FPS.

  4. I would much rather they spent their time on creating new things rather then rehashing existing tools. The replay viewer already took long enough. And I don't think teaching players is going to encourage any more experimentation then there already is as people gravitate towards what's easy and that's following the meta.

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    Well, the diamond of two years ago is way different than the diamond of today, for example. You look at 2016 bronze videos on Youtube and you would think a lot of these players have their monitor unplugged. Bronze 2019 just feels completely different.

    I've been stuck in diamond for about a year and a half. I probably won't hit master, given I'm in college and what not and I'm kinda old now. But I've certainly improved a ton in the last year and a half, and so have the people in the rank as a whole.

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  11. the workshop can be used for guides like your node idea. but usually its used for fun custom games instead so it might not be played much.

  12. I've been saying a lot of this for years. Another thing about DOTA is that they don't change things around to make it more "accessible" to new/less skilled players. If you want to play the game competitively, you have to accept that it takes learning and practice. Overwatch is like a neglectful rich parent who just spoils their kids and gives them whatever they want but never teaches them anything or disciplines them.

  13. I’m pretty sure Blizzard doesn’t want a meta or one way to think. They want everyone to find their own way to play and every hero be usable all the time. This is why there isn’t any educational content. They don’t want a meta or a “conventional idea”

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  16. I have an idea, why not use the workshop to make tutorials to teach prople how to play properly?

    For example, a dive tutorial where you program a Winston to jump on an enemy and then you, as Dva, have to protect him with your matrix. You win if Winston kills the enemy and doesn't die.

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  20. I just started playing Overwatch right before role que and placed low gold or high silver. Now at the end of the year I'm high gold to low plat. With help from friends who have been playing for 2 years plus. I can say it has really improved my play and game sense. To another year of learning.

  21. meanwhile, in dota, NS complained few days ago about the tutorial being bad, and about the same problem also 😀
    well, the concepts in it are almost as basic as "wasd to move, LMB to shoot" for fps, they too explain only basic interface, which is just bigger in dota.
    great video btw

  22. i get what your saying, but most of the problems stem from one of the following things:

    no minimap (with a game this fast and so teamfight and positioning heavy, this feature would dramatically improve our capabilities to judge situations
    lack of tooltips with accurate or even vague numbers, forcing ppl to look it up in ow wiki and most ppl dont know how to google stuff
    lack of something like death recap (short summary of everything that dmged or ccd you before you died).
    this sorry excuse of a scoreboard with medals rewarding meaningless stuff while leaving out the important stuff.

    blizzard has been resistant to every single one of these standards for mobas and shooters, despite being a fusion of both. it baffles me. because they wouldnt even try those features out. they just refuse them, because "meh not feeling it" or something.

  23. But SVB, Overwatch has tip pop ups enables that give really good tips like, “look out for enemies trying to flank you from behind or above.” 🙂

    Sarcasm aside I think there also should be a page where a player can see the healing and damage numbers of specific heroes. I’ve played a lot of NBA 2K and there are ratings for each player with specific numbers that show what players are good at. It would be nice if Overwatch had something like that instead of having to go to OW wiki or try to interpret the patch notes every single time a patch comes out.

    It’s also just frustrating because there are so many players that create really good content in Workshop. I’m sure someone has or can create a workshop mode with a Reinhardt positioning guide on which you described. If people can do that free imagine if Blizzard actually invested time and money to overhaul the educational aspect of OW. I guess we’ll just wait another 10 years to find out.

