The First Sex Doll Brothel in Europe

The First Sex Doll Brothel in Europe

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  1. I feel sorry for heterosexuals. This is cringe.

  2. I'm ready to smash that azz!! LOL!

  3. That guy’s wife is unbelievably reasonable.

  4. I said PlayStation too 😂

  5. Yikes. Sloppy seconds takes on a whole new meaning.

  6. You know, first I was having fun messing with the smart assistant on the early smart phones because they are just so freaking dumb and …well, impraticle. but then the year is 2020 now and no one is laughing at Siri ot Google home or etc.

    you know, I could see this going somewhere.

  7. Can I connect my bluetooth to it !? And bump music on that bitch ?

  8. I’m Sorry, But that guy who makes those Sex Dolls is a Creepy Pig and I personally would Hate to be his wife!

  9. So maybe the guy should make some male sex dolls and see how well that goes with his wife.

  10. The dolls remind me of those barbies that talk it’s weird

  11. "No, she could not say this to me. I would divorce her!!"
    LEGEND!! This guy is great!

  12. little finger must be so proud

  13. Were in Barcelone is that Luxury place? I got an apartment there and I want to try it out with the boys. Not same room, but you know what i mean.

  14. disgusting. sad to see people in the comments are one of them, mentally ill people. why priorities sex when u can get the horny ass hormones out through exercise. DISSSSSSSS GUST TANNGG

  15. Uhhh. Ohh boy….. 😮🙈. I feel as if I’ve violated their personal space and I’m not there. I fear this could be seen as way to close to getting it with a corpse… Not for me.

  16. It would never beat the real thing. The unique smell of each woman. Her heart beat thumping under her breast. Sweat cascading down her thighs. The gushy, creamy wetness of a woman. Muscles…and throbbing unevenly. Her voice unevenly highs and lows of pleasure.

    They cute for guys buy they will never really compete. It's like an advance form of a fleshlight and men still want females

  17. Imagine being the employee that has to clean and sanitize the rooms and the dolls afterwards.. that poor man 🤮

  18. And he calls himself a journalist lol try it you pansie!!!

  19. How come no one asked to see the sanitation process?

  20. I dont understand why someone would pay the same price 4 plastic dolls versus real pussy maybe in 100 yrs when u cant tell the difference in the 2 but hell the dolls cant even move

  21. Id tell that doll to stfu. Lmao

  22. Haha love to see this cuck of a journo gets uncomfortable 😂

  23. Sergi macho, qué asco me das, vaya imagen estás dando de los hombres… Si tu quieres sexo y tu mujer no te lo da, te vas con el robot. Pero si es al contrario; eres tú el que no quiere tener sexo y tu mujer se va con un robot… te divorcias de ella!!!!! #machismoactivo

  24. Maybe they need their own voice and not just a google voice translator voice lmao

  25. Better then dealing with a real women 👌🏼

  26. Wait til the ai kills the pervs 🙂

  27. Legal pimp killed me XD

  28. Do it for the science

  29. They should make male ones too

  30. This gots quagmire written all over it 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Body with no souls


    ඔවුන් අතර මට දැනුණේ කිසියම් ආකාරයක

  33. Why do we have to pixilate doll pussy? Who is offended?

  34. In Islamic eschatology it says that before the last time men would run away from women and women would chase men for having sex! Now this satanic system introduced porn and fake figures to male first and then made these sex doll and so the male would go to doll for their dirty fantasies and eventually perversion would be accepted by states!

  35. Is there such a shortage of girl people on earth?

  36. A man can't get his rocks off without being judged, always!

  37. Imagine putting hentai voice hehe

  38. why are women so salty in the comment section? if all guys get a sex doll there would be less cases of rape in the world!!

  39. Did anyone watch the Rick and Morty episode with the Gazorpazorp, yeah exactly we are fucking animals

  40. Employ someone who wants to be there next time

  41. How low is ur self esteem if u feel inferior to a robot?? Lmao that's just sad.

  42. I dont know about this .its good for pervert

  43. And they also have baby and little girls robots for petaviles

  44. Its looking at me he goes please touch it we want to know

  45. "I was gonna say Playstation" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. Disgusting. Our Lady of Fatima pray For us ✝️

  47. I got a latex tied up in my room now. Tried rubber but they don't hold up when I burn her with ciggerets

  48. Soon as they get to Be like Ex Machina, I'm getting one of those things

  49. I'm just here for the comments.

  50. Told my wife YPP and her vagina didnt start vibrating :<

  51. The best way to spread HIV

  52. Id much rather have a human female

  53. I guess if you're in to necrophilia this is the legal way to do it

  54. Just can't believe, way too much with these technologies these days…. What do you think people??


    ඔහුගේ ඇස් ඉවත් දරුවා ලෙස ඔහු හැඳ ඝන

  56. They use JBL speakers 😂

  57. She will not complain when you turn her over /

  58. I like how he said “we don’t want to promote rape fantasies” but here he is promoting the sexual exploitation of women via these dolls. The hypocrisy is mind blowing 🙄

  59. I can have one. But not for sex. Im so lonely

  60. celeb dolls….interchangeable heads…real voices ..less robotic…turbo switch…its endless…think about it..normal sex with the wife or gf…at the weekend…mila kunis …as real as possible for a lump of vibrating latex

  61. Wow lol female feel competition stop with holding the vagina from your man especially if you’re married and this stuff wouldn’t exist

  62. Did you guys make a doll that poops 💩 chocolate wafers into the mouths of waiting candidates

  63. All you need is a rubber bitch with Alexa built in and life is very cherry 🍒…lol

  64. In 50 years real women will be absolute.

  65. This is purely awful to watch… What's more awful is that feminists think this has to do with objectifying women.

  66. Sweet! Looks like a great place to takes the Mrs. to meet some new friends!

  67. You are aware, of course, that this woman of yours is… Made of… Straw?

    Oh, yes, sir. Figure that's why she burned so easy.

  68. I have the same issue with VR sex games. It's not convincing enough that it's a real person. Maybe certain drugs would help?

  69. Vice always come into any story with a heavy bias

  70. In the modern age women are very mean. That's why these dolls are being invented. They also have male dolls for women.

  71. can we talk about how is not the man who makes the robots… its his wife.

  72. —I love you.
    —I like you.

  73. Okay… I have seen a lot of things in my life, but my jaw dropped when he stuck his finger in that doll's vagina! Like… seriously!!!!!

  74. Doll dude is freak of the week 😬

  75. The future is man and machine

  76. One word for this, sick!

  77. that one lady actually said these motionless pieces of plastic are better at sex than her. selfpwn

  78. These inventions happens when talented people use their talents in shitty things

  79. After watching this….
    Satan:So , what do you think?

  80. Hey hey my name is Emma to

  81. Cleaner than hookers

  82. Doesnt say no, takes it up any hole, swallows(?), no STDs, cant get pregnant, aint a thot. Hope Ill be alive once they learn how to cook and clean. What a time to be alive.

  83. Sorry there is no replacement for a woman

  84. Why all the woman getting upset haven’t you all been using big rubber cocks

  85. Those sex robots are terrifying

  86. The sex doll's voices need work. Even sat' nav's for a car have better voices. I couldn't personally use a sex doll but I am not against adults using them.

  87. If nothing else he’s passionate about his product

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