The Fixies ★ Fixies Full Episodes Compilation ★ Fixies English 2017 | Cartoon For Kids

The Fixies ★ Fixies Full Episodes Compilation ★ Fixies English 2017 | Cartoon For Kids

Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Short Circuit Are you sure we allowed to play in your dad’s office? We not going to play in here. We came here on a tour. I think this place is like a real museum. Just take a look at that! I have no idea what it is. And this thing is a complete mystery. Keep it down! This is a museum, you know? What a great museum guide you are!
You know absolutely nothing! How can you say I don’t know? I know. I’d like to run a test here. On a capacitor. – On this one?
-Don’t touch! Why can’t I? It’s not a museum. – Because it’s dangerous!
– If you touch it, the shock could be deadly! But you two are touching it all the time. I’ve seen it! The only time is when the device is turned off. And right now the device is running. For many centuries the Fixies
only had to work on mechanical devices, but after the discovery of electricity, the Fixies had to master electrical devices as well. At first, Fixies were getting terrible shocks. And they really, really hurt! Over time, the Fixies figured out
that you can’t fix appliances when they are turned on. And bare wires should never ever be touched. And Fixies also learned that electricity can travel
not just through wires, but through plain old water. So that’s why if a broken wire
ever ends up in a puddle of water, you must never get close to it. Or you could get a terrible shock! Fixies learn all these important rules, and they hope humans understand
that they need to learn them as well! Look! Now here’s one I know about. It’s an old radio my dad got from my grandpa. More than 60 years old – can you believe it?! Your grandpa? The old radio! That was a joke! Is it still working? I don’t know. Let’s check. What was that? It looks like the electricity got turned off. Maybe it was a short circuit. I’ll go find out! So it was you who caused the short circuit! I was in here showing all these things to Nolik. And we wanted to turn on the radio. We flipped the switch on and then suddenly Kaboom!
The lights go off! They’re off everywhere in the apartment. So then how can I even warm up my pizza now? Soon it will warm up all by itself
now that the refrigerator isn’t working. Simka, what is that thing you said? A short circuit? Electricity goes back and forth
from an appliance with two separate wires. For example, an iron uses the electricity
it needs to get hot. But if those two wires start touching each other
without the iron in the middle, then the wires will get hot instead. And this can cause the wires to burn out. When this happens it’s called a short circuit. Short circuits can happen
when the coating around a wire is worn out or when an appliance is broken on the inside of it! So when you tried turning on that old broken radio, the wires in the apartment started burning. Does that mean all of the wires got destroyed?! Don’t worry. In our apartment there is
an automatic switch to stop that. It turns off the electricity
when the wires start getting too hot. And what about that… automatic switch? Is that something you need
your mom and dad to turn on? No question! You definitely would, but you have us! Yeah! And we have Papus and Masiya. I’ll go tell them what happened here.
And you guys turn off the radio. But we’ll get electrocuted! What do you mean electrocuted? Thanks to you there is no electricity! Are you ready? Pull it up! Hurrah! Tideesh! So, Tom Thomas, what are we doing next? Why don’t we continue with our tour? Hey, wait for me! I’m coming! Hey, wait! I thought you were fixing
the television with Papus and Masiya! They asked me to come here and stay with you, on your awesome museum tour. That way there’ll be less for them to fix in here later. Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance
That they don’t know about, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! GPS …and… …three, four! Stop! Who goes next? I’m next! Five! One! Two! Three! Three… And? Wait, I’ve got to choose a route! Should I go here or there? Choose already! Nolik! What are you doing over there?! Nothing at all! Just waiting at my place! Good. And don’t get off it! Well, Fire? What was that? The alarm on my fixie-tab. Oh! Our lesson is about to start! Hurry! What about the game? Later! As soon as young fixies