  24. As for the medal system, I believe it was Surefour who I heard float this idea:

    There should be a “% of healing received” stat. The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve come to believe that if it were the ONLY medal it would be better than our current stats. Hear me out…

    At its core, % of healing received (PHR) is an indication of where the team’s resources are going. It can be read into multiple ways. Say you have a Genji. If he’s always in the backline spamming “I need healing” and is getting 2% of the team’s healing resource, you know his positioning is terrible and he is feeding. If he’s playing in a good position on the flank in LOS and moving in with tanks, and is complaining about getting 2% PHR, then he is justified and it’s a support problem. If your Rein is getting 10% PHR and is always trying to get the team through the choke, you know the supports are either trying to dps, or the other tank is face tanking to get all the heals just to live, or the dps need to be pocketed because they are playing way to aggressive before the engage. Conversely, if your Rein is gettin 70% PHR then you know he is being far too aggro and forcing the supports to bail him out and starving his teammates of the ability to make plays.

    Clearly this kind of stat would be beneficial. A couple other useful stats could be “damage taken” and “damage dealt to focused target,” the latter could maybe be calculated by if you deal damage to an enemy that has been shot by a teammate within 4 seconds or something. Regardless, the key to all of these stats is that it is viewable by everyone on the team. This will contribute to everyone’s understanding of what is happening in the match and what needs to change, on the fly in-game.

    Edit: Also I love the ideas presented in the video SVB! So cool, especially the in-game tutorial/tips and actually connecting the timed challenges to the hero instead of just “play until you win 9 times.”

  25. Thank you so much for making this video. Perfectly describes my frustration with OW, and why I quit back in July (after being a consistent player since launch). I agree the lack of education/knowledge among the players comes down to blizzard’s poor management of the game. But I think it’s more than blizzard not having a desire to educate us; I think they are actually afraid to educate the players. Because I think from a game design perspective they actually don’t have a very strong vision for how the interactions in the game should happen. So they might be wary of instructing the players how the game works if they themselves don’t really know or don’t have the desire to lead us towards something. You can see the proof of this in Blizzard’s choices when designing heroes and patches; the list of bad patches and decisions is too long and we all are familiar, but one thing has always been the same: they have been constantly trying to straddle the fence between casual and hardcore gameplay and they fail to draw proper distinctions between these philosophies within the game and within the different modes/playlists. They want the game to be everything to all types of players but in reality this just creates a lot of toxicity/frustration because the game itself lacks direction. And now they are going to pull it in even more directions and make the community even more atomized with the PvE Overwatch 2 expansion. They should fix the glaring issues with ranked and the overall balance issues and lack of player knowledge before even considering a whole new expansion that will add even more balance issues and information gaps to the game, but oh well. My opinion is the game won’t improve unless blizzard is able to 100% honestly acknowledge the flaws in this game and actually have a plan how to fix them and a very strong vision/roadmap for how the game should look in the future. But I think they’re just gonna try to keep it going as is for as long as possible and just add new characters/maps until the game just dies, never achieving the status of legendary e-sport that it could’ve been under different leadership/creative direction

  26. oh yeah thanks for reminding me that probably every other multiplayer pvp game has a better tutorial than what blizzard thinks is appropriate. i completely forgot about that.
    it kinda makes me mad that they dont care about teaching players the game to make the game a better place for everyone. there are devs that include community guides and tutorial vids in the interface itself. or produce videos of their own (champion spotlight in lol for example). blizzard seems to purposefully want the community to figure it out themselfs. its like they want their game to be as casual as possible but in the worst possible way. because the gameplay is already casual and the character and playstyle diversity makes it fun for every sort of player. but they seem to think that it somehow is bad for the casuals if you provide information on playing the game at all. otherwise i couldnt imagine why they still have not done anything until now in that prospect. i honestly wish for ow2 to be the place where they implement such a mentality from the get go.

