The most important skill in Table Tennis

The most important skill in Table Tennis

Right so Alois what’s the most important skill
in table tennis? Is it serving or smashing or what is it?
I think the most important skill is to be able to hit the ball on the table without
making a mistake. And to start off with you don’t need to be hitting the ball to hard
at all. You can keep the ball at this pace and keep it in play you can start to challenge
yourself a little bit by setting yourself some targets.
To start of with you should be able to do three hits is a good target, one, two and
three. Once you can do that you can start tot build up your skills and build up the
number of hits you can do. Often when I get beginners to start they start with three,
then five, then ten and then they can go for the record. You will be quite amazed how quickly
you can improve by just hitting the ball softly and straight.
So the key points there are softly and straight. You can see that both Jeff and I aren’t trying
to hit the ball hard. We are just trying to build up our skills level by hitting the ball
on the table a lot of times. The strokes you use for this are very very
short making sure that your bat is nice and flat , nice and flat to the ball on both sides.
Give yourself a really good chance of hitting the ball each side. So nice and flat there
or nice and flat there. If you go along to our website
you can go to the lessons page and you will find a consistency chart which you can download
and use to record how many hit you can get in a row.
If you have enjoyed our lessons then you decide how much you have paid for them, got along
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  1. @hs22ify Glad you found our videos on YouTube!

  2. can you help me?I don´t know cut ,you can send any video?

  3. @hs22ify I think you are referring to the chop or the push. We have a video for both of these. Just go to the PingSkills website and you will find these lessons.

  4. @firendable to demonstrate the most important skill.

  5. @TheGenisisProduction Excellent point.

  6. @firendable to help the noobs to improve their PingSkills..

  7. @23Thijs or German as Timo Boll is the current world number 2.

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  9. @pingskills Im both. =)

  10. @InfamousCrispy Great. I look forward to seeing you become World Champion 🙂

  11. How can they upload a video with the sound this bad???? can't hear anything…

  12. @fishbellyrocks This was one of our first videos. We are now using a microphone and our latest lessons are much clearer. Take a look on our website to see a lot more lessons.

  13. i'm quite curious, which blades + rubbers do you recommend for a beginner? great videos btw, very helpful, keep up the good work!

  14. @23Thijs im black can i still win?

  15. @pingskills "girls"

  16. @23Thijs 🙁 im gona do curling

  17. @blackritchie8 we recommend control blades and rubbers that aren't too fast. We have a pre made bat, the PingSkills Rook that we recommend for beginners. It will suit players learning strokes and wanting to generate some spin on the ball

  18. @23Thijs don't forget the russians

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  20. @kamaehu99 Thanks! Glad you found it useful.

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  22. @liamlad999 Good question. I'm not sure. If you'd like to ask this on our website under Ask the Coach we could open it up to our readers, I'm sure they'll have some opinions for you.

  23. @pingskills it's ok now. I have ordered the Cornilleau Nexeo X90 Carbon Table Tennis Bat. Are they good?

  24. @liamlad999 I've never used that brand so I can't help you out sorry. If you want to post a question on our website we can open it up for our readers.

  25. Really liked this it cld b useful when I show my friends how to rally and I wld use ur advice thanks

  26. You're welcome. I hope you also watched the newer HD version of this video. The sound has also been fixed in that too!

  27. Actually, I find very difficult to put the words "girl", "pretty" and "table tennis" in the same sentences… but you achive it!!!

  28. You're welcome. I'm glad it helped.

  29. You go to MSAC! I didn’t know that, that’s also where I train

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