The Most Inspirational speech by a High School Football Player

The Most Inspirational speech by a High School Football Player

How’d it go?
I mean it was going a little back and forth You guys knew it was going to be
a tough dog fight out there and it was.
So what were you guys able to do to come back and win this thing?
Well at first we started slow we started real slow
and you know thats alright thats okay
because sometimes in life your gonna start slow
Thats okay We told ourselves,
were gonna start slow were gonna keep going fast
were gonna start slow but were always always
gonna finish fast no matter what the score was
were gonna finish hard were gonna finish fast
ya they had us the first half im not gonna lie
they had us we were undefeated
but they had us but it took guts
it took an attitude thats all it takes
thats all it takes to be successful is an attitude
and thats what our coach told us he said he said
hey its gonna be tough its gonna be hard
your gonna go out there your gonna battle
your gonna fight your gonna do it for one another
do it for each other your gonna do it for yourself
your gonna do it for us and your gonna go out with this win
and we believed that we truly did
and its an awesome feeling its an awesome feeling
when you truly believe that your going to be successful
regardless of the situation regardless of the scoreboard
you are going to be successful cause you put in all the time
all the effort all the hard work
and you know that it is going to pay off and if it doesn’t pay off
you continue to give God the glory if you still lose the game
you continue to get each others back and thats what we realized
win or lose we realized we were gonna be alright
and its gonna be okay were gonna keep smiling
it was awesome Awesome.
Apollos always got a smile on his face talk about attitude
this guys got attitude if you guys can tell
we met earlier this week and this was the enthusiasm i saw
yes mam hey you can do anything
you put your mind too never give up on your dreams
keep smiling no matter what your going through
if you fall down, just get up.
if you cant get up your friends are there to help you
your mama’s there your daddy’s there
God’s there hey i’m there to help you up
your there. Its gonna be alright
just keep smiling 🙂 Man,
along with all the football highlights you guys have gotten tonight
some motivational speaking courtesy of Apollo Hester
great game tonight, buddy. Happy for you guys
This guy was one touchdown and a whole lot of sass coming out here
for the East View Patriots, alright guys we’ll send it back to you.

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  1. Yeah, it was pretty inspirational, not gonna lie

  2. 0:16

    That's what she said

  3. They had us in the first part not gonna lie

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  7. I thought his voice would be different

  8. I really hope he makes it to the NFL

  9. Every single moment and experience in your life has lead you to read this comment…

  10. “We met earlier this week”


  11. 2014: 100,000 views
    2019: 1,000,000 views

  12. i came for

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  29. They had us In the first half, not gonna lie

  30. I just listened to the song

  31. When u realise this video is so old of a high schooler then u realise that know he graduated college

  32. " They had us in the first half im not gonna lie " 🙂

  33. His voice doesn’t sound like you’d think from the meme

  34. 60% inspiration
    40% high

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    Sweden: arrests him again
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  40. You can do ANYTHING no seriously kids ages 6-12 Find the nearest roof and climb to the top and take one step off the edge and SOAR and if you do fall, well this guy will be here to pick you up.

  41. Mans looks like he’s having the side effects from a concussion

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  44. 0:25
    they had us into the first half not gonna lie

    There’s the meme

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  54. My answer: ummm we just played as hard as we could and things went in our favor……I suppose stares awkwardly

    Interviewer: ……..okay. Great talk

    Me: Have a great um….. evening. And thank you….. for…. the interview. scratches head and walks away

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  62. I was really sad rn before hearing this not gonna lie.
    But now there really is a big smile on my face. I know it won't last, but this guy is really awesome for just making this happen. And thanks yt recommended for showing me something I really needed rn

  63. Only viewed because of the meme

  64. They had us in first part not gonna lie

  65. What I don’t get is, why is everyone saying ‘they had us in the first half, not gonna lie’, when he CLEARLY says ‘I’m not gonna lie’?? Why is the ‘I’m’ part always left out??

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  67. They had us in the first half not going to lie

  68. i mean, he was probably high, but still


  69. Came for the meme.
    Got boosted Self Esteem.

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  88. I am a serious guy, and I almost never smile, but when I was seeing this video, I smiled so much, his attitude of facing life and all his problems with positism and a smile, it is so good, and I'm not joking, this video should be sent to anyone who suffers from depression, I'M NOT JOKING, maybe those people would realise that they should keep going on, because life's always going to have good moments

  89. My cat saw this video she's a tiger now

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  91. His talk-no-jutsu is on point.

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