  27. SVB , I dont want to make up excuses , I really dont but the medal system encourages the "I was the least worst of my teammates" therefore I dont need improvement.There is so much flaming and so many arguments over " I have gold damage, gold healing and gold elimination" and when you look at the number of kills and you see thats only 4 or 5 you want to facepalm.This medal system rewards mediocrity and it doesnt encourage improvement.
    This system is in place the same reason why rock-paper-scissors is used to please the casual.The game is casual first and foremost and there are no tools to help those who want to improve at what they are doing and not just mindlessly play the game.After 3 years , it doesnt matter how much better I get with shield managing , I know I do something wrong and I dont know what.How am I supposed to manage improve myself if the game doesnt give me the tools and no , I wont go out of my way and record myself if the game is supposed to have it and it doesnt.I will just stop playing it and I just did ……3 months already and I still have no desire to return untill a system replacement happens because I am sick and tired to see and read or hear over the voice comms " but I have gold medals , so you suck , I am doing good" or pick any generic excuse someone can come up with the medal system.

    P.S: I am writting this before even finishing the video.

  28. I love the tip system you suggested. I have a bronze/silver dps acct to play with my friend and my god it's a different world down there. God bless their souls

  29. The main fault I have with what you ask for in this video is that the things you're offering to teach are extremely specific plays instead of more basic fundamental concepts or strategies. You said it yourself at one point of the video: players tend to forget basic principles in the heat of a match. For example, let's go with the "High Noon Positioning Challenge": basically, a good way to learn positioning is to ask yourself at any given point "if every person on the enemy team was a High-Nooning McCree, could I survive right now?" Teaching people to perform 50 superjumps on Mercy is nowhere near as valuable as teaching people not to stand out in the wide open, or how to properly path and ADAD strafe.

    The main reasons that players are bad are because they make mistakes they don't even realize they're making. Bad decision-making, bad positioning, bad target-selection. Things like superjumping as Mercy or shield management as Reinhardt need to be taught in relation to those principles or they won't stick.

  30. I don't disagree with anything you said here, but there is a fatal flaw in your logic. You are assuming people even want to learn. The game doesn't make anyone want to improve or play as a team. Even worse, players who are students of the game and are trying their very best suffer because of these other players who refuse to learn, to join comms, to play a role they are good at, to switch when needing to, to play heroes they are good at, troll, disconnect mid match, do I need to go on? All of this doesn't necessarily prevent a player from reaching top 500 if they are good enough, but it certainly kills the fun in it and last time I checked games are supposed to be fun.

  31. 100000% everything here. I was talking to a friend last night who is painfully new to the game and he has no idea how it sorms. He plays every night but watches no content. This means he has no Meta Game practice, Point of View, or metric for how the game is played. On top of this, he has LITTLE understanding to what heroes do what.
    But one thing he said rang true…"I wish the hero screen had a better description on what each ability does"…this was right after he didnt know the Shield on Hammond procs from proximity to enemies. He had no idea and was doing it PRE slam.
    I WISH the game gave a little tutorial video, not online, on what the hell each character does, is supposed to do and what a pro looks like

  32. Love you videos. I like you ideas and talk about anothers subjects of the game. Hope some of the ideas gonna be implement!

  33. I've tried to teach a few of my mates how to play the game.
    They're pretty casual so they're not going to go and watch videos.
    Trying to explain all the tips and tricks and even the basics was really hard.
    I had to make a smurf because my games were too hard! I don't want to get them to play with bots too much, that would build bad habits.

  34. hillarious that you made the super jump example. because blizzard actually doesnt like advanced techniques that much. they will even patch them out sometimes, because its always better to just have a narrow streamlined design of a character when said character also by accident could have really exciting techniques that the devs didnt intend. so then you can patch around those advanced techniques. oh boy that sure sound cool. nah uh, not for blizzard.

  35. i think its kind of naive of you to assume that blizzard isnt implementing this because they have not thought about it yet. or even because not enough people want this.
    i think they know what other devs are doing. they know whata certain percentage of the playerbase would want because they are used to those things in other big pvp and esport titles.
    but the truth is: they dont fucking care or are actively against implementing more education for overwatch.

    but i would love them to prove me wrong on this, obviously.

  36. if Im not mistaken… in last challenge (mercy) drops were enabled for ALL Overwatch Streamers. I still get your point though.

