The Fabric of Football | Real Madrid: Demand Glory

The Fabric of Football | Real Madrid: Demand Glory

The philosophy here is easy, it’s winning. So, inevitably there’s a lot of pressure, a lot of expectations, whether it’s the fans or anyone else. Why? Because it’s the biggest club in the world? The club expects you to be successful and it’s not always as easy as it seems because in a long season you have bad moments, you have games you lose, but this is Real Madrid, this is what they expect, this is what the fans expect, it’s the only way. It inspires you to push your boundaries and to perform to the highest possible level. It’s in the club’s DNA. The Fabric of Real Madrid Demand Glory Players dream of one day representing Real Madrid. They will usually have spent a long time at other clubs beforehand, but when you arrive at Real Madrid, you can feel the weight of the club’s history, and it really brings home right away what sort of place you’ve come to. When you talk about Real Madrid, the white shirt is the first thing that comes to people’s minds. It’s a time-honoured icon. I could list so many players who have left their mark on this club, doing extraordinary things on the pitch. I think that the title-winning season, the so-called “League of Records” lives long in the memory of all Real Madrid fans. Wearing those golden stripes again would be not just the best way to pay tribute to that record-breaking title triumph, but also a good omen. It’s one of my favourite colours, because white is very classy, and so is gold. They go very well together. Gold brings many things to mind, including the sun, but above all it makes you think of success. When you start playing football as a kid your big dream is to play for the biggest club in the world, and this is Real Madrid with no doubt. We’re the Kings of Europe, as the club with the most Champions League titles, and we’re well aware of the responsibility that comes with that. Because it’s part and parcel of this club’s history. This is a club that has been capturing people’s imagination for over a century, and it’s the most decorated club in the world. Wearing this shirt has been a dream of mine from a young age. You just associate Real Madrid with winning, beautiful football, and the famous white shirt. It’s iconic. Playing for the best club in the world, the best club ever, is a real badge of pride. Wearing the shirt that has been worn by footballing legends is what all kids aspire to. I’m constantly looking to see if any of them have got any defects, but so far that’s never been the case. This is the finishing touch, to make it perfect. The club’s pedigree speaks for itself and we’re eager to live up to that history and to add to it. This is a historic club that always expects to win. The club’s philosophy and values are instilled in us from a young age, respecting the opposition and never giving up. It doesn’t matter if you’re the player, the coach, the grounds manager. The club want the best. You can see how little we’ve taken off, maybe three millimetres, we’re really working in the fine details. Nobody puts more pressure on me than me. I want the best, and I’m always searching for perfection. Winning is always a great feeling, it’s incredible. It’s something that’s kind of a tradition here, you need to win trophies, otherwise you fail. Because this is what the people expect, this is what the club expects, of course you need the mentality to play here, to be at your best when you have to be at your best. Because it’s a beautiful thing. Sport brings out incredible emotions, we’re talking about football here, but it’s true for sport in general, and only someone who has experienced it for themselves can understand what it feels like to win something, We’re going to have the belief that we can win as many things as possible, there’s no doubt about that. This shirt symbolises something wonderful for a lot of people, not just for the players. The fans are part of why this is such a great club. I think that it’s like a way of life for many people, it’s their passion. I think they’re very demanding fans because they’re used to watching attractive football and great matches, and winning trophies. Real Madrid is not a Spanish club, it’s not a club of Madrid, it’s a club of the world. For me, playing football is a way of bringing joy to people. I identify myself as one of them. It’s more than a job for me. I’m a Real Madrid supporter. How’s it going? It’s a beauty. I’m taking it with me. Do you have any favourite players? Do I have any favourite players? B…. …Marcelo! Too right! Good answer! I went to the Bernabéu every weekend with my Dad and I’d watch as many other games as I could on TV. The stadium is just full of history, and on a game day it’s like a cauldron. Knowing you have so many people behind you, who live and breathe Real Madrid is a really big deal. There are no words to describe it. It’s a club that’s very demanding and you have to come here with intentions to win everything. This club never gives up, in good or bad moments. We all know full well where we are, which club we are at, and that the ambitions are very high each year. If we prepare well, we’ll have every chance of achieving big things. This is Real Madrid. It’s the pinnacle of club football. You’ve got to be ready.

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