The Exams | VIVA

The Exams | VIVA

Hello Brother! If you want to get Notifications from our new videos… Click on the Bell Icon. Is that clear? (Blink.Blink.Blink.Blink) I’m not like any other invigilator I am very strict Tell me something new Oh, he heard it If any one brought slips, give it to me now We didn’t bring them to give it you! Ahh Eh… Yeah yeah wait and see! Hmm Ok students Which Exam do you have today? Physics…Maths! Dude, isn’t it Maths today? It’s Physics Ohh OK students, I’m going to distribute the question papers Don’t start until I ask you to do Pass Take it Send Shit! None of the important questions came I am done! Again next year… This doesn’t look like the yesterday’s leaked paper! Excuse me sir… You want additional? One minute Sir, this is not our paper! There is some mistake Yeah, nothing new in what you feel! OK Forgot to write the Hall Number Hey Useless fellow.. What, what is that? Sir sir, I’m not the one I never even heard of these questions! OK guys So your exam will start in One! Ahh Didn’t bring any slips sir! (Whispering) Dude Ya I will tell you, 1 and 2 questions You show me 3 and 4 Thanks bro Even I don’t know 3 and 4 Anyways, show me 1 and 2 I don’t know what happened, I suddenly forgot 1 and 2 Unable to recollect! Ahh!? Dude!! Dude!! Open the slips Wait bro, he is still watching This is Me! Feeling Amazing. This is my Question Paper. Feeling Nervous! This is my Invigilator, feeling Shocked! I have seen you somewhere Sir it’s me, Stylish Dheeru! Oh God, is it you? Give that phone Sir..sir..sir Feeling sad You can’t cheat me OK? There are different ways to answer this question What! One can answer this question with his own comfortable answer But the final answer will be the same answer as every answer What did you just write? Instead of writing the answer, you are writing the word ‘Answer’? Hehehehehe Person who will check your papers will also become mad like this and laugh Hmm Yeah Ah? Hey who is this bloody? Remove it What is it? Give it Hmm From where did you get this from? It was given in my college sir Which college? Free Chaitanya Engineering College Free Chaitanya?? Not your mistake! Hmmm Hey buddy, I heard the question paper is very hard? How would I know sir? What? You haven’t even read the question paper also? I have nothing to do with question paper sir You are a youth icon… Thank you sir What in the? Everyone bring slips, you brought off a question bank? I read it from this book, hence I will write it from the same book! Are you threatening me? You stay in Srinagar Colony, beside VIVA bakery right? Yes I stay in Srinagar Colony beside Viva bakery… You think I’m scared? I’ll see I’m not Hmm Give this paper to Ravi Ok Give this paper to Ravi hmm What is this? Sir…sorry sir Where is it going? To that side sir… That side? Is this a bus or what, to go from that side to this side? Who’s is this? Useless fellow Give me that! Sir Give me that! It’s OK sir, no problem… I’m not offering you tea or coffee to say, it’s OK Get up Get up Right hand – formulas? Haa Back collar – theorems Hmm Right shoe – diagrams? This side sir Left leg corner – definitions? This side sir So you kept a slip mentioning where the other slips are? Its difficult to remember many right sir? Take them out Take them out Take everything out… Open your hands, sir Ha? Instead of Micro Xerox, he gave Nano Xerox! Ya, now it is visible Hey Wait a bit Hey who is this? Sir, sorry sir Sorry sir Take it, it’s ok Sorry sir Sir your son Shanmugam and me are thick friends Hey chi… Don’t you feel ashamed Using recommendations? Sorry sir Mr. Valmiki What are these? Sir, because of the wind I arranged like this sir! You should have wet and dried them under sun as well Sir, sir sir Hey, give them Sir please sir Whose paper is this? This guy’s Whose this? That girls sir Then whose this? Don’t know sir You don’t know? You guys are sharing exam papers as if they are lunch boxes Sit down Sir! Hey sit 2 1 Time up Time up Time up Stop writing I told to stop writing right Sir wait a minute sir… I already told right Buddy come, enough of writing give stop writing Hmm Give off the paper, anyhow you will not pass, come in September for supplies. Hey stop writing Give enough Hey enough Hey buddy come Enough Writing Bahubali story or what? Sir Sir paper I won’t take it, go… Sirrr Give it please Ah, hey Sir what are you doing? Collecting my slips! For what? For next year You are so confident that you will fail? Who do you think wrote the exam? I’m the one who will correct your papers. I’ll see you all again.

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