  37. Way, way, way too many squeakers just button mashing and shooting stuff. Also way, way too many DPS players playing support and tank and just not being a decent teammate. Unless you know how to change those things there is no way to improve the gameplay of the player base. I have accepted this already and because I won't be a pro I just play quick play. That way I know for a fact I have 1vs11 in every match I play.

  38. What I still miss is some kind of in-game-statistics so you can see who is carrying and who is lagging (elims, kda, etc). This would make the life of a support much easier. Also hiding your profile should be forbidden/removed, all stats should be public and there should be websites showing them. This gives players a way to compare and check progress.

  39. dude, I've been wishing this was part of the game since it came out.

    Battleborn had amazing achievement stuff. you should legit check out what they did because I still think it was a much better game than overwatch.

  40. you do tips foe every hero fer every map; attack and defense

  41. A counterpoint to this:

    It's hard to make a guide on how to play each of the roles when the roles themselves get drastic changes over a few months. For instance, during dive meta, some people thought Rein was unplayable. Of course in low ranks, this didn't matter too much but the question came down to, how would you teach the tank role? Do you pick the best tank Winston and go with his principles? Do you pick Rein? Let's say Rein because he is an easier hero to understand. How do you get players to transition between characters of the same role when they play so differently? A Rein guide might be nice but it translates poorly to learning D.Va, for instance. What about if the game develops a completely different style of playing the guide character, such as during the GOATS meta. Should the guide be updated for that as well?

    If we want Blizzard to develop a guide for new players, we should probably establish as a community what should be in the guide. In my head, those things would probably be what some people refer to as fps fundamentals. Things like holding corners, high ground advantage, sightlines and LOS and how LOS abilities work, projectiles vs hitscan, basic ultimate mechanics (as in what counts for ult charge and what does not), favor the shooter and how it affects 1v1s. This can go alongside basic team concepts like avoiding trickling, playing for synergy, basic team formation, etc. Feel free to add more ideas here. IMO anything beyond the absolute basics becomes a bit more difficult to implement as they can change in appearance over time.

  42. Last idea is fantastic but rip support que times

  43. Love the video SVB, can you do a new orisa guide or vod review? I've played orisa as my main for the last few seasons and climbed big time with her. Since the latest patch I'm absolute dog shit with her, the barrier goes down very fast and it's hard to defend with her now.

  44. The thing you are basically not getting, is a lot of players get up to M-GM+ sooner or later. Usually we aren't all stuck in gold or plat, and in gold or plat that is a rank generally where a lot of mistakes happen. You can't take the fact that the game has been out a while, and expect everyone to be GM now. Literally, overwatch loses players and gains players, so there is constantly new people.

  45. i really like the idea of those Rein tips for point A kings row attack. Is there a full list someone in the community has made anywhere with all heros for each map?

  46. Spot on video. Now blizzard will completely ignore it..

  47. It's funny, but before even mentioning Dota, that's exactly the game I was thinking of. I've quit that game multiple times because of the community, and having to play with the greediest 4 DPS line-ups, and people who had no clue how to team fight. I started playing the game about 8 years ago, and 3 years in the community was just like Overwatch's. It took a while for the base level of Dota's community to raise the floor of the game to decency, which makes it less accessible to newer players, but the game has also done a great job of building teaching mechanics within the game. Dota 2 is the best designed game I know. No redundant characters despite 120 of them, and there can be no mistake that winning objectives matter more than stats. Like supports know they won't have have the best stats, so they just do what they need to do to help others put up a strong game. Some hard carries know their win condition isn't kill/death ratio or dmg stats, but to farm and push until they are powerful and then they win when it matters. For example, Naga Sirens for most part may only get 10 kills and 28,000 dmg to heroes as the hard carry because they aren't fighting most of the game, but once they are farmed up, they are almost guaranteeing a win, while other heroes may put up 60,000 dmg and 20 kills, but they can't actually take over a game late, like a Lina for example. In Dota, roles and objective gaming are clear roads to victory, not stat padding. That's what I love about that game. OW has been doing some of the things Dota has recently done to encourage better team play, like role ques and stuff. OW will get it right eventually I hope, it may take a bit of time, but yeah they do need to show more care for teaching.

