The Great Khali: WWE Star Turns Teacher With Wrestling Academy

COMM: This seven foot one inch wrestler known as The Great Khali, once ruled the glitzy
world of WWE. Now he’s set up his own wrestling academy. And he’s a though taskmaster. 00:58
COMM: Khali left India to wrestle in Japan, before ending up at the pinnacle of WWE in
the USA. There he starred in four Hollywood films and a handful of TV shows. But now he’s
left the showbiz world behind and returned to his roots. Determined to train the next
generation of professional wrestlers. 01:33
COMM: Khali now has fifty students at the academy. Including two women. 02:10
COMM: Khali’s no nonsense approach seems to be working. Three
of his students have already made it to WWE, and each has an annual contract worth over
two million US dollars.

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