The Granny | Totally Spies – Season 5, Episode 4

After 30 years the Third Street Bank is once again open for business Okay, grandma time to go to your new maximum security home the kind you’ll never leave See about that Um, this is Malibu University clover key word being University Good or good grades when you’re all tasty trust me Sam a tan – it is a happy co-ed Whatever I’m so not worried you’re looking at the master of the last minutes die says Hello can’t you see I’m doing some important cramming on my tan lines here I Mean hi there. I’m very what’s your major? The name’s Blaine captain of the malibu beach volleyball team So Blaine, what do you like to do for fun? When you’re not hitting the sand coach says if I spend half as much time practicing as I do on shoe shopping Hanging at coffee cafes and watching romantic comedies. I’d probably go pro someday Coach I think he’s so perfect. I mean perfectly well-rounded, you know with a lot of interesting Interests. Hmm. I should really get back to practice, but would it be okay if I you know, got your number? Whoa, that was way weird Yeah, it was like being in a parallel universe with a male clover Do you like everything I do? I can’t think of one thing that could spoil our suitabie relationship I’m beginning to think there’s some evil conspiracy to prevent me from getting a tan. No conspiracy clover just a highly treacherous mission You three are to escort an extremely dangerous criminal from whoops containment facility to our highest security penitentiary If the criminal is so dangerous, why didn’t you just put them in the penitentiary in the first place? with the recent deluge of criminal masterminds a Little overcrowding as of late. Yeah I may have an important date tonight and I’d like to be around to enjoy it spies meet the granny Hippie the world famous cupcake recipe secret I should give me a call. I miss her Don’t let looks fool you the granny was one of the most notorious and ruthless bank robbers of her generation your being was For your mission, you’ll need the ultra inflatable Nylon tech vests jet backpacks infrared motion detector sunglasses and the pressure inversion snow spray It’s like hair spray only much colder We need all this fancy stuff Jer after all the granny is in her 80s, that’s right If we can’t outrun a woman a big padded shoes, we should just give up now. I assure you the granny is very cunning So please be extra cautious your new vehicle should help Titanium shell for protection against Patty and a feature for quick getaways not to mention shock absorbers a perfect lip gloss applications Anywhere Your mother teach you to never take a sniffer diddle from a stranger Relax, sweetie. They were baked with love and whoops containment facility The only thing I was able to sneak in was real butter If I had your beauty and metabolism dear I need an entire container everyday You must have all the boys after you not all the boys Remember girls jeer warned us not to fall for her totally transparent act and you’re obviously the brains of the group With intelligence and insights like that. You must outsmart all the criminals Well, not all the criminals do Mo’s do now who’s ready for a cookie? Your mouth what do you say we get this show on the road On the right Oh Now you’ve got crumbs all over that cube soup of yours Cheeping, you know dear just my sniffs. Oh, it’s flaring up again Would you mind loosening them just a smidge? Hmm. I Guess a smidge couldn’t hurt. It’s not like you’re going anywhere right miss Hollis girl talk Forget it, there is no way I am taking on a frail old lady Backseat Lady worse we were bamboozled by an elderly lady wearing a fuzzy cardigan I cannot believe I fell for her lovable granny routine Oh Guess it’s time to call Jaron mess up – our mistake Wasn’t your um We have something we need to tell you the granny kind of Overpowered us with her knitting needles and then took off in the wool vehicle. Oh my I was afraid something like this might happen I warned you the granny is extremely cunning Don’t worry Jer We’re on that baddie like a shoe sale good because she’ll be up to her old bank robbing tricks the first chance she gets Let’s just hope these tracks hold up What I bother with traps when you can follow the vehicles tracking system instead Grover where are you? It sounds like you’re in some kind of wind tunnel How can it be your new ringtone when we’re already on the phone Adrenalin such a rush. Guess you’re too busy to grab a coffee. Then not a chance the Mellie you cafe had three girls Until just now The new intern why he’s just in quick who’s been hurts Oh first You can shop till you drop Your Gal can really move I guess. So if I’m in his good shape at her age, it’s 15 We’re in a dead-end alley because we are so dead when Joe gets wind of this Hey, you’re not gonna believe this but it looks like the granny scaled that world they say power yoga. Keep you young balance here Hades Sunny lane retirement, huh? What would a notorious bank robber be doing here? Only one way to find out I’m with ya do we put on disguises? Of course? Yeah and aromatherapy pay so for this So which of you lovely ladies would care to play around the bridge What do you I can guarantee he’s not talking to me We’re north and south and they’re east and west so who wants to cut the deck, but we don’t even know how to play Sorry, but I think you’ve just been trumped Oh toes the first Jewelry Those high-powered LG sheiks Totally ant which is the exact opposite of how chairs gonna be when he finds out the granny outsmarted us twice If she outsmarted us then how come she left behind a clue checking out girls? All these bills are made out to Papa Papa hardly seems like fatties me Well, she served 15 years for one of the most notorious bank heists in British history So Papa and the granny where a bank robbing super teen more like a super trio But there’s been another escape from a state-run minimum security prison The escapee is also in her ad that must be the other woman from the photo The grannies rounding up her for getting in my face Out that totally narrows it down I’m afraid it is a bit vague until we have more to go on you three should return to school Now it’s totally me on time for my date with Wayne glad I could help They say the right clothes can make you look years younger, yeah, that’s it young girl Over is that you When you said let’s meet for coffee I had no idea we were supposed to dress up The way weird odd couple cool I didn’t know you liked the theater Thirty years ago today a team of notorious bank robbers targeted this very Bank But their efforts were thwarted by law enforcement all that’s ancient history though as the 3rd Street Bank is once again open for business. Hmm Or is the grave Prince suddenly not so vague anymore Yeah, looks like she and her Posse have some unfinished business with the Third Street Bank. Sorry to interrupt jet You know how grinny hates to wait? Sorry – drink it – Blaine promised to make it up to you I totally understand clover. You’ve got a busier granny. We’ll do something tomorrow Now I know I’m in love Thank you, hi there what can I do for you today? Oh, how about we see what I can do instead You’re having trouble believing an old lady can rob a bank Step on it Sonny. We ain’t getting any younger Tell my grandchildren ice yo listen either You’re just in time, what do you say we drop in on the old granny unannounced you know how old people hate surprises what else? You’re doing business with you Sorry, but you gold and all these aren’t running anywhere we prefer the term youth challenged You need to be worried about Like you perfect Okay, now these are too far greenie are no granny touches the bump of my hairdresser Cable-knit, my Twitter’s not only hoof. It’s now down I Knew I should have put my travel agent on speed dial Wow people really do hate the cold creaking under pressure Sammy No pressure. That is Nice work on the octogenarian spies. That’s a fancy word for old. Oh, never mind Smile not to mention that incredible hair. What’s your secret? Your sweet old lady talk again oh It almost makes me want to rob a bank what I said almost When do we visit baddies in our spare time? Yes installing that hair-trigger was a mistake Who is it you’re coughing are you sick? What’s going on in here I was with them I’m making toast but I burnt it Remind me never to let you cook for me. Hey, I almost didn’t recognize you without the getup actually That’s what I came by to talk to you about. I promised the play won’t interfere with any more of our dates That is if he’s still wanna go I wouldn’t Pick you up tomorrow at 8:00

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