  48. @SVB I've never watched guides and educational content to the degree I do for Overwatch. Perhaps this is largely due to Blizzards total lack of doing it themselves. Although years of watching guides and I'm still stuck just shy of diamond, so I wonder if there is a way to make better use of the knowledge I pick up? I'm a decently smart person, but still struggle to climb. I've been plat my entire 3 years, just moving from low plat to high ?

  49. Wow really good video

  50. I love how passionate and how much you care about the community. But I can’t agree with you that Blizzard has the responsibility to teach people how to play. If someone truly wants to get better they will do so. People are all in their ELO for a reason

  51. Aren't the SR ranks a forced curve? They'll always have bronze, silv, gold, etc. If everyone is getting better it's because it's much harder to get out of those ranks now.

  52. 14:35 Hey! My man Fitzy has a lot of educational videos about Sombra. Respect for the hack master.

  53. This made me want to give Dota a try lol… Then I read Steam forums and drowned in fear and toxicity. Great vid as always, I've been playing from the start and still have a lot to learn and am trying to get used to pc controls (I play primarily on Ps4)

  54. I would argue that Trickling In is the single biggest problem for Overwatch. So many people playing this game come from other shooters. Not ever understanding that you can't 1 v 6 even when your ult is up. They're so used to regular old team death matches from CoD, Battlefield and even Halo, that they refuse to see how much MOBA aspects are apart of OW.

  55. I actually think the problem is even more deep rooted than you suggest. Blizzard aren't just not implimenting resources for players to actually learn the concepts of the game, I genuinely think they don't understand them thenselves. The impression I get from interviews and the abysmal balance of the game is that the development team are ignorant (see 12 months of the Goats meta) and arrogant (see Jeff's responses at the latest Blizzcon press conference, especially his comments on power creep). I don't have any faith in the development team anymore, I think they're bad at their jobs and the only way I see anything close to what you're suggesting being implimented is if Overwatch is handed over to people with even a little bit of humility and competitive understanding.

  56. I'm sure the tooltips idea if something that can be mocked up in a workshop game.

  57. The idea of hero-specific ideas is a horrible idea.
    It will change the meta to what the hero for that week's challenge is, not necessarily because people want to play or improve on that hero.
    And people will be competing to play characters akin to when a new characters come out.

    You identified the problem with a lack of educational resources directed to from in-game, but this solution has issues.

  58. i would love blizzard hiring you men, great ideas

  59. In truth though, I have question for the community. I’m a relatively new PC player about three months, swapping from Xbox. I was diamond on console, and I still find myself having trouble with the mouse—hanging out in silver on dps currently and plat on tank and support. I’m currently running 5.5 sens, 800dpi, but I’m playing on a mousepad from 1995. It’s tiny; would an xl mousepad really help with being able to have better arm movement and aim? Thanks!

  60. Actually blizzard korea has a series where high rank players review gameplay and give feedback and they also show good overwatch youtube videos/guides on the game launcher.

    I thought this was the norm. Anyway, blizz korea is actually teaching players how to play.

