“THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

“THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

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  1. You forgot to do a clip of Madison Bumgarner being a man baby.

  2. Arod and Peterson cracked me up

  3. Use froggy voice when you eat old fruit salad

  4. 0:15 – 0:23 is my favorite

  5. Did he find Fido?

  6. I’d kill for a cookie.

  7. You got an orange peanut? For me? I accept you!

  8. I’d fight for this man, he’s got a frisbee

  9. Stop doing heroin

  10. I dare you to spit in that guy’s drink

  11. whats that song at the end??

  12. My Bad Lip reading impersonation on the Thumbnail Tom Shady "Boy I hope we never get caught 4 cheating to win all our Super Bowls" ????

  13. Was about to cough my brains out laughing at this… ?

  14. plot twist

    every thing was real

  15. This good as Muchdank ???

  16. Still watching in October 2019. ??
    9 thousand people don't like fish based names…
    I don't want to know those 9 thousand people.
    Peace ??

  17. Me alone with my girlfriend

    “Finger time!”

  18. "Oooh… I'm white!" wtf?? ?

  19. You gotta accept them if they gotchu an orange peanut ?

  20. If anyone can't figure out the current status of the NFL look no further than a bad lip read. 2013 had 70 million views in a year , 2019 has 7 million views in a year. Fuck the NFL !!!!!


  22. Wow a orange peanut

  23. So that's what Kaepernick looked like out of the unemployment line

  24. and get a beard
    me:but im just a kid

  25. "Stop doing heroin!" That's my favorite.


  27. An orange peanut?! Well I accept you!


  29. 0:25 look at the scoreboard LOL

  30. "can I have this sloth?" ???

  31. I still catch myself saying, "ooh I'm white," randomly. Especially if I just finished doing something.

  32. yOu gOT AN oRaNGe pEANuT? wOW

  33. I don’t even watch football this is just funny as fuckkkkk

  34. I got thirteen snakes over here.

  35. Ooh I'm white , black guy high fived ????

  36. "Then I accept you" I laughed so freaking hard ?

  37. Pretty female parts

  38. How you feeling…..eggroll ???? ive been laughing at that for 6 damn years???

  39. Hahaha. They should've made goat noises for Tom Brady. Would've been apt.

  40. 1:37 my uncle still quotes this line to this day

  41. 0:26

    Look at the top left corner

  42. Has anyone seen the Star Wars bad lip reading with Yoda and Luke. ‘Seagulls stop it now’ it’s hilarious

  43. “Help me burn that old man”

  44. Stop doing heroin!

  45. ?SBY
    Saudara Bang Yayan

  46. I love how I live in Wisconsin so obvi I like the packers and Aaron Rodgers says I like this guy he’s got a frisbee??

  47. Still the funniest one

  48. I'd kill for pizza

  49. I dare somebody to dress up as a Fortnite player any type but on the field dancing

  50. Who’s watching this in 2019-2020

  51. Orange peanut is unforgettable.

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