enter their first year of Fixie school, everyone gets their own fixie-tab! It’s a little computer that can do anything at all. Well, almost anything at all! Studying with a fixie-tab is fantastic! You can read it just like a book and write in it just like writing in a notebook. You can use a fixie-tab to listen to music, watch movies, find your way around, and talk, text,
and send letters to your friends. And if you want you can use a fixie-tab
to go onto the Internet that humans use, or you can visit the secret Fixie Internet, where you can find news about the world of the Fixies. And fixie-tabs have games on them, too! Of course these games can be a lot of fun, but you shouldn’t play games
until your homework is all done. Faster, or we’ll be late! I know a shortcut we can use! This way! Now which way do we go? I need to remember the route. I think it’s this way! Or it could be that way. Well, which is it – this or that? I have no clue! So what’s our plan? We’ll go back and start again! We flew in from there, right? No, I think it was there! That’s not how we flew in. It was there! I think we’re lost in here. Uh-oh. Nolik, stop the panicking! I only went, “Uh-oh.” I’m not panicking yet. It’s your fault, Fire. “I know a shortcut. Go this way!” How are we going to get out of here? How do I know? All I know is that we are late for our lesson. Thanks to someone. It was not on purpose, I swear. Now Grandpus will punish us. Oh! What’s going on? I think I found a way to get out! Which way? Right here! I forgot that inside of my fixie-tab is a GPS navigator! Class! What is a navigator? A GPS navigator is an interactive electronic map that can help you find your way around. The navigator can figure out where you are
by using signals that are sent to it from satellites. All you have to do is type
the address of the place you want to go into it, and the GPS can figure out a route to get you there. And then it helps you as you go
by telling you where and when you need to turn, so you can easily get to your destination. Let’s see. Right now we’re here. And where do we need to go? You know where.To school! But where is that? Are you joking? In the laboratory of Professor Eugenius. Can you be quiet?! Where do you want to go? The laboratory of Professor Eugenius. Please wait, while I chart out the route. Huh! It did it! The navigator says to go… there! Hey, what are you doing over there? Come on! And if you happen to go off route, the navigator will give you a different way to… Well, you finally made it. Unfortunately, you missed an important lesson today! We got lost. Forgive us. In case you are wondering,
we were studying navigators! And you know what? We just used a navigator to get here! Yeah! It showed us the way that we had to go! Well, that’s certainly quite lucky for you, because now you don’t get an “F”. But from now on, kids, you have to get here on time. I promise you that. Cause now we know where to get our shortcuts from. Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Vacuum What’s the point of cleaning up toys? You’re just gonna go take them out again later. You said it! Tom Thomas, if you’re done cleaning up,
go and eat your lunch! OK, be there soon! – Nolik, you’ll wait for me?
– Uh-huh! He calls this cleaning up. As we say, “Bon appetite!” Thank you. You’re not going to eat me up, are you? Fixies, I don’t eat them. Oh, that’s my mom. She started vacuuming. Please! Help! Help me! Help! Help! Please! It really is weird! How’s it possible a vacuum cleaner
can take all that dust in, and none of it gets back out? Oh, come on! It’s simple. They taught us about it way back
in third grade of Fixie School. You can think of a vacuum cleaner
as nothing more than a fan with a net. The fan spins backwards,
so it sucks in air with dust and dirt. If you put a net in front of the fan, the net will catch everything that is in the air
and let the air pass through. Then all you need to do is add a pipe,
and you’ve got yourself a vacuum cleaner. But instead of a net, vacuum cleaners use
special bags to collect the dust and dirt. It’s as simple as that! Oh, woah, Simka! Nolik, could he get
sucked into the vacuum? Oh no! Did he stay back there? Tom Thomas? What’s the matter? Mom, I can finish vacuuming you… I mean, I mean for you! Alright. I’ll go clean the dishes. Nolik! Nolik! Nolik! Nolik! Nolik! We better go and get help right away! Masiya! Masiya! Nolik got sucked up inside the vacuum! It’s impossible. He can’t fit in here. No, not in this vacuum.