  61. I have 60 hours in overwatch and 2100+ hours in Rocket League and I just wanna say that game is amazing at training its players. The difference between a plat two years ago and a plat now is night and day, both tactically and especially mechanically

  62. Great video I Agree that this game has soooo much information to learn that people laugh at low ranks that they’re dumb, but they’re not dumb, the game is too complex
    Side note : IDDQD usually teaches in his stream … but i think actually Support players should be in that challenges, like Ana’s one, ML7 was like the perfect one but, well, Blizzard …

  63. Overwatch AI practice mode is absolute trash. Literally nothing to learn from any of the practice modes.

  64. Paladins tutorial teaches payload and objective just saying

  65. Would you be able to make hero specific guide mocs as videos? Or is it too much work?

  66. Yeah this is something I've been thinking for a long time. Overwatch is so afraid to commit to anything or having any kind of direction, to the point where it almost just feels like a sandbox that let's players set the rules and decide everything. There is no "right" way to play Overwatch, at least not one that is dictated by the devs, so players are left to figure things out by themselves, which can lead to a lot of disagreement and conflict about how to play the game, what comps or strategies are viable at any given time etc. The thing is, Overwatch is a complex and dynamic game that changes over time and I think we're probably still pretty far away from truly figuring the game out, so of course I understand that Blizzard can't and shouldn't tell players exactly what heroes they should play or how they should play them. I mean I doubt the OW devs really knew how people would end up playing the game competitively. If they had a vision for how the game would be played I'm sure it was quite different, which is evident from a lot of the changes they've made over the years. They might've never imagined that players would intentionally jump off the map to reset for example.

    I also think that Overwatch is just largely a very casual game, so Blizzard doesn't want to push anything onto the casual players that might intimidate them, but rather let the more competitive players seek that stuff out themselves. However, as you mention in the video I think there are definitely ways for Blizzard to increase the overall understanding of the game, to encourage learning of the game and promote educational content, so that the average competitive players at least know (some of) the fundamentals of the game and just have a base understanding. I think it's important that everyone who plays Overwatch competitively is at least to some extent on the same page about how to play it, in order to avoid a lot of frustration and conflict.

    I think implementing or at least promoting educational content within the game would be a great way to make game knowledge more available, without necessarily pushing it onto casual players and it would be nice if there ways to curate, filter and vote within this section of the game so that trash is filtered out and the best content rises to the top (at least ideally that's what would happen). Of course there's a lot that would/could go into something like this, but I think at least having something in the game for learning is pretty much a necessity for Overwatch at this point. It would be awesome if you could do in-game VOD reviews or create in-game tutorials. I mean I guess technically tutorials are already possible through the workshop, but I feel like at this point those tools might not be accessible enough for people who just want to teach players but don't necessarily have experience with game logic or the time to invest into learning it, so having more accessible tools for in-game content creation would be awesome. Hopefully along with some sort of map-editor/creator in the future, but I'm sure that's still quite far off.

    Personally I never really played much of Dota 2 except for maybe some of the tutorials, but just from what I've seen I think that game does a much better job of teaching players. I mean it has a whole section called "Learn" within the game. Not to mention Steam can have their own "Guides" section. Meanwhile Overwatch has a pretty useless practice range, "vs AI" and an extremely basic tutorial. I wouldn't say the tutorial is necessarily bad, it just doesn't teach players anything more than the absolute basics of FPS games, for people who are completely new to them. It'll let you know what the game's controls are and that's it, which many people could figure out by going into the settings anyway.

    So yeah there's definitely a lot that could be done and I really hope that Blizzard does at least something in this direction. It's just one of the many things that I think the devs could do to improve the game overall, but it's an important step. Maybe at some point if I have the time I'll write up a post of all the things that I think are wrong with the game and ideas to improve it.

  67. An overhaul to the tab screen would make the game feel fresh

  68. Too many of my teammates … (1) seem to think the Only Important Thing is to stand on the objective (good luck with your 1v6); (2) will think to click "Group Up" but won't actually pause to wait for others (good luck with your 1v6); and (3) are only ever aware of things that affect them directly. Are you guys not even noticing the Reaper, the Mei, the Winston, the Rein (!!) in the back line? Do they play with sounds off, only ever looking forward, instantly forgetting the crazy aggro Rein who just charged past? Maybe so (good luck with your 1v6). Anyway, agree that a lot more in-game education would be great, but some of what's needed is much-much more basic than what you described.

