The Legend of the lost Table Tennis Bats

The Legend of the lost Table Tennis Bats

Did you ever hear the one about the lost table tennis bats? It was June 2003 and Dublin was the proud host of the Special Olympics World Games. So for Dublin Bus, it was all hands on deck to make sure this massive event went tickety-boo But when one of the Table Tennis Teams arrived without their equipment. One driver went above and beyond the call of duty. On hearing about the last minute disaster, Ronny Cullen, made a b-line for the nearest sports shop, And out of his own pocket, bought enough bats and balls, For any player that needed them It didn’t matter to Ronny if they won a medal, just that they came back onto his bus smiling… Since setting out 30 years ago Dublin Bus has some stories that have become legend. For more visit Dublin Bus. Celebrating 30 years of service with 30 years of legends.

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  1. Iontach @Bus Áth Cliath my grandad was a coach and referee for the Table Tennis tournements for the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2003

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