The Elder Scrolls: Blades || Free new game!

Bethesda announced new Elder Scrolls game
designed for portable devices. It means that you can play Elder Scrolls on
your iPhone or any Android device which is powerful enough, because graphics in Elder
Scrolls Blades are really good. One amazing feature is that the game could
be played in portrait mode, meaning you can turn your phone however you want. As Bthesdas game director Todd Howard said
“you never know when you need a free hand”. So next time when you fight a fierce skeleton
and your balls start to itch, don’t worry Bethesda got you covered. Game will have both randomly and by hand created
dungeons and several play modes, like the Abyss, where endless dungeon awaits you and
the Arena where you can fight one on one against other players. Main mode is called Town, where you can build
and decorate your city. And you can even visit your friends towns. Game will be available not only on mobile
devices, but also on PC and consoles. Bethesda even promised VR experience. So, how much it will cost? And that’s the good part. It will be free. The Elder Scrolls Blades will be released
this fall and it will be completely free. Yes. Thank you for watching, please consider subscribing
for more Elder Scrolls content and news. Have a great day, bye.

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