The Monster Is Revealed | Season 1 Ep. 10 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Monster Is Revealed | Season 1 Ep. 10 | THE MASKED SINGER

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  1. WE CAN'T BELIEVE HE WAS UNDER THE MASK!! Who's excited for Season 2?

  2. Why does nick think that turban ( I know it has another name) looks good! Looks like a 90 year old woman…. ridiculous …NObody is wearing that!

    He’s good looking without all that!

  3. Is that nick cannon

  4. The show of fallen off celebrities and people we dont know

  5. I’m with Nick, I knew it from his first performance.

  6. Tpain: i love my dogs…i love my dogs.

  7. The monster was T Pain


  8. I literally dont know how you couldnt guess T Pain lmao

  9. Well, he did shake his body like a cyclone!

    Like, if you know that song

  10. 미국판은 이런느낌이구나 우리나라랑 기준이다르네?이어가는게아니구나?

  11. How the fuck did they not recognize his voice jesus christ ??

  12. I hope T- Pain and those around him wake up and realize that he's singing the wrong genre. Club songs are cool but he's tapped out when it comes to that… His natural, soulful voice is amazing and he proved that. If he'd take notes from Post Malone he would be regarded as one of the greatest singers ever!

  13. Quien es la mascara

  14. Who the hell is T-Pain. What a stupid show this is. Holy crap.

  15. I never heard of T-Pain ..but monster was my favorite singer and I wanted him to win!!

  16. Except Michael Vick IS a monster.

  17. "Michael Vick"
    What? ?? and Nicole reaction is funny AF

  18. Premier night I knew it was him. I went to a concert and was able to go backstage and he was singing. So when this aired i knew exactly who it was.

  19. 0:26
    When you knew Nick was correct. The monster let him know.

  20. He’s had some “UPs and DOWNs” hahah song reference

  21. You could tell it was tpain, he's got such a beautiful voice it's so sad people made him feel so shit over the years

  22. Why the heck am I only learning about this show now?

  23. Probably worst show ever! It’s like Barney for adults. Lol

  24. Waa I thawt it was michle Karen

  25. Everybody knew who it was lmao

  26. If you’re a real T-Pain fan you’d know dude can sing his ass off it took until the stay with me performance to realize it bc they way he was hitting certain riffs but up until then i was sure it was Jamie foxx

  27. I guessed it was T-Pain when he made a comment about being on a boat. Dude has a killer voice, good for him for winning.

  28. Wow, these judges suck at guessing lol

  29. I knew it was T-Pain from the first episode from the video he released that had his actual voice.

  30. i usally watch the australia one but this is my first time watching this.

  31. Wtf is Nick Cannon wearing?

  32. Why are all the season 2 videos blocked in Canada? I was able to watch them up to this week but now they aren't working.

  33. bro t pain goat talk is actually goated

  34. Le copiaron a quien es la máscara feos

  35. The hype from the crowd and judges is fucking annoying

  36. Why do I think that monster suit is the most adorable thing ever

  37. I thought it was justin bieber

  38. Piernas quién la hace copiona quieren la máscara más chida está bien fea esa

  39. So this is what T-pain sounds like without auto tune…..

  40. Son copiones en México está ese programa y se llama quien es la máscara son pinches copiones inventen sus propios programas y ese monstruo está bien feo

  41. Ta mejor el dé México culeros

  42. Pendego programa es megor quien es la máscara!? ?

  43. Son copiones soy de México

  44. Le copiaron a quien. Es la máscara

    Like: si
    Comenta: no

  45. I don't no who tjis is bit I think it's T pain

  46. Es la copia de quien el la máscara de México ?

  47. No es justo le copiaron a quienes la máscara

  48. He didn’t deserve to win honestly. Peacock should’ve won for sure

  49. Nick, Eartha Kit called and said she wants her turban back.

  50. Bruh as soon as T-Pain started dancing I thought, “ Hippity hoppity, this show is my property!”

  51. Michael Vick? Is this girl on crack? Hahaha

  52. He's so down to earth & sweet!

  53. I thought he was cello green

  54. The fact NO ONE knew it was T-Pain from the start blows me ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  55. – I knew that was t-pain when I first heard him! Only real fans know his voice ❤️


  57. :I’m sorry I thought you where Micheal Vick

    T-Pain: I love my dawgss

  58. Everyone in the live chat was like…. "T-PAINNNN" and I thought….. T pain… Who's T-Pain…
    AND I was like.. "maybe it t-series"

  59. what a weird show concept lol

  60. Tyrese? TYRESE?!??!!! TF???

  61. Jamie Fox though? Lol


  63. Nick canon a working man?

  64. Nick cannon makes this show better.

  65. I thought it was Derrick rose

  66. They were right that he's black lol

  67. So much fake excitment

  68. I can’t believe his first words after de-masking weren’t, ‘I’m t-pain, you know me’

  69. The only thing they got right was that he was black.

  70. It’s obvious t- pain won because he is already a singer ?

  71. Congratulations Subaru!!!

  72. i wish i had a mask

  73. Every Pick is Black and a man

  74. Jack black was so easy !

  75. The Monster is really T-Pain.

  76. This show is so terrible. Fake crowd reactions, judges acting way too excited for the situation, always guessing it's some big A-list star who wouldn't be caught dead on this show. It's just terrible.

  77. The best reveal so far on the show!!

  78. They make him cry. For real people dragged him for years because of the auto tone. But I found out years ago he can really blow.

  79. 3:31 When you ask your boyfriend what happened at the end of the movie cuz u too scared to watch it

  80. Breh I guessed it literally the first note he sang …. people sleep on t pain.

  81. A lot of us knew and predicted this.

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