Into the big one, the humans’! It’s just terrible! Nolik! My Nolik! He could suffocate in there! Come on! Quickly! Yuck! This dust is just awful! And it’s awfully bad for you too! Dust is a tiny enemy. It’s so small and unnoticeable! But if dust gets inside machines and appliances –
it’s a disaster just waiting to happen! It can keep gears from turning properly. Dust can make appliances overheat. And if dust gets onto electric contacts, it can create a short circuit that can even cause a fire! That’s why we Fixies have to constantly
clean the insides of appliances from dust, even though a lot of us are allergic to it. Eh…Eh… Ahchoo! If only people would just dust
a little more often than they do right now! Ah…Ah… Ahchoo! At least people could dust more on the outside! That would make our work so much easier! And their equipment would break a whole lot less often! Well? Did you find him? No! It’s all my fault! My mom asked me to clean up my toys
and I didn’t just do it like she asked. Now it sucked him in because of me! Nolik! Nolik! Ahchoo! So, what do you say, Tom Thomas? Eh… Ahchoo! What? I already apologized. And I already promised to clean up my toys. Ahchoo! And why are you… Ahchoo!… sneezing? To keep you company. So you’d feel a little better. I almost caught one yesterday,
I chased him but he fled. But if I told my dad he’d say,
“It’s all inside your head!” You really cannot catch them,
Or find their whereabouts. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Manipulator Well, what do you say, Professor? It couldn’t be any more accurate. Our manipulator works just perfectly! Good! So that means that we’re free to go. Great! See you later! Alright, finally! Now it’s our turn
to experiment with that manipulator. And do you know how to operate
this m-m-marnipulator? Heh! Why do you think we were spying? A manipulator, is a kind of mechanical arm that people use for difficult or dangerous work. To control a manipulator,
humans use a remote control or a joystick. The operator gives the command
and the mechanical arm grabs and moves the load. Some robotic manipulators don’t even need
to be steered by an operator. They’re controlled by computers
and can work without people being there at all. Even on the Moon! What is this button for? How about this one? Would you like to take a ride? Right now? Ah, you’re scared! Scared? Not one bit! Then off we go! Yeah, cool! This is totally awesome! Well hang on! This is going to get even awesomer! Professor? Hmm, strange. What made this ladder just fall over? Am I crazy or is someone here? Calm down. Calm down now. Poor Elisia. Yeah. You’re completely overworked. Woah! Who’s here? Ahchoo! Hang in there, Nolik. I’ll get you out of there. My compact’s gone! Oh, dear, what’s going on?! Stop this nonsense right now
or I’ll call the police on you! I don’t believe in ghosts. I don’t believe in ghosts.
I don’t believe in… Where are you pulling me? I’m going to faint, I’m warning you. That’s all. Good bye. Throughout the world,
humans use manipulators for all sorts of work! In factories, manipulators are used
to lift and move heavy loads. They can also hand out the parts needed for assembly, or even attach these parts themselves. In hospitals, more precise manipulators
are used by doctors to help perform operations. Manipulators are also used in places
where the work is simply too dangerous for people. For instance, where there are deadly chemicals. Or places where humans can’t get to easily, like somewhere underground where there
isn’t enough space to move or deep under the water. Or in outer space where there’s
absolutely no air to breath. So you see, mechanical arms are helpful
in all sorts of places where humans are unable
to reach things with their own arms. Hang on, Nolik! How can I get that thing open?! Oh! I got it! Yes. Who’s there? What’s going on? Ah-ah-ahchoo! Nolik? What are you doing in there? We just… heh-heh… took a little test flight. Is this yours? Elisa! E-li-sa! Professor Eugenius. I was attacked by a crazy arm. The manipulator? It’s your imagination. Look, it’s come back! Stop! Stop, I’m telling you! Professor Eugenius, it heard what you just said. Calm down, it’s OK. It was a little malfunction. But I took care of it. You are just astounding! And don’t think that I’m through with you! With me? With you? No, with the manipulator. Let’s go, Elisa. Yeah, let’s go, Professor. Great job, Fire! And why, Fire? Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Tin Can Well… what else goes? A flashlight. It’s good to have when you’re camping. Listen, Tom Thomas. Just leave a little room for me in there! I’m good to have when you’re camping, too. I’ll leave you some room. Just hide in there so dad won’t see you. And you can’t tell Simka
anything about me going with you! Alright. And last on the list, a few cans of meat. Hi Tom Thomas! Have you seen Nolik? No. Then who did I just hear you talking with? I was just reading the label. Where did Nolik run off to? Simka! Do you know… How come these cans
have no way to open them, so you can taste what’s inside? What do you mean? Don’t you know what makes
canned food special? It comes in a can! The thing that special about canned food is that it can get stored
a long time without spoiling. You see, meat and vegetables spoil when harmful bacteria
starts multiplying inside of them. So, if you can get rid of the bad bacteria or stop them from getting into the food, the food will last a long time. That’s why jars and cans
