The Gymnastics Challenge (Family Edition) | Funny Brooklyn and Bailey Challenges

Woah! Hey guys it’s Brooklyn and Bailey! And today we are doing the family gymnastics challenge Which honestly I am so excited for because it’s gonna be really funny. I can’t wait to see my dad do gymnastics. Just what a comic relief trying to watch him do that. But before we go onto the challenge we have a challenge for you guys! Let’s see if you can click the bell right next to the subscribe button in under 5 seconds! You can do it Now onto the challenge! So the first trick that we are going to tell our family to do is a somersault. This isn’t the somersalt, this is the somerpepper It’s time to move up a level It’s cartwheel Uh oh! “I don’t know if I can do this” Handstands! Let’s see who can do it K who’s first? Nice! Oww If I do that again, you will lose your father Now we are going to challenge our family to do a traditional gymnastics trick, the splits! The point! Oh man.. this is not fair Don’t jump Oh boy That’s it right there Ok so now we’re trying a little bit difficult we are doing a backbend and if you can do a kick over, kickover Let’s tell them what does Mom have? ” a bad back” Don’t hurt yourself My back already hurts OK so now we’re pulling a little bit of gymnastics and dance into it. We’re going to incorporate leaps You can do any kind of leap you can think of Nice! That was not bad at all! It’s toe touch time! Good job! Alright here we go Ready? And last but not least .. freestyle Woah! Still got my cheer kicks Ok in high school you were not cool if you couldn’t thread the needle I haven’t done this since highschool How’d you? How did you do that? Oh did daddy win? Can u whip? Can u dab can u pipe it up and stab Thank you guys so much for watching! I hope you guys found this as hilarious as we did If you guys want us to do other challenges Or have some really cool ideas, be sure to comment them in the comment section below So we know and we can hopefully do those challenges in the future If you haven’t subscribed to our channel, click the button right over there to subscribe! I know you guys wanna do it Also to watch more of our videos, click over here We’ll see you next week, I love you guys so much! DON’TFORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

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