  69. they split the game into 3 parts: game 1 pvp, game 2 pve, game 3 tutorial got to wait for game 3 to come out to learn how to play

  70. This is such a bizarre video. I never watched YouTube videos on Overwatch until I was in T500.
    When was the last time you saw a game tell you how to complete it.

    Blizzard wants you to learn the game yourself. Use your brain and predict what will happen.

    The more hero’s you play, the more you understand the game. (You’ll learn what to do if that hero is fighting you, you’ll know the weakness etc) —> e.g. I play hog and I know ana is more counter, so once I hear or see one of her abilities is used is my chance to be more aggressive etc.
    Things like this is what makes the game fun regardless of the shit that’s in there

  71. The training is trash but actually the game does the worst to educate you on a "low level". Because people learn on their own what works and what isn't. Since the game came out the game teaches the following things (on console I don't have much experience on PC):
    – only aim matters 90% of the matches
    – any character who is good in 1v1+ encounters is actually useful and should be forced regardless of the situation
    – smurfing is encouraged to ensure winning
    – you have zero impact on the game unless you can kill enemies over and over
    – team play is discouraged, if it works great but solo play is the most important
    – losing the first two team fights badly is a signal of a crushing defeat and there is almost zero reason to even try anymore

    – any character with considerable damage and self healing has the potential to completely solo the game because you can't expect focus fire
    – the counter of certain characters is always shooting them faster than they kill you
    I don't know why do people think Blizzard cares about this game other than the pro league. OW2 is the most obvious proof of that.

  72. Dude, fitzy also makes a educational content

  73. Can you make a video on handling ranked anxiety? Whenever I don't feel anxious after playing ranked, I'm anxious again the next day

  74. Me stands waiting for my team

    genji runs in past me and wastes his ult

  75. Thats why Paladins even though it is cheap, is better.

  76. Just tried symmetra in the training range, literally smashing buttons to try and rotate her ultimate.

  77. i think about this problem every day, and it's very frustrating to me. you should have to complete an in game tutorial, if not pass some kind of test, before playing comp.

  78. Why did you make a video to just personally attack me? I will not stand for this!

  79. I have an idea since blizzard wont tell you how to play what if you created a video about it ? Maybe like a video for beginners idk

  80. What I find interesting is that it seems to be a consensus among the Dota 2 community that the game absolutely sucks at teaching you the game. Part of it is just how hard the game is, but part of it is true.

    For example, you've mentioned how the game asks you to play different roles, but it kinda doesn't, because tank and damage dealers aren't a role in Dota, and Dragon Knight and Sniper are technically part of the same role.

    Guides, however, are an amazing system and certainly help a lot.

    Dota is also far harder to create proper tutorials for because of how much the game changes over time. There are patches in Dota that changed the game more than OW changed in its entire 3 years of existence, so any tutorial that you make will likely be outdated within a year.

    This is also why it's important to see the patch number in the guide name, as some popular guides are several years out of date.

  81. Another massive issue, that devs apparently don't give a shit about, is placing all new players around 2k. Thus Gm tier players crush everybody on the way up and the sub 500 wood tier players that don't have a clue (Due to reasons you've outlined, such as utter crap tutorial) cause multiple losses as they crash down.

    New player placements are woefully inaccurate. If it requires 30 games, then take 30 games. Don't misplace new players by 1500+ sr.

  82. This has been a big complaint of mine for a really long time. I remember getting a brig on my team recently. I understand brig is sneaky good right now but it was vs an extreme poke/bunker comp and they were useless the entire game. They don't know that. They don't know whats going on. They dont understand. And the game isnt helping them understand. Its not the players fault. The education needs to be in the game and easy to access for the players.

  83. M OMEGALUL IRA guide would be fun XD

  84. Part of the problem is that the community is too toxic and competitive and no one helps each other so there's no construction or sharing of knowledge about how to play the game.