are sealed very tightly. This stops harmful bacteria and air
from getting inside and spoiling the food. So you’re telling me
that Nolik’s not here, right? So it looks like he’s really not here. Who is that? Where? Oh, right, now I remember! There’s another can I should take with me! There’s something fishy happening here. Hey guys! My mom threw this can out
a long time ago, but I hid it for later. I knew I’d use it some day. And who were you talking to
when you said guys? Moi? You’re here and I’m here and… that’s two of us! Look at this great can I got! There’s nothing great about it. Put it down on the floor. You see? What? Oh, it’s crooked. And so what? So what? It’s all swollen! And when it’s like that, you know that inside the can
bad bacteria is growing and spoiling the food that’s in there. It went bad? There’s a way to check. On every single can you can find
the date it’s good until. Sooner or later,
even canned food will go bad. And of course dairy foods
like yogurt or milk can spoil in just a few days! When you buy food in the store, it’s very important to always check
the expiration date. The expiration date is the last day
that it’s safe to eat that food without worrying
that it may have gone bad. You can find the expiration date
on each box, jar or can of food. So pay attention! And be very careful not to buy or eat any food
after its expiration date has passed! And if you see that a can is swollen,
throw it away immediately! If you eat it, your belly can swell up too. Unfortunately, when food spoils
it’s impossible to “unspoil” it. And then even the Fixies
won’t be able to help. My mom probably saw that
this can went bad over a year ago. That’s why she threw it into the trash. Right! Shame on you
for picking it out of there. You could have poisoned yourself
and poisoned your dad as well! Yeah. And the other cans,
are they swollen to? They’re fine. Goodbye then. It’s a shame I couldn’t find Nolik around here. Papus wants to give him
a brand new pack-o-mat as a present. To me?! Uh-huh! I got you! I had a feeling you would try
to sneak away in Tom Thomas’ bag! You lied! That’s not fair! And hiding? That’s fair, right? Tom Thomas, are you ready? I’m ready! Great! Then let’s get going. Hurrah! We’re going camping! I wanted to go camping too. Don’t worry, I’ll go camping with you. Really? Really-really-really! To that house outside our window. See how huge it is!!? They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Piggy Bank Tom Thomas, why are you
throwing away your money? That’s not what I’m doing.
I’m storing it! This is a piggy bank. Oh! Here’s another coin. I don’t like its snout. That’s one very suspicious looking pig. Are you positive
your money is safe with her? Don’t worry! Whatever I put into my bank here, is not getting back out. This piggy bank won’t give up a cent! You greedy piggy! Come on, Nolik! Simka must have taught you
about how banks work. Humans came up with
the idea of piggy banks because they wanted
a good place to save their coins. For storing lots of money
people use a safe – a large metal box with a very strong lock. Now that kind of piggy bank
is almost impossible to break open. The biggest safes are in banks. Banks use them to store their costumers’
money and other valuables. There are even safes in banks
that are whole rooms. You’d need an awful lot of change
to fill up one of these piggy banks! So why are you saving up
all of this money? For roller skates. How much more do you need to save? I don’t know. I can’t see
if there’s enough in there. Then just go and open it! But there’s no way to do that. The only way is to smash it real hard. So? Smash it! No. Forget it! I’d have nothing to put my money into. But what if there’s already
enough for roller skates? And what if there’s not? Alright. Then I guess
I’ll count your money for you. Tideesh! Oh, woah! Tom Thomas, you’ve got a fortune in here! There are many different kinds of money, and they’re not just coins either. Long ago people paid each other with shells, and squirrel skins, and even parrot feathers. And of course metal coins are
more convenient than any of those things, and paper money is
even more convenient than coins. One piece of paper can be worth
as much as a hundred coins or even a thousand! All that needs to be done is
to print more zeros on it and that’s all. Today humans can pay for almost anything
without paper money or coins whatsoever. If you have enough money in the bank, you can just walk into a store, give the cashier your bank card and take your purchase home with you
without handing over any money. The bank knows
how much money you spent and they pay the store for you later. It’s so convenient! So, will you count them? Here we go. One coin, and two coins… Wait, Nolik! What “one coin, two coins”? What are you counting? You have to add together
all of the different numbers! You should have told me that before! I never learned how to. Yeah, that’s what I figured. Come on out. What can I do? What if you try stacking the coins
so they’re like stairs! That’s what I’m already doing. Why don’t you try
tilting the piggy bank over! Hang on. Stop! I’m getting buried! Put it back the way it was before! This is worse! Just put the pig down! Nolik! Hang in there, please! I’ll get some thread
