The Game Awards 2019 Livestream

The Game Awards 2019 Livestream

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  1. Why is no one talking about grimes? I love her ??

  2. This definitely wasn't as good as previous years. Slightly bland.

  3. 1:08:10 Favorite part

  4. Xbox series x? Gonna be a lot of kids next Christmas getting Xbox one x's and crying about it lol do they not understand marketing?

  5. Sure sekiro is a great game but here’s the thing, smash was so obviously the goty. If you looked at the polls on twitch smash won, if you looked at overall rating smash wins, even the number of copies sold. Also i wouldn’t have cared if they at least had some smash reveals at all.

  6. Wanna know the number of awards smash got. One. In the pre show.

  7. Elon musk @ 2:05:15

  8. i was waiting for Rockstar to introduce GTA VI

  9. 2:24:26 what was that?

  10. 1:23:49 is the only reason I watched it

  11. Did everyone see the absolute legend at 1:10:00?! Reggie himself!

  12. Nice your video we Mobilenews24

  13. What a waste of time. Only good part was Reggie.

  14. the fucking xbox thing was running at like 20 fps. v impressive

  15. So basically i stayed up until 2 am where i live just to see this and well it was really a waste of time

  16. OK why did resident evil 2 remake not get game of the year?

  17. Bro I ? so hard 42:43


  19. Nintendo didn‘t introduced sh!t??‍♂️

  20. Man Eater…hello? Graphics? Anyone?

  21. Aside from RE:2 and Outer Wilds not getting anything, this was a pretty decent year. Very happy some of my votes went through. Some great reveals, too!

  22. Then all bayonetta fan rages

  23. 今年没啥好游戏,2020要神仙打架了

  24. What's the name of the girl singing death stranding ost?

  25. And the award for the most shit announcements no one cared about in 2019 goes to…the game awards!

  26. Viewvers : where Bayonetta 3 and smash dlc
    Nintendo : gone reduced to atoms

  27. I wasn't even hoping for just a Smash reveal. I was hoping to see anything from Nintendo whatsoever.

  28. 3 hours of my life I just threw in a dumpster fire. 2019 was an overall shitty year

  29. The Game of the Year starts at 3:39:00

  30. This was a 4 hour waste of my time and I'm salty


  32. I only wanted to see things about cyberpunk

  33. More like LAME awards

  34. And here I thought id be betting a New Batman game

  35. 2:25:000 thank god aspahlt 9 SUPER paytowin game name was not there…

  36. Everybody talking about the only highlight was Green Day, but what about Grimes?! She dropped a whole ass song that was fire! *dies*

  37. which Heilung song was that in the hellblade 2 trailer?

  38. Am I the only person who likes the game Orchestra?

  39. Destiny 2 earning anything deserves a downvote.

  40. To those who love the types of games depicted in the stream, ur valid, but I just want to add my theory as to why this award show was so lackluster.

    All the games felt too samey in terms of tone. Dark colors, serious vibes, guns and magic and stuff. They aren't really eye-popping or enticing. They just feel copy-pasted in terms of originality and quality. Too real. Too common. Too uneventful.

  41. Sekiro totally deserved it

  42. And then, all the Batman fans raged

  43. I refuse to believe that goose game didn't win

  44. … the muppet part was the only cool part

  45. Kinda wack how they left Fallen Order out of this

  46. I was so happy when Fortnite won best ongoing game.

  47. No price for Outer Wilds. I really want to die.

  48. Just here for Linus

  49. Mads Mikkelsen best Performance, and where is interview or something? This years awards look like crap, more advertisement than true ceremony. Bullshit

  50. I am shocked that resident evil 2 didnt get any award. I wanted it to be game of the year.

  51. So happy for Miyazaki and FromSoftware

  52. By the way this was a terrible TGA. Came for Ghost of Tsushima only

  53. Ghost of tsushima and wolf among us 2 were the best things shown in my opinion.

  54. 1:44 didn't know Asuka had a twin sister

  55. Best role playing game is WHAT?!
    Control, Death Stranding, Outer World's all beat n this game won. R u kidding me?!

  56. No Batman Arkham announcement

  57. 1:17:04
    That's a freaking PC.. it's not a Xbox next gen?!
    Ha ha

  58. I am so happy for disco elysium!

  59. is this a charity show?

  60. Everyone complaining about Smash are so fucking annoying. Shut up.

  61. So glad death Stranding won an award Kojima definitely deserved it!

  62. 2:09:56 for those who want to see mirage bamboozle everyone

  63. the smash community is the worst one in gaming. Fact.

  64. What happened at 1:43:00 ? It just cut really weird

  65. Bruh, kingdom hearts 3 should have won for best music and score smh

  66. Holy crap that fast and furious game looked like it was PlayStation 2 graphics.

  67. "Godfall" aka another shitty playstation exclusive… a small step for video game a big step for sony shills…

  68. Shroud la timing bol bhai

  69. where the hell is ninjas body wtf

  70. TBH you really oversold what was gonna happen for fortnite (also, NO SMASH!)

  71. No one can beat 2018 God of war game of the year hehe

  72. 2:32:33 is.. Is that autotune

  73. Please, give me time cod for batman game… Thank you

  74. Anyone else tune in just for our goddess Ikumi on stage and potentially another God King Keanu moment?

  75. The fast and the furious game will be shit and wont sell that well hahaha ??????

  76. So… no new smash character?

  77. Wtf is that new xbox design. It looks so bad its good

  78. "Winner for Game of the Year is.. SACK-A-ROW"
    – Vin Diesel

  79. timestamp for nintendo??

  80. Destiny 2 worth the ongoing game award not fortnite

  81. Smash fans wasted their time watching this

  82. 1:05:11, what the song?

  83. Someone kill those screaming girls please…

  84. Nintendo really screwed their fans over.

  85. g7 scout skin for christmas lol ill spend the holidays somewhere else

  86. Everyone: ‘Ay-pecks’
    Ninja: ‘Ay-packs’

  87. Congratulations to all the nominees that one that night but I think the game I'm looking forward to is and furious the Game! UUUUUUH SNAP ITS ON! ?

  88. 今年も面白いゲームが多かった!

  89. Where mads win the best performance?

  90. Where’s the new crash bandicoot?

  91. Oh come on! When are they gonna announce Challenger Pack No. 5? But I am looking forward to Final Fantasy VII remake.

  92. I'm so happy crash team racing won

  93. Great to see Sekiro made it!

  94. SUB ro doubledanes with the Danish logo

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