  85. i am bronze. may i be excused?
    also making a quests/challenges that require you to depend on other players (either enemies or teammates) to perform certain action are no-no! if they can potentially let you down they 100% will.

  86. I honestly hate how little people know about the game. Not even their fault too. They just aren't as commited as us to learn and the game doesn't teach them.

  87. My favorite noob behavior as a 5 time top 500 who doesn't play anymore was always ALWAYS when people sub masters came to a dead stop at a choke and just stood there. Like…hello ? Move? Make space? Initiate please? Nope, stand still until everyones dead.

    I had a diamond Rein tell me once it was my job to stand behind his shield and kill everyone before he could move forward. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  88. This is why playing ranked game is so flutstrated to do. Game is based on teamplay but game itself doesnt teach u how to play as a team. After RQ my win rate dropped drasticly from 65-70% per season to 35-45% each season. My gameplay didnt change so why i keep on loosing now? Cuz people who never played tanks support and dps suddenly started to play it and get rank same as their main role. Same happened to me, im shit tank, probably gold lvl but im diamond as my main role, wtf is it?
    The main problem is the sr and mmr system and how its working, I even went to check it and made placements for my silver friend as diamond player. I won every game with perfect stats, etc we get still placed in silver and what was most funny… I still got only 25 points after next win game… and im 4 ranks above this, i got same amount of points in diamond as i was getting in silver. This is super broken system.

    Overwatch ranking system is based on win/lose. It doesnt care u made cluch ress that win u the game or anything. Its just data, and if u played super good whole game and still lose, you get punished… why is that blizzard? Why u blame whole team for one person bad play. Why as 6v6 game you still take points away when 2/6 people disconects? Why? No logic in that, but why to fix a game, better just earn money on owl…

  89. I agree with you on the importance of education – OW is at its worst when you feel you’re losing because of cluelessness rather than because the other team are better.

  90. I have 2500 hours on dota and the tutorial system has been the same for 5+ years and its notoriously bad among dota players. There is a last hit trainer, but you are in lane by yourself which isnt realistic bc you're normally against one or two other heroes that are harassing you.

    The guides are great bc you can kinda just autopilot items and focus on fighting, split pushing etc. but at the same time if you just copy a guide for 50 games you stop thinking critically.

    In general dota has very little educational streamers and resources to learn from like overwatch. Each rank has its own mini meta, and you have to learn and unlearn things as you climb each rank.

  91. "The best place to learn OW is outside of OW"
    "The medal system is built around making the player feel empowered and useful regardless of truth."
    See the flaw?
    Ow doesnt teach people how to Ow yet it rewards you for playing poorly.
    Holding people back.
    To be fair though, if you really care you would go study like anything else.

  92. I think these are great ideas. I've come to a point in overwatch where I don't even care if I rank or climb anymore and I think a lot of ppl feel the same. The answer is yes if you are good enough and play solid you will eventually rank up. It is so exhausting and not fun at this point that a lot of ppl just don't even care anymore though. I'm not the greatest but I do pay attention and learn about roles and the overall chess match that is going on and I like playing all of the roles to some extent. But grinding my way through low level games with widow's that don't even charge their shots… like nah i'm good man. The game looks so enjoyable at high levels when I watch but down at the bottom it's 2 or 3 matches and you want to uninstall… just the truth.

  93. I feel like people trickeling in just don't really care at all. They play just for fun with a very twisted definition of what fun is.

  94. These a fantastic ideas! I love them. Blizzard, I want SVP guides in Overwatch for Christmas! Please!

  95. i trickle in gm games

  96. People don't care lol

  97. Daaaaaaamnnnnn SVB! Back at it again with the White Vids!

    Seriously this should probably be the single most important video ever made about Overwatch.

  98. In a lot of ways, Overwatch is a game without a tutorial. Very little of what we know of how the game is played came from Blizzard. There's literally no way to learn if you're playing the game for a few hours a week on the weekends.

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