and lower it down to you. I can’t get a hold of it! It’s too far away. Hey, Tom Thomas, smash the piggy bank! What?! Just smash your piggy bank! But I like it. And what, you don’t like me? Of course I like you. Then who do you like more? You’re my friend, aren’t you? Of course! Then smash the piggy bank! Will you? OK Nolik. I’m going to do it. Nolik! Are you OK? I’m OK. Thank you, Tom Thomas. Thank you, my friend. No problem. At least now you can count up
how much money you have. There’s no reason to do it. There’s no way it’s enough for roller skates. You’re sure? What a shame. But now you’ve got all this money here to buy a piggy bank
that’s totally brand new! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Armor …-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five! Ready or not, here we come! I heard him! He ran into the hallway! You check the kitchen, Nolik,
and I’ll check the living room. Well? I just don’t get it! Where could he be hiding? The office! We forget to check in there! There’s nowhere in here for him to hide. Inside the shark! Nolik, Tom Thomas couldn’t even fit
half of himself inside of that shark. Yeah? Then in that huge vase! Uh-huh! He’s all scrunched up in there
and laughing at us. Simka! There! Did you hear that? He IS in there! There’s no one! But I know that I heard a “hee-hee”! You imagined it. Let’s go take a look in the bathroom. I imagined it. It’s so stuffy inside this armor. The arms got stuck! Where else could he be?! Who is that?! Simka, the knight, he came to life!! Well, how much longer
are you going to look for me? Armor is very hard clothing worn by warriors
to protect them against swords and arrows. People started making armor in ancient times but the full body armor that knights wore
didn’t start until the Middle Ages. The armor worn by knights on horses was heavy. It could weigh a hundred pounds! And if a knight fell off of his horse, he’d need help to get back up again. By the way, the knights’ horses, they wore their own
heavy set of armor for protection. Hey! Did you turn into statues?! Tom Thomas? Is that you in there? Who else?! Lift up this visor. I can barely breath! And how come we should do it? Cause I can’t. Don’t you see? My arms got stuck! We see. You look funny! Funny to you, but now I’m stuck
and I can’t get out of here. Come on, help me out please! Great! Chewsocka is just
what we need right now. Chewsocka, what’s wrong with you?! It’s me! Hey! Stop it! Help! I can’t get up! Come on, let’s undo
the latches, Nolik. Quickly! Thanks for helping me! It was nothing! I couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s put the knight back together. Uh-huh! Before Dad gets back. Protective clothing isn’t just
for people who are fighting in battles. Travellers put on special nets
to protect themselves against mosquitos and gnats. And beekeepers wear protective clothes too. If they had nothing to protect them
from bee stings, their job would be quite painful. Without their protective clothing it would be impossible for firefighters
to go into burning buildings and save people. And how could astronauts go into
outer space without special clothing? It’s freezing up there
and there’s no air to breath at all. And that’s why they wear a special costume
called a space suit when they travel. The space suit not only protects
astronauts from the cold, but supplies them with air so they can breath. By the way, the Fixies also wear
protective clothing so they can stay safe while they work. Well, there. Did we get it right? It looks like we got it right. Only, where’s the helmet? Nolik went to get it. Tom Thomas! Helmet delivery! Thanks there, Chewsocka. Whoa there, war horse! Calm yourself down! There we go. It’s all back in place again. Too bad that your knight
looks like a ballerina twirling around. You see, his arm… I can’t move it, it’s stuck. Here’s what we’ll do.
Give him something to hold. Well, how’s that look? Perfect. Now he can paddle into battle! Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover. They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you,
They sing them and they shout, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Dog It’s about me! Fixies?! It’s Chewsocka. It sounds like she’s angry with us. I wish I knew what that mad dog
was thinking about. I’m thinking about you. You’d better hide, or people will see you! I’m leaving! See you later. It’s going to rain! Chewsocka! I have no time to play right now! I’m not playing. His feet are going to get soaked! Tom Thomas, I’m off. Don’t be late! Chewsocka, that’s enough! No! I need to go to school! He’s got his math class today,
and he’s leaving his math book! I’m trying to serve like a good dog, but no one understands me. Dogs have been serving people
since ancient times along with cows, horses,
chickens and other domestic animals. But of all of these animals
the dog was the very first. In the beginning,
domesticated dogs looked like wolves. Over time they started changing and were developed into dogs
of many different breeds from big Shepherds to tiny Chihuahuas. So, a dog is not only a human’s best friend, but his very first friend as well! What is that smell? Simka, come on out! I see you. Nolik! Jump down! Oh no, we’re trapped in here! Alert! Something’s burning over there! Why won’t they listen? I think she’s going to eat us! Together with the box! We’re done for. Come on, look! The outlet is sparking! Oh no! Something must have broken in there. Are we going to fix it? Kids should never touch outlets!
And you know it, too! It’s forbidden! Then how do we fix it? Go find Papus, and I’ll stay here and wait for you. But where’s Papus? I know where he is! I don’t know what she’s barking about, but I think Chewsocka wants to help us. Then come on, Chewsocka, help us! He’s in there! Papus! Papus! Nolik, is that you? There’s an outlet sparking over there,
and it smells like it’s burning! Are you sure? Yeah! Chewsocka found it! Really?! Great job! There are many kinds of service dogs – dogs that help people by carrying out
a wide variety of different jobs. Like protecting a house, or a flock of sheep if the dogs are shepherds. Some working dogs help guards
protect their borders, while others work for the police. There are sled dogs that transport
people and loads in the North where there’s only snow and no roads. Some service dogs help blind people by helping them get
to the places they need to go. And there are dogs
that save people trapped on mountains. And that’s not all! Dogs went up into space before humans! But don’t think that dogs
are just given these jobs. Oh, no! Like humans, dogs study for a long time before they are allowed
to take on serious work. That’s all! There won’t be a fire. Not today. Hurrah! Well done, Chewsocka! You’re a real service dog, no doubt about it! Yeah! I’m working! I’m a real service dog! Oh, Chewsocka, go away! I’ve had enough of you already today. Don’t say that. Because this working dog
just saved your house from burning down. What do you mean? She smelled smell coming from the outlet. It could be that Chewsocka means well
and wants to do the right thing, but nobody understands her! That’s a bit hard to believe. Then what’s this book? Oh, my math book! That’s where I left it. Remember how Chewsocka wanted
to make you take it to school this morning? You’re right! That a girl, Chewsocka! Well done! What a rain! My feet got wet to the bone. But this morning, Chewsocka tried to get you
to wear a different pair of shoes. That’s something. I should listen more closely
to this smart little dog of ours. Finally! They understand me! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! Invisible Ink “To Tom Thomas.” What is it? A note? Who is it from? It’s from no one! Is this no one a girl? Hey, tell us, what did she write to you? I don’t know! Well, then let’s take a look at it. No way! It’s a secret. Even from your friends? Come on, we’re not just your friends. We’re secret friends! And you won’t tell anyone? Nobody. We promise! Are you gonna open that thing or not?! Huh, there’s nothing there! Is this a joke or something? Maybe she didn’t feel like
writing you anything. Then why would she put a note in there? Wait a second! And what if she wrote that letter
with a special kind of invisible ink? Wow, I’ve never heard of it. If you want to keep what’s written in a letter secret, you can write it with a special liquid
called invisible ink or security ink. You can make invisible ink yourself
by mixing lemon juice, milk or baking soda with water. Then just dip a stick or a brush in it and write on a plain piece of paper. Like this! You can’t see anything, right? To make the invisible ink visible again, the paper needs to be warmed up
with something like an iron. But that’s a secret! Well, Simka, you might be right. Only what about the iron? I can’t use it. But your mom can, and right now
she’s doing the ironing. Yeah? Well that changes everything! Hold on! If that really is a secret letter, then no one should be allowed to see it. Even your mother! What can I do then? I know what! Mom! Can you iron my shirt too?
Please, will you? What’s wrong with it? There’s nothing wrong,
it’s just that the… pocket’s wrinkled. Sure, I’ll do it. Since when did you start worrying
about things like this? All done. Thanks, Mom! That should do it. What? What is it? “Tom Thomas, I really like you.” “Katya” Katya’s in love with you, isn’t she?! And what about you, do you like her? Ah… I don’t know. She does get straight A’s. You like her! You and Katya kissing in a tree. K-I-… Nolik, stop your teasing! Well, are you going to write her back? You think I should? Of course, silly! I’m scared that someone will see it. Then why don’t you write it
with invisible ink like she did! Yeah, go get a lemon! Nowadays it isn’t very common
for people to write letters by hand and send them by regular mail. Today, people mostly send letters
through the Internet. But even electronic letters should be written
with some of the same simple rules of politeness used in handwritten letters. For instance, you need write
a greeting at the beginning of your letter, and a few kind words at the end
are always appreciated. Something like “hugs and kisses”,
or “all the best”, or “see you soon”. And before you send off your letter,
it’s best to read it through to check for any mistakes. And one more thing. If you receive a message from someone, don’t take too long to answer them, because they might think
that you’d forgotten about them, and that can hurt their feelings. To say it simply, when you write, be polite! Go on, write! And what should I write? Come on! Tell her the truth! Just write this: “Forgive me, Katya, only there’s another girl I really like.
My one and only Simka.” Nolik! If you don’t like it,
then why don’t you think it up! Tom Thomas, just go ahead and write how you feel deep down in your heart for Katya. Katya, I like you too. Like that? Is that all I have to write?
Would that be OK? It’s lovely! K-I-S-S-I… Just zip it! Will you?! Tom Thomas, is that everything? And did you make sure to check
that you didn’t make any mistakes? No. But I’ll check right now. All the words disappeared! Well, if there’s something wrong,
only Katya will find it. They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Gramophone And that’s a photograph of my mom
when she was little. She sure looked happy didn’t she? Cause parents were all happy
when they were children. But then they grow up and start
getting all gloomy and as boring as can be. Oh! What’s this? Do you know? “A Song About a Screw” ? It’s total nonsense! Nonsense?! It’s about a screw, which means it’s practically about Fixies! Why don’t we listen to it and find out? If it’s good, we can all dance together. How do you listen to this thing? Like this? Why don’t we try to use the player? It won’t fit in there. Look, right here it says:
“gramophone record”, see? So we need to find a gramophone player! Find what? Let’s go to Grandpus! Grandpus! We found a song
about a screw we want to hear! We’re looking for a player
for a gramophone record. Ah, I understand. What you need is a gramophone. A gramophone is an old appliance that that was made for playing back
sound that was recorded onto records. If you want to turm on a gramophone,
you need to turn the handle to wind-up its spring. The spring makes the record spin. Then a needle is placed on top of the record, and as it moves through
the groove on the record, it shakes a little which makes a diaphragm,
a sort of mini drumskin, start to vibrate. The big horn of the gramophone
then makes the sound louder and we hear a voice or music. The most amazing thing is that a gramophone
doesn’t have an electric motor or any electronics. That’s right! You don’t need electricity for a gramophone
to play back the sound that’s recorded on a record. That’s because a gramophone
is an entirely mechanical wonder. If you want to know, there is a gramophone
in office of Tom Thomas’ dad. It’s on the desk. Great! Let’s go! Thanks would be nice. I can’t find the “on” button. There is no “on” button. You need to grab that handle and turn it. Now take that thing
and put it down onto the record. It’s not playing! Look, there’s no needle in there! And where can we get one from? We can make it! Do you have any nails around here? Is this good? That’ll be great! Verda, are you ready? Totally! Better cover your eyes! Tideesh! Five, four, three, two, one It’s working! Listen! A little screw went for a run! And now without this little part
Everything just falls apart! Class! If you think a screw is nothing,
Take it out but just beware – Everything will break without them
With no little screws in there. The bulldozer was a strong one
Until there was a thud And then the mighty giant
Fell straight into the mud! Five, four, three, two, one
A little screw went for a run, And now without this little part
Everything just falls apart! If you think a screw is nothing,
Take it out but just beware – Everything will break without them
With no little screws in there! Tom Thomas, what’s that music playing? It’s a gramophone record. Gramophone? I thought it was broken. We fixed this old…
Not we. I fixed this thing. Really? What a wonderful boy I’ve got! Other kids are breaking and you fix them. What do you say,
we play that record once more?! I used to love it so much when I was little! The mighty crane was working
Until there was a pop! And then the mighty giant
Gave out and lost its top! Five, four, three, two, one!
A little screw went for a run! And now without this little part
Everything just falls apart! Tom Thomas’ mom really dances super! Yeah! She knows how to have a good time, even though she’s a grown up!

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